Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Stop the Presses …


That’s what my Kind Friend said on Monday.  On Labor Day.  Right after my special day on Sunday.

She was so excited.  And she hugged a lady I don’t know who she is.  I just saw that lady when we went for a walk on Monday.  But she said now she is my Tia Julia. 

But before that, we stopped to talk to our neighbors who are a Maltese and a Havanese.  They went out for a walk in Elmhurst.  Just like  us.  I like to meet them.  Because they are like me.  And their Friends always give me treats.  I never eat them.  I want to.  But I don’t.  Because I am still too scared to take treats.  Even from my Kind Friend.  Most of the time.  And I never take treats from any other people.  And everybody hopes that one day I won’t be scared any more.  And I can take treats. 

Because there is a nice man in Davis.  He works at Newsbeat.   And he always wants to give me some treats.  One day I almost took the treat from him.  But then I got scared again.  Even though he is nice.  And he is my Newsbeat Friend.  I dropped it on the floor.  He was sad. 

I am still afraid to eat my dinner too.  I have to be by myself to eat it.  And I watch all the time.  So I run away if anyone comes.  Or if I even hear someone coming.  I run away from my dinner. Then.  If no-one is there.  And I can’t hear anyone coming.  Or see anyone coming.  Then I run quickly and get some more dinner.  I do it very quickly in case someone comes.  All the time.

And I don’t drink my water if someone is there too.  I am afraid to.  Except if it is very very hot sometimes I have to.  It makes me very frightened.  But.  In my Elmhurst.  When I go running in the morning.  At one house there is a big high-up thing in front of that house.  And there is water running into it.  All the time.  I don’t know why.  My Kind Friend said it is a bird bath.  What is a bird bath I don’t know.  But I have never seen a bird there.  But I like it.  Because at the bottom the water is running into it.  And I like to drink it.  Even though we are on the street.  And someone might come.  I don’t know why.

So on Labor Day the man who lives with my  Havanese  and Yorkie Poo Friends gave me some treats again.  But I didn’t eat them again.  I really wanted to.  But I couldn’t.  My Best Friend ate them.  He does do that.  Even though he has his own treats.  But I don’t mind.  Because he is my very Best Friend.

And he eats my dinners.  Sometimes.  Too. And my rawhide chewers.  But I don’t mind.  Because he lets me live in his house.  And be with him.  He is nice.  And since he has been my Best Friend, nothing bad has ever happened to me.  But before he was my Best Friend, I remember, very bad things happened to me.   Before I was my Samuel me.

My Kind Friend sometimes says that my Best Friend is my God.  I don’t know God.  But if my Best Friend is God.  Then I know a little bit about God.  I know God is nice.  And kind.  And big.  And handsome.  And a Standard Poodle.  And likes to play fetch.  And has orange hair.  And God will eat my treats and my dinners sometimes.

And then, after that, we stopped to talk to our Shih Tsu Friend and his person.  He is  handsome.  I like him a lot.  He has very long hair.  It’s beautiful colors.  And it isn’t curly like mine and my Best Friend’s.  You can see his photograph here on this website too.

He lives with a cat who is very very big. He is a rescue cat.  But he is much much bigger than me and my Shih Tsu Friend.   My Shih Tsu Friend and me played a little bit.  I liked it.  I am not quite sure the best way to play.  So I try to watch and see what to do.  And then that’s what I did.  What he did. 

My Kind Friend, and my Best Friend and me, and my Shih Tsu Neighbor who lives at my Shih Tsu Friend’s house, we were all just standing in the sun and talking.  And then two more Neighbors came by with their people.  They were as small as me.  One is white and one is grey.  But they are Poodles.  They are not mix.  And they are not stray.  I don’t think.  I don’t know if they are cryptic.  Or orchid.  And I don’t know if they are new.  They are not as big as my Best Friend.  Like I am not as big.  And I liked them a lot. 

And then the Poodle Neighbor who lives with the poodles was talking to me.  And she gave me a treat.  And I ate it!! 

I was very surprised.  And she was surprised.  And everyone was surprised.  And everybody got very excited.  They were all talking and laughing.  And I don’t know why.  But my new Poodle Neighbor kept giving me treats.  And everyone was looking at me and smiling.  It was nice.  My Kind Friend told my Poodle Neighbor that I had never taken a treat from anyone before.  And then my Poodle Neighbor kneeled down in the grass and touched me on my hair a lot.  I like her.  And she had water in her eyes.  I don’t know why.  I hope she didn’t have something stuck in there.  Like I used to before I went to the shelter.  When I lived by myself.  In the fields.  And I got things in my eyes.  And they hurt and got wet. 

And then my Kind Friend hugged my Poodle Neighbor.  My Poodle neighbor said she is my Tia Julia now.  But she is a lawyer.  And she is nice.  And the Poodles where she lives are very nice too.

And I wanted more treats.  So I jumped up at my Kind Friend.  I didn’t know I could do that.  And everyone got very excited and smiling and laughing again.  Because my Kind Friend said I had never jumped up for anything before.  And everyone said that was good.   But my Best Friend isn’t allowed to jump up.  So I don’t know.  But I liked that day.

So that was two special days for me.  Sunday and Monday.  And then.  When we went home.  I felt not scared and happy and I gave my Kind Friend a little lick on her leg.  Just a little one.   Like I did to the lady who lives at my Miniature Poodle Rescue Friends’ house when I saw her on that Sunday at Poodles of Yolo.  My Kind Friend said I had never done that before.  I know.  And I didn’t know I could.

So that’s why my Kind Friend said Stop the Presses.  That means it was a special day for me, my Kind Friend said.  Another special day.  And it was.

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