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A Station is to See Trains …

I said I would say what we did last Saturday.  And so here is what happened.  It was so fun.  And I never knew it before. 

Last Saturday afternoon.  After we went to the State Capitol in Sacramento.  And after we went to the Davis Farmers’ Market.  We had to go to another place.  It was for some socialization.  My Kind Friend said that’s what we went there to get.  I am not sure if we got it.  But … it was so fun.  It’s called a station.  And it is in Davis.  But I never knew that before. 

DSCN0167 davis stn 2 100309

We walked close to that station when we were downtown before.  Many times.  We walked by that place.  Next to it.  But I didn’t know.  I thought it was just buildings.  Like other places downtown.  But it’s not. It’s a station.  And a station is different.  That’s what I found out.  Last Saturday.  It’s a special place.  A very special place.  There’s socialization.  I think.  But there’s other things too.  So that station was a big surprise.

Before we went inside the station, my Kind Friend took some photographs outside.  They are pictures of the buildings at the station.  My Kind Friend said that when she first came to here.  That station was just a wreck.  I don’t know when that was.  But not any more it’s not a wreck.  It’s very nice.  You can see in these photographs.

Here you can see the high-up bikes at the station too.


And then here is the Tower at the Davis Station.  I don’t know what that Tower is for.  Maybe it is for looking for trains if they are lost.  But I didn’t see anyone there. 

DSCN0169 Davis Stn Tower Gd 100309

And then we went inside the station.  Not inside the building.  But inside where there is a place to stand.  It’s nearer where the trains come in.  It’s called a platform.  I think.  But I didn’t know that on Saturday when we went there.  Because I didn’t know about stations. 

Here is a photograph we took from the platform.  It’s looking where the train will come.  From the Bay Area.

DSCN0174 Davis Stn Looking West toward SF gd 100309

And I didn’t know anything about trains.  Except when you can see them a long way away.  Or sometimes we go by a place in our truck where the train goes by and crosses the road.  There’s a big gate kind of thing there. It comes down in front of the cars.  So you can’t go.  And there’s a loud ringing bell. And that used to frighten me.  It was very very loud.  And banging.  That train.  And the loud sound to tell cars and people. Get out of the way.  Here comes a train.   And it’s going fast.  And sometimes long.  Very long.  And high up too.  Much higher up than my truck.

Because they are called the tracks.  It’s for the train to go on. That’s how the train goes.  Because otherwise the train would be on the ground.  Like a truck.  I don’t know why.  But it’s not right for a train to do that.  They have to stay on their track that is in the station.  But then the track goes away from the station.  I don’t know where it goes though.  I wonder where it stops.  And who put it there.  And how did they know how to put it.   And it there holes in it somewhere.  I don’t know.  But it’s there in the station in Davis.  And then it goes out.  Both ways.  From there.

So we went into the station to the place where you can stand and wait for a train.  There were people in there.  And even another dog.  And there were lots of big high up things for sitting on with the things that go round and round that my Kind Friend has a green one and my Best Friend runs beside it.  I know now what  it’s called.  It’s called a bike.   And my Kind Friend took some more photographs in there.  Of the whole station.  Here are some of the things we took.

DSCN0182 davis stn sign 100309 gd

And in that station we talked to some men.  Who were there.  One of them said he lived in Davis a long time.  For 45 years.  Now he lives in the UC Retirement Community in Davis.  And the other man was his son.  And he said he grew up in Davis.  But now he lives in Seattle.  That man who lives in Seattle said he has a Teacup Poodle at his house in Seattle.  Those  men liked me and my Best Friend.  They said so.  They thought my Best Friend was handsome and dignified.  Because he just did lie down.  Like he does.  I want to learn that too.  And they thought I was cute.   And spunky.  They said that.  They were sad when my Kind Friend told them about how it used to be for me.  But they liked me now.  And they said I was doing great.  I am.  I know.  I can tell.  Because I have learned to do so many many things.  And I like them.  But I am forgetting things too.  I am forgetting some things that happened to me.  I don’t know if that is good.  I am forgetting being afraid.  And running away.  And not looking.  And turning away.  But that was before I was Samuel.   And Sammy.  And Sam.

Because I was never afraid of those men.  Not even once.  They didn’t even make me frightened.  Like I used to be.  When I came close to some men.  I don’t know why I wasn’t frightened of them.  But I really wasn’t.  I think maybe I am starting to forget about how it feels to be very very frightened.  I don’t know how that could happen.  I do remember … a little bit.  Or a lot.  Sometimes.  But not everything.  I don’t think.  I don’t think I am remembering everything about what used to be for me.  In those places where I was.  Any more …  I am glad.  I think.  Because I feel happy.  But then sometimes I think I should not feel that way …Because something bad might happen.  Like the man.  And banging.  And shouting.  And hurting.  And being scared.  And running away.  I don’t know. 

When I think about that I become very frightened.  Because then I don’t know what to do.  And I am forgetting what to do. But they were nice. Those men at the Davis Station.

And then I got a big big surprise.  Because the train came!  What a surprise.  It was so big. 

And that was why there is those metal things on the ground by the platform.

And if you look here in these photos.  You can see the train.  Its starting to come to Davis.  And it has a light on the front.  And it is making that loud noise to tell people.  Here comes a train.  Get out of the way.


