Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Finally …

This is me, Samuel. 

Finally … on Sunday…  We went to the UC Davis Arboretum.  It’s my best place.

Usually, when it’s Sunday.  Then my Kind Friend has to go somewhere special.  Every Sunday morning.  So on those days.  Before she goes to that place.  We go to the UC Davis Medical Center and play.  It’s very big.  And helicopters come there.  They land on top of the building.  I don’t know how.  But they know how because of the special lights on the roof. 

Because last night we went for a walk.  We don’t usually do that.  But it was very hot.  So I’m glad we did.  And there were some friends there.

First we met our Two-Poodle-Neighbor.  We stopped to talk to him. And he has a neighbor that is an orange tabby cat.  I wanted to chase that cat.  So I did.  A little bit.  Not much because I had my short leash on.  But he wasn’t right.  That cat.  He didn’t run away!  He just rolled over on his back.  That’s not right.  I don’t think.  He’s supposed to run away from me.  So I took him by surprise.  I ran right up to him. And I stuck my nose into him.  I think that is what I am supposed to do.  But that cat hit me.  Lots of times.   With both his feet.  And very fast.  And he has sharp things at the end of his legs.  Lots of them.  He was hitting my head and my face.  I don’t know what to do then.  Because even after he did that.  He still didn’t run away.  He just rolled around some more.  And then if I came anywhere near him he tried to hit me again with the sharp things on his legs.  That was his game.  He said No you don’t Sammy.  He liked it.  But I didn’t.  That wasn’t my game.  That’s not the right game for dogs and cats.  That’s not the right way to play.  That’s wrong.  He is supposed to run away from me.  So I can chase him some more.  His game isn’t that.  I like my game better.   But I can’t chase him if he is going to hit me like that.  Because the sharp things at the end of his legs can hurt you.  That’s not a very nice cat.

But then after that we met our Basset Hound Neighbor.  She has a rescue Basset Hound.  And that dog just got rescued and came to live in Elmhurst too!  She is a very very big dog.  Very much bigger than me.  Not as high-up as my Best Friend.  But long and big around.  And very big ears near the ground.  But she’s nice.  I like her.  And my Kind Friend stopped to talk to our Basset Hound Neighbor.  They talked a long time.  So me and my Best Friend just laid down in some grass there.  It felt nice and cool. 

But then I did another thing I never did before.  I keep doing those new things now.  I don’t know why.  While my Kind Friend was talking to my Bassett Hound Neighbour, I just went closer to my Basset Hound Neighbor.  I have never gone closer toward someone like that before.  Not ever.  No-one.  And then.  I even jumped up on my back legs in front of our Bassett Hound Neighbor.  I  didn’t touch her.  But almost I did.  I just wanted to get closer to her.  And find out about her.  Because she is very nice.  She is kind.  I know that.  I thought maybe she might have treats like my Tia Julia.  Or maybe stroke me.  I am not sure.   I was so surprised at what I did.  And my Kind Friend was surprised too. 

So many new things I am doing.  And I like them.  I like my Samuel me.  My Sam me. Because before when I wasn’t Samuel wasn’t nice.   

And when we were talking to our neighbor it was getting a little bit dark.  And you could see the lights on the Medical Center roof.  That’s how the helicopters can come.  The lights tell them.  This is here.  Here you can land.  Come down here helicopter.  Because it flashes green then red then yellow.  It looked like that anyway.  

And also the Shriner’s Hospital.  It’s next door.  That’s for children.  They bring people to there from very much places.  And the Medical Center.  They do that too.  Even from some other countries.  They help people.  I am glad they bring the people in helicopters to help them.  Like my Kind Friend helped me.     

So on Sundays we go to the Medical Center and Shriner’s Hospital to play.  Not inside. Just outside.  We go there first thing.  Before my Kind Friend has to go to her other place.

But last Sunday.  We weren’t going anywhere.  I thought it was a bad day again.  My Kind Friend was working at her grey box thing.  And we were still there. I don’t like when we don’t go anywhere.  And I like running in the grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.  But on the weekends I like the Davis Farmers’ Market and downtown Davis and the UC Davis Arboretum and those things.  And other places too.  I like to go.  But not just stay at home.  So I was sad.  Because we were not going to some nice places. 

But then we went!  We went to the arboretum.  So that was another good day that was a bad day that when it happened it wasn’t!

It’s my favorite.  I think it’s hiking.  Maybe. But I don’t know for sure.  At the beginning there’s a wood.  A forest.  I don’t remember a wood.  There’s lots of trees.  My Kind Friend says they are Oak Trees.  It’s a Oak Grove.   Different Oak Trees.  It is dark in there.  Lots of leaves and twigs and other things on the ground.  And squirrels.  Very much squirrels.  And they say. Tee Hee. Tee Hee.  And then they run away fast.  Up a tree.  Or down a hole.  And I didn’t catch them.  But nearly I could.   I think they don’t know how to play the game too.  Like that orange tabby cat.

