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Capitol Park is to Visit …

On Saturday we went somewhere special.  We went to Capitol Park.  That’s in Sacramento.  In downtown Sacramento.  I’ve been there.  To downtown.  But I never went to Capitol Park before.  Ever.  I didn’t even know it was there.  So that was a surprise.

That Capitol Park is very big.  Very very big.  It goes by lots of streets.  And it has lots of big trees.   And squirrels.  And flowers. 


There’s  different statues.  And memorials.  I don’t know what those things  are.  But they are there.  Standing up high.  And they are big too.

 And there’sDSCN0127 lots of nice cool grass.  Not all wet and boggy where you sink in like my grass-in-the-middle-of- the-street in Elmhurst. But it was still nice grass for running in.  And catching a piece of grass when you run by.   And many parts of it.  All over and all grassy.

And the State Capitol is there too.  In Capitol Park.   And it is called the Capitol.  The State Capitol.  The white house that is there is called that.  That State Capitol is a very big white house.  A very very big white house.  And it’s down one end of the big big park.  Near to the end where you can over the bridge that goes over the river.  And then go to Davis.  That way.  But this is in Sacramento.  Not Davis. 

It’s bigger than the houses in Elmhurst.  The State Capitol is.  Bigger even than the biggest house in Elmhurst … the one at the end of Elmhurst.  Which is a very big house.  With a very big yard.  But the State Capitol Park one is more bigger even than that. 

And the Capitol house is even much more bigger too. 

So that must be some very big family who live there in that house.  Many very big people.  My Kind Friend says it is Mr. Schwarzenegger.  But that’s a very big house for just one person to be living in.  My Kind Friend said the Legislature is there too.  They live there.  I think she said they do.  Some Legislature people do.  So maybe that is the family.  I don’t know.  But it’s a very nice house.  And I like it very much.


I don’t know if there’s any dogs who live there.  I didn’t see any.   But I would like to live there.   Because that’s a very nice backyard and front yard.  Except I didn’t see any fences there.  And there’s roads around it with lots of cars and buses.  So I don’t know if it is safe for dogs living there.

My Kind Friend wanted to take some photographs of my Best Friend sitting in front of the State Capitol.  But there were too many people.  It has to be a photograph of my Best Friend.   Not me.  Because.  My Kind Friend said.  I can’t not have my leash on.  So she can’t really take a photo of me next to the that very big house.   And she said it’s because I am white too.  But white isn’t bad. I don’t think so.  Is it?  But she said the trouble is because that big house is white.  And I am white. too  So that is not a good photograph.  If I was Black or Brown or Apricot.  That could be a good photograph.  But that is not fair.  Because Bichon is not any of those colors.  Bichon is not black.  Or brown.  Or Apricot.  Not really.  Sometimes a little bit Apricot.  Only a little.  Bichon is white.  So … No photograph of me by that big Capitol Legislature house place.  But I don’t mind.  Because he is my Best Friend.

My Kind Friend said we will go back and get a photograph of my Best Friend there.  Another time.  Because he is Apricot.  Not white.  So that might be a nice photograph.


But there’s lots and lots of squirrels to chase.   They live there.  At the Capitol.  So they are lucky.  And it’s very beautiful there.

There is lots of green grass in Capitol Park.  But not all boggy like my grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street in Elmhurst.  The Capitol Park grass was juicy but not boggy.  So I liked it. 

And there is lots of flowers  there too.  Many different flowers to smell and look.  And one thing that smells very nice is the roses. 

DSCN0146 Rose Garden Yellow Rose

There is a Rose Garden.  And here are some photographs we took of the Rose Garden.  It is very pretty.  And lots of bees are there.  Buzzing.  And in the flowers getting something to eat or drink.  Inside the flower.   There is a bee in the rose below if you can see him in there. DSCN0138 Capitol Rose Garden Red Pink Yellow Uh-Oh.  No.  I don’t think you can.  And the Rose Garden is near the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.  That’s one memorial there.  And there is lots more memorials too.  There is a Firefighters’ Memorial.  We got some photographs of the Firefighters’ Memorial.  Because there’s people in my Kind Friend’s family who do that.  Firefighting.  So that is their memorial below.  And there’s other memorials too.  Many many memorials.   But this one below is the Firefighters’ Memorial.  Part of it.  There’s some other parts too.


Oh I forgot to say!  What was important.  When we came to there.  To Capitol Park.  At the beginning.  When we got out of our truck.  Even my Kind Friend and my Best Friend were surprised.   Before we went on our walk.  Because there was lots and lots and lots of people.  Grown-ups.  And children.  And old people. And some people in wheelchairs.    Something special it was there.

With special T shirts.  And balloons in the air. All different colors.  And it was a Walk.  It said.  A special walk.  For Alzheimers and Memory.  That’s like my Run/Walk that I had in my Elmhurst two weeks ago.  Except that was a Run and a Walk.  It’s here on my blog.  Because the people walking were getting money for some ladies who needed it at the UC Davis Medical Center.  But this Walk at the Capitol was for Alzheimer’s and Memory.  You can see where it says that on the signs in the photos.

And excepting that for this walk at the State Capitol dogs could come too.  And a lot of dogs came.  There was no dogs allowed at my Elmhurst Run Walk.  I like a Run Walk better than a Walk.  Because I like to run.  Because I love to run. I don’t walk anywhere.  I run everywhere.  I run and run and run.   But I like this Walk because dogs could come. So at the Capitol it was just walking but dogs could come.  I like that.  But no running like in my Elmhurst one.  I don’t like that.

And here are some pictures we took.  So you can see all the people and all the things they  had.


This is where you came to when you were finished your Walk.  People clapped.  And touched you.  And said “Good Job!”  And there was water and drinks. 


I hope they got it.  What they wanted. Maybe some money.  When they were walking.  For some Alzheimers and some Memory.  I think it was for those things.  Here are some photographs of their signs.



I hope we can go back to Capitol Park soon.  Except I want to go on my long 30 foot leash because that will be more funner than this time.  And  I can chase those squirrels!

And then…  After we did everything at the State Capitol and Capitol Park.  Then we went to Davis.  We went to the Davis Farmers’ Market.  And downtown Davis.  And then we did something very very special that I never did before.  My Kind Friend says it was socialisation.  I don’t know what that is.  But there were surprises there.   And I have to tell about that next time.

But if you like go to downtown Sacramento remember that Capitol Park is to visit … And it’s beautiful.  And fun.  For dogs too.  Like me Samuel.  Mix.  And Stray.  And Rescue.  Sammy.  And Sam.  It’s fun for every dog.

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