Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Sammy’s Home Page

I am so glad you came to visit with me.

Please come back again soon.

So you can see how I am doing.

Because you can read my Blogs here.

I used to didn’t because I was so afraid.

But now I really like people.

I like horses too!

Because they are my friends.

I like to go the Yarn Store.

And the Bookstore.

I love to play.

And I really love to play ball and stealing and running away.

And this is my Sammy’s story.

Some of it.

Because I don’t know all of it.

My Kind Friend says I was a Puppy Mill Dog.

But then I was abandoned.

Or maybe I ran away.

Because I am a very good runner.

 Except somebody caught me.

And then they took me to the shelter.

 I was very scared.

Of the shelter.

And the people.

But the shelter said I was unadoptable.

 So I should be euthanasia.

Because I was so afraid and fearful.

And stray.

And mix too.

But then my Kind Friend came and took me away from there.

 And now I have my Best Friend.

He’s a Standard Poodle.

I am not stray.

 I am not euthanasia.

And I am not unadoptable.

 I am Samuel.

 I am Bichon Poodle.

And I am a right Bobby Dazzler.

My Kind Friend says so.

Except I don’t know what’s a Bobby Dazzler.

But I think it’s good.

 You could read About Samuel.

And read my Blogs too.

So you can know about me.

Then you can see how well I am doing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Because I never knew I could be this Samuel me.

But I could.


If you know a dog who is abused and fearful like I was.

Maybe you can help them too.

Because we put all the links to Rescue Groups  and Shelters here.

And we put photos of Rescue Dogs who need a new house to live in.

So please read these links.

And tell your friends and family about them too.

But be sure to read About Bichons.

And About Poodles too.

Because you could go to the shelter.

And help a dog like me.

Thank you.

9 Responses to “Sammy’s Home Page”

  1. Sammy you fill my heart with Joy. I love your story and you remind me of my best friend Connor who passed away a couple of years ago. He was a very nervous pup and didn’t like people very much but it all changed when he met my husband and I and all my students. When my students would come for voice lessons they always watched for Connor because he would race around the corner, sit at the piano and give a PAWS UP when he heard something he liked. He became the most loving and loved doggie EVER!!!

  2. Sammy, I am so impressed by how far you have come. Ever since I first read your story you have been in my thoughts. You are a wonderful little dog. I am SO glad you have your kind friend and your best friend. They will not do you wrong. I think it is great you are out here sharing your story. I have a poodle mix dog now and am thinking of adding another. You had better believe he or she will come from a shelter or rescue organization. Those are where you get the BEST dogs in the world! Hugs and ear scratchies to you and your best friend.

    • Thank you so much for coming to visit me.

      And for all the nice things you said.

      My Kind Friend says I have done very well.
      I have learned so many new things.
      Important big things.
      Like having hugs and scratches.
      I only just learned how to do that!

      And now my Kind Friend said she thinks I have crossed the Rubicon.
      Except I don’t remember crossing any Rubicons.

      But soon it will be 2 years since I got rescued.
      Sometimes I almost can’t remember how I was then.
      But sometimes I can remember that too.

      I remember I was very very scared.
      Terrified is what my Kind Friend says I was.

      And my Kind Friend said some of those things that made me scared.
      I can never forget them.
      I can never unlearn them.

      All I can do is this …
      Put my new things I learned on top of those other old bad things.

      So that’s what I do.

      Love from Sammy

  3. Love your story ~ can’t imagine you were “not adoptable”. We have been looking for our own white fuzzy rescue for some time…and we won’t stop till found:) God bless your people, God has a special place in His heart for them and their special kind of love!

    • Thank You for Coming to Visit Edie:

      It’s nice to meet you.
      And you said very nice things.
      Because I really like meeting people now.

      I hope you find your rescue dog too.
      If you wanted to you could go and look at the Bichon & Rescue links on my website.

      Come back again soon!


  4. Sammy, you are soo cute and sweet! I’m so happy your kind friend saved you! xoxo

    • Thank You Joni!

      Yes. I am even very glad too.
      Because that’s why my name is Samuel.
      It means “the one who was heard by God.”

      And my Kind Friend said God heard me when I was in the shelter.
      I don’t know how.
      Because it’s a long way from the shelter to where my God lives.

      But that’s what she said.
      So I think it must be right.

      It’s nice to talk to you today!
      Thank you for coming by.

      From Sammmy

  5. What a sweet story! So glad you found a loving home, Sammy. I hope people who read your wonderful tale (tail?) are inspired – and inspire others – to rescue dogs like you and give them a second chance at a happy life. I too was abused & abandoned, almost euthanized at the pound, until my people found me & brought me home. Now I chase bunnies & squirrels in my backyard, bring tennis balls for my people to throw, and sleep in a warm comfy bed every night. Never stop believing that there are good people in the world.

    • Hello Xochitl:

      Thank you for coming to visit me.
      It’s nice to meet you.
      And I am so glad you got rescued too.

      Guess what?
      I like to chase rabbits and squirrels too.
      And playing ball is my favorite.

      I hope more dogs like me and you get rescued too.

      Come back and see me soon!


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