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I didn’t know … Poodles of Yolo

Sunday was my favorite day.  It was my best day in my whole life. 

Me and my Friends went to a poodle play group in Davis.  It is called Poodles of Yolo.  You can go there if you like.  You can join.  If you are mix.  Or stray.  It’s ok.  You can join.  Even if you are cryptic.  Or orchid.  I think.  But I am not cryptic or orchid any more.  Because of my surgery.

We went in my truck. I always like to go in my truck.  Usually we can’t go on Sundays.  Because my Kind Friend has to go somewhere else on that day.  But not this Sunday.   So this time we could go there.

And I met a lot of people.  A lot of dogs too.  I didn’t know I could have this day.

The play group was at a park in  Davis.  And there were some men and some dogs there.  There was a lot of grass too.  I really like grass.  And I had my long 30 foot leash on, so I could run and run with the other dogs.

There were two Golden Retrievers.  I don’t know what their name is.  And there was  a Border Collie.  He was very handsome.  But he was very nice.  And he was called Shadow.  The man with Shadow told my Kind Friend that Shadow was blind.  So he can’t see.  The man said.  Because he got an illness called PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) when he was younger.  He is only 4 years old now.  That is littler than my  Best Friend.  But my Best Friend isn’t blind.  I am glad.

My Kind Friend told that man that there is another dog from my Shelter that I was in.  And he is called Jon-Jon.  He was rescued from there.  Just like me.  But I didn’t see him there.  He is in a foster home.  And he is looking for his new family now.  But Jon-Jon got Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) too.  And he is going blind.  He is 2 years old.  If you like to, you can find out about Jon-Jon at this place.  Bay Area Poodle Rescue.  My Kind Friend said Jon-Jon is a very nice dog.  He looks like me she said.

Me and my Best Friend played with Shadow and the other dogs.  They played fetch.  I don’t  know how to play that.  But my Best Friend does.  He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball.  So I just did what he did.  Except I didn’t pick up the ball.  Then they went home. 

But then, some poodles came.  Big poodles.  Like my Best Friend.  And they were Misha and Izzy and Gavin and Rozy and Sadie and Cosmo.  They were all big poodles.  And Toby too.  And then they were Marley and Peanut.  Marley and Peanut are rescue dogs too.  Like me.  Peanut was rescued from a Animal Shelter. But not my Shelter.  Another one.  He looks a little bit like me.  And I am Samuel.  But Marley was rescued by NorCal Poodle Rescue.  And they are little.  Marley and Peanut.  Peanut is really little.  Just like me.  And Marley is bigger than me and Peanut.  But not as big as my Best Friend and the other big Poodles.   But Marley loves to play fetch like my Best Friend.  They look very nice.

We played for a long time.  And I got hot and panting.  But I loved it.  And that was my favorite day.  My best day.  Of my whole life.  My Sammy life.  I ran and ran and ran and ran with my Best Friend.  And sometimes with my new friends.  I didn’t know  you could do that.  And I was never afraid.  Not even once.  And everyone said I was smiling. 

There were people too.  Their poodles brought them.  And one lady talked to me.  I think she is Peanut’s and Marley’s Friend.  But she touched me.  I liked her.  And I don’t know why, but I licked her leg.  Just a little lick.  I didn’t know I could do that. And then I did it again.  She was nice.  I hope I can play with my new friends again.  If my Kind Friend can not go to her other place sometimes on Sunday when my friends play at the park.

And then a little dog came.  A really small little dog.  Like me.  But not white like me.  He was black.  He was really black.  And his hair wasn’t curly.  Not like me and my Best Friend and all the other poodles.  My Kind Friend said he looked like coal.  He was nice.  And he came with two people.  His lady and his man.  And my Kind Friend asked his lady what kind of dog he is.  And she said he is a Havanese.  Well.  That is just like me!!  Havanese and Bichons are first cousins my Best Friend says.  She wrote something about it here on my blog.  It’s called About Bichons.  I just played a  little bit with that Havanese dog.

Then afterwards all the poodles went home.  And we went to downtown Davis.  We sat outside the Davis Food Co-op in the shade.  It’s nice there.  There’s lots of birds.  My Kind Friend read the paper there.   But I get scared there because the tables and chairs outside the Co-op make very loud noises when people move them.  They make metal scraping banging noises. I think the man is coming.  Or the lady.  Or the Shelter.  They make me very frightened.  I try hard not to be scared.  But sometimes I can’t.  Sometimes I have to.

And then we even went somewhere else.  We went to Woodland.  I went to Woodland once before.  We went to see my Kind Friend’s friend.  She had a surgery.  Like me!  But  I don’ t think it was the orchid surgery.  Or the other one.  But I don’t know.  And she had surgery at the UC Davis Medical Center.  Not at Mueller’s.  That’s where I live.  The Medical Center. And she has a dog too.  Her dog is an Australian Shepherd dog.  And her dog is a rescue dog too.  Like me!  She is very nice.

And after that we went home.  We drove beside a big thing full of water back to Sacramento.  My Kind Friend said it’s the river.  With boats on it.  I don’t know rivers.  And I don’t know boats.  But I liked it.  Because I stood up and I looked out the window.

I didn’t know this before.  I didn’t know.  Because I am stray.  Or mix. Or little.  I didn’t know I could have this day.  I didn’t know I would ever have a day like that.

It was my best day of my whole life.

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