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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

A bad day that when it happened it wasn’t …

Sometimes a Good Day can be a Bad Day that when it happened it wasn’t … 

And that was this weekend. On Saturday.

On Saturday, me and my Best Friend were ready to go to the Davis Farmers’ Market with my Kind Friend.  We know.  That’s what we do on Saturday.  And we go to see my friend Lloyd and buy vegetables.  And the people at Lloyd’s stand are very nice to me.

I like it there.  It used to scare me a lot.  There ‘s a lot of things.  A lot of people.  A lot of dogs.  A merry-go-round.  Noises.  But not any more I am not scared.  There’s people.  Lots of people.  And they talk to me.  But I am not scared.    Because they don’t hurt me.  I think they like me.

And today was a special day at the Market.  They won something.  A competition. But we missed it. 

And I am sad that they don’t allow rescue dogs at the Davis Farmer’s Market any more.  That is not a good thing.  I am hoping it is a bad thing that when it happened it wasn’t …but I don’t know.  Because my friend was a rescue dog there.  And he found a new home by going to the Davis Farmers’ Market.  His Friends came and found him there and took him home. 

Here is who used to have rescue dogs at the Davis Farmers’ Market.  Yolo County SPCACentral California Lab Rescue.  And Dogspot Rescue.   Now they can’t come.  And their rescue dogs can’t come.  To find a home.  And I don’t know why.  And some were mix.  And some were stray.  My Kind Friend said.   She didn’t say if some were orchid.  Or cryptic.  Like I was.  But they could get that surgery that I got.  And some were not any of those things.  Just rescue dogs.  My Kind Friend said she doesn’t know about any dog who did a bad thing there.  At the market.

One day at the Farmers’ Market we met a man from Brazil.  And his friend was from Peru.  They were very nice.  Now they live in San Francisco.  But I saw them in Davis.  And they talked to me and my Best Friend a lot.  They thought me and my Best Friend were handsome and nice.  And they were mad about any people who hurt me.  I hope they come again and we see them there.

And children.  Nice children.  Last time I met a little boy.  He was bigger than me.  But not bigger than my Best Friend.  And littler than most people.  He talked to my Best Friend and me.  And he said to my Kind Friend that I was shy.  I like him. That boy.   Because I am shy.  And so I like the little boy who said that.  But he didn’t mind.  And he touched my hair very softy and slowly.  I liked it.  And I liked him.  But then his Grandpa came to get him to come and eat his cinnamon roll. 

And one time I met some nice girls there.  They all touched me.  And they were very nice and quiet and gentle.  And one of them asked my Kind Friend if she was from New Zealand.  She said her Grandma lives in New Zealand and talks like my  Kind Friend.  My Kind Friend laughed.  She said that was a very good guess.  But I don’t know what that means.  New Zealand?  Where is that?  Is that near San Francisco where my other friends came from?  Or Peru?  Or Brazil?

And there were some ladies too.  One Saturday.  At the market.  One was from Davis.  But the other one was from London. Golders Green. I don’t know where those places are too.  But I know that is where my Kind Friend comes from. London.  She knows Golders Green.  She told the lady from London she used to work in Golders Green.  And in London.  So I don’t know why she is here.  But I am glad she is.  And they are the ladies who told my Kind Friend that I am Bichon and Poodle. 

The ladies said even my bark is Bichon.  I like to bark.  A lot.  And they knew a lot about Bichons.  And the lady from London said if she lived in Davis, or if I lived in London, she would take me home with her. But, I don’t know London.  So I don’t know if I would like that.  And I don’t know her.  I like living with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend a lot.  And if my Best Friend could not go somewhere with me.  Then I don’t want to go.  But she was a nice lady. 

And last week we met my Kind Friend’s friend at the Market.  And she was sad. Because her dog was sick.  And she said it was time to say goodbye to him.  And my Kind Friend  hugged her.  Because she knew her dog.  From when he was little.  And now he was 14.  But he was very very sick.  And he couldn’t get better.  He is a Golden Retriever.  I don’t know if he is mix.  Or stray. And my Kind Friend said she would be thinking about them.  And give her a dog a big hug from my Kind Friend.  He was a very nice dog.  And he had a wonderful life.   I don’t know why.  But now he couldn’t stay alive any more. 

My Kind Friend used to have a dog that knew that Golden Retriever who can’t stay alive any more.  His name was Solomon.  And he was a Standard Poodle too.  But he couldn’t stay alive.  So he is dead.  A long time ago.  But he was only 8.  Before my Best Friend came from Montana to live with my Kind Friend.

I hope I don’t have to not be alive any more.  Maybe when I was very afraid.  Or mix.  Or stray.   But not now.  I am Samuel.  Not now. I hope I don’t have to be dead.  Or my Best Friend.  I hope that a lot.

So that’s where we go on Saturday.  The Farmers Market.  And usually we go to NewsBeat.  There is a nice man at Newsbeat.  He likes me a lot.  And he is mad that people did hurt me and make me frightened.  And he always wants to give me treats.  So I hope I can go there soon.  And show him that I learned  how I can take treats from people now.  Like I did from my Tia Julia last week.  I hope when I see him again I rememer how I did that.

