Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

This is Me, Samuel …

And this is my story.  Some of it.  Because I don’t know all of it.  Only some of it.

I live in  California.  And I live in Elmhurst.  I like it.  I really like it.  It has lots of trees.  Really big trees.  And there is grass in the middle of my street.  All the way.  I didn’t know there were streets like that.  You can see it if you go to Googlearth and zoom in on Elmhurst, Sacramento and look for all the grass and trees on T Street near the UC Davis Medical Center.

There is lots of squirrels in our neighborhood.  In the front yard and the back yard.  And sometimes they dig in the flower pots.  Sometimes they eat all the bird seed too.  Or knock the birdfeeder down.

And they are in the grass in the middle of the street too.  And now I know where they go when I chase them to the bottom of the tree.  They go up high!  In the tree. I didn’t know that!  I thought they just had a  secret place.   Or maybe magic.  I wish I could climb a tree after them.  But I don’t know how.

I love it when we go running.  We go in the grass in the middle of the street, every morning.  Me and my Friends.  Except when we go somewhere else.  On the weekends.                           

It is always wet in the grass.  I love it.  It’s my favorite.  It is all soft and wet and soggy and squishy.  And I play my special game.  I try to catch some blades of grass in my mouth.  I do it while we are running.  I choose which ones.  And it’s  not easy.  And sometimes I almost trip everybody up when I am trying to get the right blade of grass.  But not yet I haven’t tripped everybody up. 

My legs get wet and muddy.  All over.  And all the way up to the top.  Because I am little. And my legs are very short.  Because I am a Bichon Poodle mix.  But I don’t know what is a mix.

And there’s lots of birds.  I  chase them too.  My Kind Friend says they are Sparrows.  And Robins.  And Doves.  And Scrub Jays.  And there is a woodpecker too.  But I can’t catch them.  Because I am on my leash.  Otherwise I could.  I know I could.  Because I run very fast.  I can run as fast as my Best Friend.  And he is very fast.  And very big.  I don’t think he is a mix though.

And today my Kind Friend said there was a Black Pheobe  in the yard.  A Black Phoebe?  I don’t know a Black Phoebe.  Do you know?  I wonder if I can chase it?

And there are cats.  In my street.  That I could chase.  I could catch them too.  Except, because of my leash, I can’t.  One cat on my street hit me in the face one day, with her claws, when I first came here to live.  But now I live here all the time.  And I don’t think that cat would hit me in the face if I chased her.  Would she?

Where I live is with my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  My Kind Friend is a lady.  I don’t know if she is a mix.  She came and got me from the Animal  Shelter.  I was very frightened when she came.  I was very afraid.  I don’t why she came to the Shelter.  She says I am a rescue dog.  But what is rescue?  Is it like Bichon or Poodle only different?  

I am glad she came and got me.  I was very afraid at the Shelter.  I was afraid of everything.  And I was afraid of everyone.  I was there for a long time.  And I was very scared.  I am still scared.  A little bit.  But not so much as before.  I don’t like being scared.   

My Best Friend is a big dog.  He is a Standard Poodle.  He is really nice.  I like him a lot.  He is very big.  When my Best Friend was 8 weeks old he was as big as I am now.  But I am still little.  Even though I am a grown-up.  I will always be little.  Because that is the kind of dog I am.  Maybe it’s because I am a mix?  My Best Friend weighs 65 pounds.  But I don’t. I weigh about 10 pounds. 

Nothing bad ever happens to my Best Friend.  Not any of the things that happened to me.  I don’t think so.  Because he is never afraid.  He is not afraid of anything.  And he doesn’t run away from anything.  Or anybody.  And I do everything with him. 

And nothing bad has happened to me too at my house with my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  And I like him very much.  He lets me stay right by him a lot.  When we go downtown.  Or when we are at the Farmers’ Market.  And he lets me watch him get his hair cut.  And run with him.  And he even lets me get in the shower with him too.  Even though I already had my own bath.

I really don’t like to be far away from him.  So that’s why.  You would like him too.  Everyone likes my Best Friend.  And he is very handsome.


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  1. Hi Samy,
    You sound like a best friend too! I’m Maggie and I am also a rescue and your good friend (lady) helped me find my new safe and fun home.
    I have a new Mom that loves me and plays with me and talks to me all the time. I get to pick out her clothes every morning by my tail wags. She asks me if I like this or that and which ever one my tails wags the fastest is the pick for the day.
    I have two people brothers and a people niece. My brothers love to play with me too, but they both live away from us…..well not really far away.
    Maybe we could meet you sometime at the dog park in Davis.
    Hope to see you soon
    Maggie (Margaret Thatcher) the WonderDog!!

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