Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Here’s me Samuel again …

Well.   I wanted to tell  you.  Me and my Kind Friend and my Best Friend  have been doing a lot of things. 

It started on Friday.  My Kind Friend said this was a long weekend.  The Labor Day weekend.  I don’t know a weekend.  And I don’t know Labor Day.  But I think it means she didn’t go to work on Monday.  And I am glad.

That day, on Friday, my Kind Friend came home from work early.  Me and my Best Friend were still all sleepy.  But she said we had to go to the vet.  We had to get some Revolution for me.  I don’t know Revolution.  But she does.  And we had to get it.  So we did.  And we went there. 

We got our leashes on and we got in my truck and went to Mueller Pet Medical Center.  But really it’s my Kind Friend’s truck.  It was nice.  Because  I wasn’t afraid. That’s a vet. And I have been there before.  I know what is a vet now.  But I didn’t know it before.  The first time I went there.  I was very afraid.

That was the day my Kind Friend came and got me from the Shelter.  And she put me in the truck.  It’s the same one we go in now.  A red one.  I like it.  I like to go out in it.  My first favorite is to go for a walk.  But my second favorite is to go in the truck.  I sit in the front.  And I have my water and a rawhide chew.  My Best Friend sits in the back because it is bigger.  He is bigger too.

And that day, when my Kind Friend came to the Shelter, we went away in the truck.  I was very afraid.  I jumped up at the truck windows.  And I scratched them with my feet.  I do that sometimes.  When I am afraid.  And I can’t get out.  Or if I am mad.  Because everyone else got out. 

The last time, before, when I went in a truck, it was frightening. Because somebody bought me to the Animal Shelter.  I think.  And then they left me there.  They said I was stray.  But I’m not stray.  I’m Samuel.  I’m a Bichon and a Poodle.  I’m a mix.  But that is not stray.

I am glad my truck is red.  Because, when I see a big grey truck I get very scared.  Before, there was a man.  And he had a big grey truck.  I think.  I know there was a man.  And I think it was grey. The truck.

samuel shelter arrival

Here is a photograph of me when some one took me to the shelter because I was stray or mix.  I don’t know why I looked like this.

But I didn’t look like this when my Kind Friend came and got me.

And I don’t look like this now.  I don’t know why.  But I wasn’t Samuel then.  But now I am.  And here is how I look now.


Then after my Kind Friend took me away from the shelter we got to a house.  And my Kind Friend carried me inside.  There was a big big dog in there.  Now he is my Best Friend.  But I didn’t know him that day. 

Then my Kind Friend got out a black thing with a very long thin tail.  It made lots of loud noises.  Then she sat me on her legs.  I was so afraid.  I tried very hard to get away from her.  But she held me very tight.  Then the loud noises stopped.  And she got something black and shiny.   She put it on her hand.  And she put me on her legs again.  I didn’t know what she was going to do.  I was really frightened.  And then she moved her hands and it made a little snipping sound.  You almost couldn’t hear it.  But I could.  Because it sounded like metal.  But it didn’t hurt.  And then all my hair was gone.  From the front of my eyes.  Pouf.  Gone.  And I could see all around. It was sunshiny.

Then my Kind Friend did some more things with the thing on her hand that took away the hair.  Maybe she took some more hair.  I couldn’t see.  And then she put me in a high-up white thing and poured water all over me.  It was nice and warm.  And there was something smelly.  I didn’t like it.  She said it was lavender.  I think I don’t like lavender.  But she put it on me.  And then more water.  It didn’t hurt me.  But I was still afraid.

Then she wrapped me up in a blue thing and rubbed me hard.  And then we got in the truck again and went to the vet.   At Mueller Pet Medical Center.

There was a lot of people there.  And a lot of dogs.  It looked like the Shelter.  And it sounded like it too.  We sat down in a chair.  My Kind Friend put me on her legs again.  And she held me tight.  But then the man next to us made a noise.  My Best Friend said he coughed.  It sounded like something and someone I used to know.  I think.  And I wanted to run away.  Now.  Quick.  Before it was too late.  I wanted to run and escape and hide like I always did.  I know how to do that.  I am a fast runner.  But I couldn’t.  My Kind Friend wouldn’t let me.  And we stayed there.  But the man did not come.  He did not hurt me.

Then it was our turn.  And we went to see the vet.  In a little room. She was little. Not like the man.  Like me.  But bigger.  And she said I smelled really nice.  Like lavender.

She looked at me and felt me and poked me. And some people there put some sharp things in my leg and places.  It hurt.  But not for a long time.  That frightened me a lot.  But then they stopped.  I don’t know why.

The vet said I was cryptic.  And orchid.  I don’t know what it means.  But I heard my Kind Friend say someone in her office has an orchid.  So is that bad?  I don’t know.  But my Kind Friend  said I would have to stay at the vet’s and have surgery.  I didn’t know surgery either.  Then the Kind Lady said Goodbye to me.  She told me to be good.  I don’t know.  What is that?  And she said she would come back.  I didn’t know what come back is either.  I thought I was stray again.

Because then they put me in a small cage.  Like the man did.  And there was  sounds like at the Shelter.  They made me very afraid.  And I wished I had got away from them all before they put me there.

I stayed there a long time.  2 weeks.  And I chewed and scratched up lots of things  because I was so afraid.  But the man didn’t come again.  And they gave me some food.  And then one day my Kind Friend came and took me away.

I was glad.  But I was afraid too.  I didn’t know who I would see.  Or who would come.  I didn’t want  to see the man.  Or the lady who said I was stray.  Or the big grey truck.  Or the Shelter. 

I wanted to run away.  

But it was the Kind Lady.  And we went to Davis to meet some nice people who wanted to adopt another rescue dog, a Standard Poodle.  She was in the truck too.  There was lots of us in the truck that day.  Her photograph is here because she is one of my rescue friends. 

But this time, last Friday, when I went to Mueller, it was different.  I was not afraid. But I don’t know why.  I knew there would be people.  But I was  sure they wouldn’t hurt me.  Not too much.  I knew there would be lots of dogs too.  And there was.  And one very very big dog too.  But I think he maybe was nice.  I really like dogs.  And anyway my Best Friend came with me.  He is a dog.  A big dog.

But my Best Friend got mad.  Because they didn’t give us any treats.  And he said they have to.  He said they are supposed to give us treats and why didn’t they.  But they didn’t.  Even though he jumped all the way up and put his feet on the counter where the people at the vet’s were.  And he did it a lot.   The ladies at the vet laughed and smiled.  But they still didn’t give us any treats.  And that was wrong.  I don’t like treats.  I don’t take treats from anyone.  But it was still wrong.  Because I might have.  They didn’t know I wouldn’t.  Because they didn’t even ask.  That’s what my Best Friend said.  He said he might not go there any more.  Because of no treats.  I said I will go where he goes.  Because he is my Best Friend.  He is my hero.

But we got the thing that we came to get. And then my Kind Friend made us stand on a thing on the floor.  And afterwards, she got very happy.  Because she told the person at the vet that I had gained 2 pounds.  A pound?  I dont’ know what it is.  Or why it is.   But I didn’t do anything.

And then we went home in my red truck.  I was surprised.  Because I didn’t feel afraid at that vet’s.  Not like I did before when I came.  I didn’t know that could be.  And I was glad.  I liked it.  But they should have given us treats.  My Best Friend is right.  Because we were nice.

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