And we usually go to the Avid Reader too.  We look at books.  It’s quiet there.  I like it.

And it was nice and cooler on Saturday.  Because the day before was very hot.  Then on Saturday some drops of water came down.  Rain.  I didn’t know it could do that.  Because it has never rained since I have lived in Elmhurst.  I think it rained before then.  But I don’t remember.

So we thought we would go to the Davis Farmers’ Market this Saturday.  But then, me and my Best Friend.  When we watched our Kind Friend.  We could tell.  We were not going to go the Market on that Saturday.  My Best Friend felt bad.  And I was sad.  Because we like those Saturdays when we do those things.

So then we thought. OK. Here is what we are  going to do.  First, my Kind Friend will take my Best Friend out with the high-up Big Green Thing that he runs beside.  And then.  When they come back.  My Best Friend will stay home.  And my Kind Friend will take me to play chasing and following games in the grass in the middle of the street.  She calls my name.  “Sammy Come!”  And then she runs away.  “Sammy Come!”  This way and that.  She tries to trick me.  But I always come.  I like that game.  I love to hear my name.  “Sammy!”  It’s new.  I didn’t have that name before I came to live with my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  I think I had a name then.  But I don’t know what.  And Samuel is my name now.   It’s my favorite name.  But sometimes it’s Sammy.  Or Sam.  And those are my other favorites.

And we like that too.  When we do those things.  Not as much as the Farmer’s Market.  But we like it.  We thought we would do that because that’s what we do if we can’t go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. 

But.  We didn’t do that either.  Because my Kind Friend didn’t get the high-up Big Green Thing out to sit on it.  So then me and my Best Friend felt really sad and really bad.  We thought we were not going anywhere that day.

But then my Kind Friend said we are going to play in the grass out front.  And we did.  We have lots of grass in front of our house.  Very lots.  Not the grass in the middle of the street.  We have that too. 

The  grass in front of our house wasn’t wet.  But I still liked it.  My Kind Friend threw a round yellow thing.    It’s called a ball.  A tennis ball.  I know that game.  It is Fetch.  My Best Friend loves that game.  He chases the yellow thing.  And brings it back.  And we played it until he got all tired out and didn’t want to play any more.

My Best Friend doesn’t have to be on a leash when we play that game because he is good.   But I have to have my very long leash on.  Because sometimes I still get scared.  And I may bolt my Kind Friend said.  And I love to run.  Very very fast.  So I have to have my long leash on.  So I can’t do those things.  Ever again. 

My Best Friend likes to play Jumping Up Fetch.  That’s his favorite.  So my Kind Friend throws the ball up very high.  And my Best Friend jumps up high to get it.  He’s a very good jumper.  He’s very good at everything.  I’m a good runner.  And I jump too.

But I don’t know how to play Fetch.  So I just chased my Best Friend and banged into him and jumped up at him. I don’t know.  But I think that is how to play.   I think that was  a game.  But I am not sure.  I wanted him to know I like this game.  Because I know he likes it.  But I don’t know how to play it.

And then my Best Friend started to get tired.  From all that jumping and running.  And he just dropped the round yellow thing on the ground one time.  And then he lay down.  The round yellow thing was just on the ground.

And I  don’t know why.  But I put my teeth around it.  Just like that.  I was surprised.  Because I never did that before.  I never had a round yellow thing before.  We did not have those things in places where I was before.  And I don’t know how to do it.  Then quickly I dropped it. It felt funny in my mouth.  It was all filled up. 

But then.  I don’t know why.  I picked it up again.  I was surprised.  And I held it in my mouth.  Just like my Best Friend does.  It felt funny. But I didn’t know what to do after that.   

I think next time I will pick it up again.  Maybe then I can  know how to play with it.  I think my Kind Friend would like that.  But I don’t know about my Best Friend.

Because when I picked up the round yellow thing, my Kind Friend was smiling at me.  “Good Boy Sammy.”  She said.  She says that a lot.  “Good Boy.  Sammy.”  I think she likes me.  She said that was huge for me to do. She was smiling at me.  Huge I don’t know.  So I don’t understand.  But my Kind Friend was very happy.  Because I heard her tell someone else.  “Sammy picked up the tennis ball in his mouth.  For the first time!”  Like that.  Because I had never picked up a toy or a ball before. 

So I am happy.  And that turned into a good day. And next time maybe I will see if I can run with the round yellow thing.  Or jump up high and get it.

And later on, when my Kind Friend came home again, we all went for a long walk in Elmhurst.  It was nice.  It wasn’t rain any more.  It was warmer.  But still nice for a walk.  And I was happy when I remembered that I picked up the round yellow thing and kept in my mouth, just like my Best Friend does.  Just like a dog who knows how to do things. 

 So that was my good day that looked like a bad day but when it happened it wasn’t.

And that was another new thing I did this week.  First I went to my Poodle play group.  Then I licked some people.  Just little licks.  Then I ate some treats from my Tia Julia.  And then I picked up a ball. 

I did a lot of new things I didn’t know I could do.


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  1. Go, Sammmy, go! You’ll be fetching in no time.

    • Roberta: You were right!! How did you know that? I can play ball now. Just yesterday and today I learned. I can play Fetch. I never knew I could do that. I love to play that game.

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