I like it in there.  I like the smells.  And I could tell who came there.  Birds. Lots of different birds.  And rabbits. Rats. Dogs.  Mice.  Even cats.  And snakes.  And there’s beehives too.

After the wood is a trail.  That’s hiking I think.  We walk on there.  And my Best Friend can take off his leash and run long ways.  I have to have my long leash on.   But I can go many places my Best Friend goes.  And I run very fast to keep up with him.  Until we get to the horses.

I really like my Best Friend.  He makes it so nothing bad will happen to us.  I don’t know how.  But he does.  I wish I knew how.  Because nothing bad ever  has happened to me since he has been my Best Friend. I wish he was my Best Friend sooner.  But that’s ok.  Here I am now.  And I am Samuel.  I am not stray.  I might be mix.  But that is not bad.  That is just mix.   That’s all.  And I know how  to do some things.  And people like me.  I know.  I can see.   And I like it.  And I hope he is my Best Friend forever.   

There was very much horses that day.  In the field.  And there was a horse with a color like a Poodle.  My Kind Friend says the color is silver.  I didn’t know silver could be a horse!  My Kind Friend likes to talk to the horses.  But we don’t.  Me and my Best Friend.  And he used to live on a big horse ranch.  In Montana.  Before he came to live with my Kind Friend.  Montana.  That’s another country like the people who come to the Med Center and Shriner’s.  I think.  Maybe it is near Limerick.  In the same place.   But I just look quickly at the horses.  And then I look away.  And don’t look back.  That’s how I do a lot.  If I don’t know.  Or if I am scared.  I don’t look. I look away.

Near the horses there were very big birds flying in the sky.  Around and around and around.  Slowly.  Soaring it is called my Kind Friend said.  Thermal too.  I think.  Because there was some small wind.  Like blowing.  My Best Friend thought they were hawks.  There’s lots of hawks in that place she said.

And one time.  It was very early in the morning.  Just when it was going to be not dark any more.  My Kind Friend saw a Great Horned Owl in there.  She said it made a shadow when it flew over her.  I don’t like a bird that big.  I like a bird to chase.  Like in Elmhurst.   If I saw a Great Horned Owl I wouldn’t’chase it. I wouldn’t look at it.  I would look away.

 But then we saw some ducks sitting by the creek.  It’s Putah Creek.  And when they saw me and my Best Friend coming the ducks were getting up and going in the creek. But there was one duck left.  So I chased that duck .  Just a little bit.  I didn’t go right up.  Just close.  And that duck flew away into the creek.  So I chased that duck away.  All by myself.

At the other end, there is another wood.  Two woods in one place.  It is called Redwood Grove.  Not Oaks here.  Redwoods.  They are very high up trees.  It is all shady and dark and cool and quiet, soft and smelling good.  And the creek is in it. 


Photograph credit: Wikipedia

But just before that Redwood Grove is a room to get water and go in those rooms with loud water.  It has places in it to run water and where people go to the bathroom.  We went in there.  It is metal and banging and water sounds.  And the door closes.  Bang.   I think it is the shelter when I go to places like that.  Or where I used to live.  And the man.  I used to be very afraid of this place.  And try not to go there. 

But that day. It didn’t frighten me any more that bathroom!  And I don’t know why.  But I like it.  I like not being frightened in places.

On the way coming back there was very very lots of ducks on the ground.  There were children there too.  But that was too many ducks.  So I didn’t look.  I didn’t chase.  I looked away.  That’s what I do.  If I am scared.  Or frightened.  I don’t look.  That was too many birds.  I don’t know if birds can bite.  Or if they have sharp things at the end of their legs like cats.  There is a lot of things that I don’t know yet.

But then.  After that.  We saw a very very very very big bird sitting on the ground.  That bird was black and much bigger than me.  I don’t know how a bird can be bigger than a dog.  That is the biggest bird I have ever seen.  But it was just one bird just sitting.  So I wasn’t afraid of that bird.  I don’t know why.  I chased that bird.  And it flew away!  So that bird knows how to play the chasing game I think.  Not like the cat.  I thought it was a Great Horned Owl like my Best Friend saw that day one time.  But she said it was a Turkey Vulture.

That was a good hiking at the arboretum.  All the way round we went.

But we forgot to go to Newsbeat.  So I couldn’t see my friend  who likes me and gives me treats so I could show him how I know how to take treats now.  I hope I can go there next weekend.  He will be surprised at me I think.  There’s so many new things I do.  I thought I couldn’t do them.  But now I can.  I will show him how I can come up to him.  And take a treat too!

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