Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

My Best Samuel …

I didn’t ever know this could be me.  That I could be this Samuel.  I didn’t know this Samuel could be me.  This is my best Samuel.

On Saturday my Kind Friend got up very early.  She was working on her grey box. 

Then we went for a walk.  We didn’t run in the-grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.  That’s what we do on the days when my Kind Friend goes to work.  But on the other days we don’t.  So we went for a walk in Elmhurst.

So then we thought that my Kind Friend must be going to a special Saturday something.  Sometimes she does that.  And we won’t go to the Davis Farmers’ Market.  Because that is not what we do if we are going to the Farmers’ Market. 

But we were wrong.  Good!   Because we did go to the Farmers’ Market.  Yea!!! 

And it was my best Davis Farmers’ Market Saturday ever I went to. 

First we had to go another place in Davis.  Then the Post Office.  Then to get a big cup with something in it.   And to the Davis Food Co-op.  And then … We got to the Farmers’ Market. 

There was very much people in Davis.  Because the students are back.  For their classes.  My Kind Friend said.   I don’t  know classes.  So I don’t know.  But I don’t think we ever got any at the Farmers’ Market before.  But, it was much busier than before when we went.   But it was still nice. 


 Busy Saturday at the Davis Farmers’ Market

We met a lady there.  She talked to me and my Best Friend.  And she has some dogs.  It’s an Akita and a Australian Shepherd. But not with her at the Market she didn’t have them.  Then my Kind Friend asked her if she would like to give me a treat and she said Yes.  And she did.  She gave me lots of  treats.  And I just took those treats she gave me and ate them all up!  Out of her hand.  And I don’t know her.  I was surprised.  I never knew I could do that.   And now I can do it.  I think I can.  I don’t know why I didn’t know that before.  I don’t know why I had to practice so many lots of times before I could do this.  With treats.  But I am glad I did.  I like it.

And there were ladies sitting near us.  Up higher on the wall.  Sitting in chairs.  They had yarn.  And some round things going around.  It was spinning yarn.  I think it was.  My Kind Friend said.  But she doesn’t know either like me.  Here they are doing that thing.


They had some big big bags with them.  On the ground.  You can see some in this photo.  Big bags.  Not with handles.  And after I had my treats from the other lady.  We were sitting on the wall.  And I wondered what was in those bags.  They smelled good.  Like as if there was animal things in there.  So I wanted to go there.  And I went over there.  I just jumped up on the wall.  And went there.  And I smelled them.  A long time.  I was very surprised I did that.  And then.  Everything was all right.  Nothing bad happened to me.  Nobody banged.  The man didn’t come.  Nobody shouted.  But I have never done that before.  I have never walked up to anyone.  I always walk away from people.  That’s what I knew to do.  Walk away.  Run away.  Keep away.  So I never walked up to anything that has a person with it.  Never.  Ever.  But I did it today.   And there was nothing bad there. That happened to me.  No bad people.  No bang.  No shout.  No hit.  No throw. Just bags and smelling good.  I never knew this could be.  Like this.

Then, after that we went to Lloyd’s Produce to get some things.  That’s at the Market.  Here is a photograph of my friends at Lloyd’s Produce.  They talk to me.  I like them.



My Kind Friend wanted to get some cucumbers.  They didn’t have cucumbers.  They planted some more.  But for now no cucumbers.  Everybody ate them all up.  Not me.

Here is a photo of what we got from them.


Oh.  And I almost forgot.  We met a Bichon at the Market.  That’s what the lady said.  A girl.  I’m not a girl.  I’m Samuel.  She was little.  Her hair didn’t look Bichon like mine.  I like mine.  Because it looks like my Best Friend.  And I like my Best Friend.  And she didn’t look really like me.  Just a little bit.  Because of my Poodle curls the lady said.   But I am not sure.  Because I don’t know if that lady knows. 

But she had a little dog friend with her and he was very nice and handsome.  And he was mix.  Excepting he was Schnauzer Poodle mix.  He had red hair.   It was beautiful.  Like my Best Friend’s hair is orange.  And some cream hair too he had.  I liked him but I couldn’t say Hello because he was not on the ground.  He was high up with the lady.  Near her head.  I don’t know why

So I am glad I have Poodle too.  As well as Bichon.  I like Poodles.  Like my Best Friend.  And I like my curls.   But I think Bichon is supposed to have curls too.  I think the Bichon name is curly.  And French.  I think the lady didn’t know Bichon very well.  And her Bichon didn’t have enough curls like she should have. 

Now my Kind Friend knows Bichon really well.  Because of me.  And she didn’t know before.

After we got tomatoes and peppers and radishes from Lloyd’s Produce, we went downtown.  We went to Newsbeat first.  And my friend who works in Newsbeat was there.  And my Kind Friend asked him if he would like to give me a treat because now I can do it.  He is nice.  He likes me.  He was angry that people did bad things to me.  And he was sad that I felt bad all these times.  And so afraid.  And he wanted to give me a treat for very many days.  But I couldn’t.  So he said Yes.  And I did.  And he was very happy.  Because he said that should not have happened to me.  What did.