EastBound Train Coming Down the Track to Davis

And it made those big loud sounds as it came down towards the station.  And squealing too.  And the sounds to tell people.  Hey.  Get out of the way!  Here is a train coming!  It came from the Bay Area. 

DSCN0189 Train coming into Davis from Bay Area 2

Getting Closer

DSCN0190 Eastbound train arrived in Davis


And then it stopped.  Here’s the train.  It was very fun. 

And lots of people got off it.  And they were taking bags and bikes out of the train.  And other people were getting on and putting bags and bikes onto the train.  And then everyone one was on.  And then right away thetrain made the noises again.  People!  Get out of the way.  Here is the training coming.  Be careful.  And then it went out of the station.  On the tracks.  Towards where Sacramento is.  I think maybe it was late.  And in a hurry.

Here is that train going away.  It goes toward Sacramento.  And then I don’t know where it goes.  And I don’t know why it is going backwards.

DSCN0191 Eastbound train leaving Davis going backwards

Heading East toward Sacramento and the Sierra

And then after that, we were going to go away.  But then we thought another train was coming.  Because there was lots more people at the station.  So we waited some more time.  And we were right!  Another  train came.  From the other way. 

Here in these photographs you can see it getting closer and closer to the Davis Station as it comes down that track.  In the beginning you can just see the light on the front.  And then it is coming closer to the station.  I was standing down the end of the platform.  Right next to the track.  Where the camera is.  And I wasn’t afraid when that train came up to me and went by. 

DSCN0205 Westbound train coming into view

DSCN0207 Westbound train coming down the track to Davis

DSCN0209 Westbound train coming into Davis Stn 

 And here it is.  At the Davis Station.

DSCN0210 train westbound to San Jose

 Train at Davis Station.  Heading West.

And lots of people were getting on with their bikes and bags and other things.  They put them in a place.  In the bottom of the train.  I think it’s a box.  But they had to be quick.  Because that train was in  a hurry.  I think maybe it was late to go where it had to.  Like the first train. Those trains were hurrying up.


And it was going to San Jose.  But Oakland first .  I think. I’ve never been to Oakland.  Or San Jose.   Here it goes.  Goodbye train!

DSCN0213 Westbound train leaving Davis

But San Jose is where my friend Raven got lost.  And Los Gatos.  So if you can.  Please look here on this website to the link about Raven.  It’s called Lost Dogs.  It’s in the sidebar on here.

And it was a lady in charge on the train. And she was waiting for everyone to get on and off.  Then to tell the person who drives the train.  I think it’s an engineer.  OK.  You can go now.  You can drive the train.  But there was a man still very close to the train. But he wasn’t moving.  And so then she just said.  OK.  Train.  Let’s go.  And the train started moving.  And me and my Friends were walking down the platform.  And she saw us there.  That lady on the train.  Because her door was still open.  And she shouted to my Kind Friend.  But the train was moving out of the station.  And she shouted.  “Oh. What kind of dog is that big one?”  She meant my Best Friend. But the train was still moving away from us.  I didn’t know she could do that.  Shouting when the train is moving.  But she did.  And she looked very nice.  I think it’s called a uniform.  What she had.  And I don’t know why she didn’t ask about me.  I thing she must know I am Bichon Poodle.  That’s why.  I think she knows a lot about dogs.  Maybe she does. But she didn’t know about my Best Friend.  Because some people think he is a Labradoodle.   Like  my friend who has her photo on here.  Except she is black.  But some Labradoodles are the same color as my Best Friend.  Apricot.  Like my Labradoodle Puppy friend that I met at the Davis Farmer’s Market the week before.  You can see his photos on that blog.  So when that lady on the train asked my Kind Friend about my Best Friend’s kind of dog. My Kind Friend told her he is a Big Poodle.  And then she was gone.  That lady.  With the train.  Down the track towards another place.  Where the other train came from.  I wonder how those two trains passed each other on that track.  Maybe there is more tracks in that place.  I hope so.  I don’t know. 

She was nice.  And she had a very nice uniform on.  And her friend who drives the train.  I like them.  Goodbye train lady.  And I like the trains.  And the station.

So that was a very fun afternoon.  It was so fun.  And I was never afraid of those big loud trains.  Not even.  Not even once.  Even though they came very close to me.  And they were very high up.  And very long.  And big around.  And they made loud noises.

But I don’t know why I wasn’t frightened and scared.  I think I should be afraid of trains.  Shouldn’t I.  Or No I shouldn’t.  I don’t know what I should.  But I wasn’t.  So I think it’s right that I am forgetting how to be afraid.  Is it. 

I think I am different now. Not the same as at the shelter.  When they said I was mix and stray and too fearful.  So I was unadoptable. 

And I don’t know if that is the socialization we went there for.  I don’t know.  I don’t know how socialization looks. 

But  I am very glad we went there.  And I am very glad I was not afraid of trains.  And those men there.

And after that we were so tired.  We all went home.  That was a very busy day.  And it was very fun.  We never did two special things like before on one Saturday.  State Capitol.  And the Davis station.  And two trains.  I don’t think we did.  Not just one but two.  And I don’t know another station.  But maybe there is one in Sacramento too. I think there might be.   We can go and see there too.  Because I think some trains do come to Sacramento.  But I don’t know how they do it.  Or where they go. 

But now I know … A station is … to see trains.

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