Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

On Saturday …

On Saturday, my Kind Friend got the Big Green Thing out.  And then her and my Best Friend went away.  I think he runs beside it.  But I am not sure because I can’t see them out the window because I am so little.  That Big Green Thing is scary. 

And I hate being left at home by myself.  So I bark all the time.  And that’s what I did.  She told me No bark.  But I did bark.   I barked a lot.  Just like all the dogs.  Where I live a lot of dogs bark.  My Best Friend doesn’t bark.  And if he does, he shouldn’t, my Kind Friend tells him.  She says No Bark.  And then he doesn’t bark again.  But I have to bark.  I like barking.  Sometimes I bark if I am frightened.  If there is somebody there.  Or if I am happy.  Or if I want to go for a walk.  Or play Keep Away.  I just like to bark.  But I think maybe that is from my other me.  Before I was my Samuel me.  But sometimes Ithink I  just bark for me.  For Sammy.My Kind Friend says I bark to myself. 

Well.  My Kind Friend doesn’t bark.  She talks.  And sometimes I think she talks to herself.   Because she is not even looking at me or my Best Friend.  And he is not even listening.  But she  is talking.  But I listen to everything she says. 

And on Saturday when she came back with my Best Friend, my Kind Friend put the high-up green thing away.  And then my Best Friend stayed home.  And me and my Kind Friend went walking in the grass in the middle of the street. 

 I was surprised.  Because we usually don’t do that on Saturday.  But I loved it.  It was all wet.  And I had my really long leash on so I could play running away and chasing and coming back and keep away.  And my Kind Friend ran away from me.  Fast.  Then  she called me “Sammy.  Sammy.  Come!”  I love to hear my name.  And every time I came running as fast as I could.  Sometimes I ran around and around in her circles.  And she laughed so much.  But then she ran away again quickly and called me again.  I like that game.

Afterwards we walked down to the Coloma Community Center.   It is really nice.  My Kind Friend says it is lovely. And there is a big grassy area  in the back.  It was all wet too!  Which is my favorite.

We had to walk up a metal ramp to come out of there.  And I remembered.  The first timeI had to do that.  When I first came there.  I was so afraid.  I didn’t want to.  But my Kind Friend told me we could do it and we had to do it.  So I did.  And now I am not scared at all.   I just did it.  Just like that. 

And when we came out there was a high-up place that was all grassy and wet.

I could jump up to and play in the wet grass.  And then I could jump off onto the sidewalk.  We played that game too.  I did a hundred jumps at least.  Or maybe a thousand.  I like jumping a lot.  I really had fun.  And then we came home. 

Sometimes we go to meetings at the Coloma Community Center.

Then my Kind Friend had to go a place by herself.  Without me and without my Best Friend.    

But when she came  back, me and my  Best Friend took a shower.  And he got a haircut.  And I put my Revolution on. I don’t know why.   I think it is good for me.  But I am not sure.

Then we stayed home.  And the Black Phoebe came again my Kind Friend said.

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