And then we went to a new store.  It’s called Outdoor Davis.  They always have a nice bowl of water in front of the door for the dogs who are shopping downtown.  It’s very full water.  And clean.  I like that.  I like those people who put that there.  Because I am always very very thirsty when I get there.  And me and my Best Friend drank all that water today.  And then.  We went inside.   Dogs can come in that store.  It was nice and cool.  We liked it. 

After that we went to the Avid Reader.  My Best Friend just lies down when we do that. I want to learn that.   But I don’t know how.  Not now.  Because something bad might happen.  So I can’t lie down.  But I want to learn it.  Like taking treats.  How I learned that.  So sometimes I did sit down.  No lie down.  Just sit down.  And my Kind Friend gave me treats every time I sat down in  the Avid Reader.  I think she likes it when I do that.  But then.  Wrong things.  Bad things.  All of a sudden.  I did a wrong thing.  I think.  A bad thing.  I barked.  I forgot No Bark.  I forgot I am in a bookstore.  And I barked.  I couldn’t help it.  I didn’t know it was coming.  That bark.  Because. There was a big dog outside the door.  I could see him.  He was looking in at me and  my Best Friend.  And he was jumping.  He was playing.  and I couldn’t help it.  I just barked.  And my Kind Friend said some things to me.  I  don’t remember.

And then we went outside.  To meet that dog! 

He was very nice.  And very handsome.  He was nearly as high up as my Best Friend.  But not all the way up.  And he is a Wheaten Terrier.  His hair wasn’t orange.  It was more lighter.  And he came from New Jersey. But now he lives here.  We played a little bit with him.  Just with our leashes on.  On the sidewalk.  Him and my Best Friend know the same games.  I don’t know those games.  So I have to watch.  And that Wheaten Terrier.  He had long legs.  And he did his front legs and feet like a person.  Not like a dog.  He was a funny dog.  And nice.  And.  Another surprise.  The lady who was with that Wheaten Terrier asked if she could give me a treat.  And my Kind Friend gave her some treats and she gave them to me and I ate them!  Again.  I did it.  It wasn’t hard.  And nothing bad came to me.  And no bad people.  Again.  I wonder where the bad people went.  I wish I could know that.  And where the man went.

So that is three treats from people in one day.  More than three treats.  Lots and lots of treats.  Three people.  So I think now I know how I can get treats.  And everything be all right.  No bad things.  No frightening things.  I like how that is now.  I am glad that is me now.  Who can do this things.

After we walked around downtown Davis me and my Best Friend were  hot and tired.  So we went home.  Here is me in my truck on the way home in a photograph.  I hope you like me.  I like me.


And after we got home.  There was a running in our street.  Not in the grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street-running.  It was really-in-the-street running.  Where the cars are going.  Some police people said cars can’t come.  They said people can run in the street today.  Because that’s not right really usually.  It’s for some money for some ladies who need it at the Medical Center.  That’s what I think it is.  It’s called Race for Her and here is some photographs.  But I must not bark again  I must remember.  No Bark Sammy.  She will say if I do it and be bad.

But I would like to run with the people in the street.  Me and  my Best Friend.  We could win it.  I think we could.  And especially if there is jumping.  We are good at jumping.  My Best Friend jumps up high in the air.  And I jump up on the wall at the Coloma Community Center.  Look here is a photo of that wall.  With the wet grass on top.  Where we play our jumping game.  And our running up and down stairs games.  Some mornings when we play that.


This wall is about more than 2 Sammys high.  So think about you jumping up on a wall more than 2 times your high.   That’s high for jumping up.

And … even today, on my Elmhurst walk, I jumped up a wall even much higher than that.  Because a squirrel jumped up there with big green things in his mouth.  And I wanted to catch him.

The squirrels are being bad.  They are digging holes in my Kind Friend’s flower pots.  She said it’s for the peanuts.  For the winter.  I don’t know  winter.  Or why peanuts in winter.

But who would give us give us the money for the ladies?  Me and my Best Friend.  I don’t know who would.  Even if we won that running and jumping in the street for the ladies.

There were hundreds and hundreds of runnings.  Some walkings too.  Big people.  Little people.  Children.  No dogs.  Running and walking.  We walked down to where the Police person was.  Her car was right in the middle of all the streets.  It said No People Drivers You Can’t Come Through Here.  And lots of people running and walking smiled and said things to me and my Best Friend.  They liked us.  I like us too.  I hope they got all the money for the ladies.

And then a man came out from the house where we were standing.  And he talked to me and my Best Friend.  And he touched us too.  And I didn’t walk away.  I didn’t look away.  I stayed there.  And everything was all right.  Again.  And then he gave me some treats too!!  That’s very very much treats I had today.  And four people who gave them to me.  And two of them men.  But they didn’t hurt me.  Didn’t frighten me.  I don’t know why.  Those men.

I never knew there could be a Davis Farmers’ Market day like today I had.  It was my best Farmers’ Market Day ever in my life. 

And I never knew I could be a Samuel like that.  Eating treats from people.  Going up to people.  Men touching me.  I never knew that Samuel could be me.  That is my Best Samuel.

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