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A Friend is to Play …

A Friend is to Play …

Like a ball!  A Friend is to Play too.  And now I learned that.  This Friday.  Like last week I learned that a Ball is to Play.  Now this week I learned that a Friend is to Play ….

This is me Samuel.  And I didn’t know that … Because I have never had a little friend before.  I have my Best Friend.  But he is big.  And he is really my very Best Friend.  Forever.  And ever.  But he is not little.  Like me.  Because I am very small.  And when I think he plays with me we don’t understand.   And sometimes I even get scared.  Because he is so big.  And I don’t know what he means.  Not really scared.  Just a little tiny bit worried.  Because I don’t know how to do it. 

But …. on Friday.  When my Kind Friend came home.  We went for a walk.  In my Sammy’s Elmhurst.  And that was special.  Because we don’t usually do that in the evening.  Sometimes.  But not usually.  Because we already went for our run in the morning.  But that Friday we did.  I like it when we do that.  So we went for our walk in my Elmhurst in the evening.  And it was nice.  And cool.  And it was fun.   And one of our neighbors has some pretty flowers that my Kind Friend likes.  And this is them.

DSCN0110 cropped

Our neighbor said we could take some of these flowers to grow at our house.  So we did.  But we don’t know their name.  But we know this one below.  It’s a kind of Salvia my Kind Friend said.  We didn’t take any of that one though.

DSCN0113 salvia U street

Except.   I really wanted to play.  But when I try to play with my Best Friend when we are out walking in the street.  On our leashes.  My Kind Friend says “No Sammy.  No.”  She doesn’t like it.  Because I almost trip everybody up.  And my Best Friend doesn’t like it either.  He doesn’t tell me Off.  Or bite me.  Or even growl.  But he doesn’t like it.  I can tell.  He tries to step away.  And then our leashes get all muddled up.  And then my Kind Friend almost goes base over apex.   I don’t know what that base apex is.  But that’s what she says.  When that happens and we all get all mixed up and almost trip up.  But my Best Friend is too kind to tell me Get Off Me, Sammy.  But that’s what he means.  I can tell.  But sometimes I do it anyway.  That playing on the leash when we are walking.  Because I can’t help it.  Because I really really really want to play. 

But then.  A special surprise.  It was even funner.  On the way back, we met our Shih Tsu friend at his house.  He is little too.  He is not high up.  Just like me!  And he is so nice.  I like him a lot.  We go by his house every day.  He lives near the high-up-bird-bath.  And we see him looking out his front window.  But we don’t usually see him outside.  And we wave and shout “Hello” as we run by.  And his big cat is usually there too.  In the window with our Shih Tsu friend.  He’s a rescue cat.  But my Shih Tsu friend is not rescue.  And he’s not mix I don’t think.  And not stray.  But that is all right.  And on Friday evening our Shih Tsu friend was outside.  With his Person.  And his big rescue cat who is bigger than me. 

Because after I got hit in the face by my orange tabby neighbor cat, I don’t run right up to cats any more.  So I just went a little bit near my Shih Tsu Friend’s big rescue cat.  And that cat told me. Don’t come any closer Sammy.  So I didn’t.  He is so bigger than me.  And bigger than my Shih Tsu friend too.  But not as bigger as my Best Friend.

But me and my Shih Tsu friend.  We played a long time.  And we had so much fun.  Because our People Friends were talking.  And talking.  And laughing.  And talking again.  All the time until it got dark.  And it’s never been dark before since I came to live in Elmhurst.  Not when I was outside.  And when we walked home.  It was dark.  And it was a base over apex again.  My Kind Friend said so.  She said we had to be careful about base over apex because we couldn’t see very well. 

But my Shih Tsu friend.  He knows how to play just like me.  I didn’t even know I could play that way.  But with him I can.  And we played Wrestling.  And then Keep-Away.  And Pouncing.  And Chasing.  And Rolling-Around.  And Hiding-in-the-flowers.  That’s a lot of games I never played before.  Not any of them.  Not ever.  I didn’t know I knew how to play them even.  And my Best Friend wanted to play too.  But he is too big.  He is very nice but then it is not the same game. 

DSCN0161 BF & Sam Fm 100309

And my Kind Friend told my Best Friend to let me play with my Shih Tsu friend by myself.  That made my Best Friend sad.  Because he really likes to play.  And there didn’t used to be me at his house.  Just him and my Kind Friend.  And I think he liked it like that.   Without me there.  So I try to be nice and good.  Because I don’t want him to want me to go away.  I want him to like me.  Here is another  picture of me and my Best Friend this weekend.


DSCN0158 BF & S FM 100309

DSCN0157 crop auto correct

But I did have so much fun with my Shih Tsu friend.  Just me and him.  And I never played like that with a friend before.  I didn’t know about it before.  All those many games.  So I am so happy I know how to do that now.  And I am glad I have my Shih Tsu friend too.  Even his cat I am glad.

We don’t have any photographs of my Shih Tsu friend and me playing because my Kind Friend did not bring her camera on that Friday walk.  But my Shih Tsu friend.  He is going to send us some photos soon.  I like him so much.  He is my Next Best Friend maybe.

And I am so glad I know how to play with some friends now. Now that I am Sam.  Like my Golden Doodle puppy friend from last week. 

And I am glad I know how to play ball.  I can play that with my Best Friend.  And steal his tennis ball.  And run away with it.  But now I have my own tennis ball too.  And I have my own games I play.  I push the ball forward with my nose.  I do it as hard as I can.  And then the balls rolls a long way far away.  And then I run and pounce right on top of it.   And I am glad I know how to play Wrestling and Keep-Away and Pouncing and Chasing and Running-Away-and-Hiding-in-the-Flowers with my Shih Tsu friend.  And maybe some other games too.  We can play those other game another time maybe.

I didn’t know I could be like that.   I didn’t know being me could be like that.  Before.  I couldn’t do it.  It wasn’t there.  Practicing my wall jumping.  Or doing all these things.  Playing ball.  Playing with my friends.  Practicing “Wait” and “Sit.”  Getting treats.  It is all my best things.  My favorite things. 

And because before.   I didn’t even know a Friend is to Play!

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