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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Shih Tsu Friend …

Here is something special.  I am going to tell more about him later.  But I want to show my photo of My Shih Tsu Friend right away.  Isn’t he handsome?  He is so nice.  I like him very much.  And I will tell more about my Shih Tsu Friend later on in here.

DSCN0316  ST friend for begin

First I want to tell about this.  Because on last weekend we didn’t go anywhere.  We never didn’t go anywhere on the weekend before. So that made me and my Best Friend sad.  But we went  for lots of walks in Elmhurst.  And we were glad of that.  But Elmhurst is different now.  It’s not the same as before.  Hot.  And sunshiny.  And not getting dark until very late. 

Because now it is cooler.  And some days the sunshine doesn’t come any more.  So we don’t get so hot and thirsty.  But I don’t remember that before.  And getting dark soon. It does that too.  So we can’t do some things in the evening any more.  I don’t remember how I did that before.  Because I didn’t live here with my Friends before when it was like that.  And I have learned so many new things.  I think I don’t remember everything how it was before.  My life.  Before I was Samuel. 

It’s Fall my Kind Friend said.  And you can tell when it’s Fall.  Because of the Flickers.  That’s birds.  And they start to call.  Flickers are big birds and here is a link to some photographs of them.  My Kind Friend really loves Flickers.  And you can hear them when it is Fall.  She said so.  She knows that sound.  But I don’t.  I don’t know if I ever had some Flickers before.

DSCN0456 One of our Squirrels

And the squirrels keep digging up our flower pots.   Because of the peanuts for the winter.  Here is one of my Elmhurst squirrels.  He ran up this tree because I chased him.  And here is another one.

DSCN0474 Elmhurst Squirrel 3

And the Jays too.  Hiding peanuts in the ground.  It’s for their dinner in the winter times.  I don’t know if we have to put our dinners for winter in the ground.  But we haven’t done it yet.  I don’t think so.

And last week I saw two robins on my grass at my house.  And they were fighting about a worm.  They found it in the grass.  And they both picked it up.  So they were fighting about who could have it.  They were both pulling it.

DSCN0421 Coloma Community Center w Autumn Tree

But in Elmhurst the trees are different too.  Because of fall.  The leaves are falling down off the trees.  But before they do that they are different colors.  Red.  Orange. Yellow.  Some nice colors.  And we saw them when we went for our walks in Elmhurst.  Like last weekend.  Like this photo of a tree at the Coloma Community Center on T Street.  My Kind Friend really likes the Coloma Community Center.  Once.  Long ago.  It used to be for the school children in Elmhurst.  But not now.  It is for different things.  You can go to meetings there.  We go to the Elmhurst Neighborhood Association meetings there.  And soon.  There is going to be a Neighborhood Pancake Breakfast there.  It’s on Saturday November 7.  And we are going to go.  You can come.  Everybody can come.  For pancakes.  And sausages I think.  There’s going to be signs in the grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street for that.  Because there is a park in the back too.  And on the side is where my jumping practice wall is.  Not my 4 Sammys High wall.  My other one.  And here is another tree on T Street that we saw.   This tree is because of Fall too.

DSCN0396 Elmhurst Trees 2

And here is a new tree that just got planted in my grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.

DSCN0401 New Tree in the Grass in the Middle of the Street

We think it is very pretty. 




And on top of here is how it looks if  you get closer up to it in the grass like I do.  And across the street from that tree there’s a house.  They have a big bush.  And it has little orange balls all over it.  And I think they look fun to eat or play with.


But my kind friend said, No.  They are bad.  Only birds can eat them because they know when it’s a good time to eat them.  Usually.  But even the birds sometimes get sick from eating them.  And then they crash into windows.  And they get hurt.  I don’t want to crash into windows.  So I wouldn’t eat these berries.  But here is how they look.  On top of this writing. 

And here is some more berries.  They are berries from the Chinese Pistache tree.

DSCN0461 Chinese Pistache Berries on the Ground

And when we were going on T Street we saw these leaves in my grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.  They are Liquidamber leaves.


DSCN0385 Autumn Leaves 2

 I like my Elmhurst in the Fall.  It’s nice for walking.

But the best thing of all.  When we were walking.  One time.  We met my friends.  First we met my Tia Julia.  She has my Two Poodle Friends.  And we played together a little bit.  Me and my Two Poodle Friends.  They are even littler than me!  But that time we didn’t have our camera.  So we don’t have a photo of those friends yet.

Another time, we met my Shih Tsu friend outside his house.  They did some big work things in his front yard.  There was holes and mud and grass and sprinklers.   But it was fixed again.  So we played our games.  Chasing.  Pouncing.  Wrestling.  It was so fun.  And we got his picture.  Here he is.

DSCN0310 Shih Tsu Friend # 2

He is my most favoritest Shih Tsu friend ever I had.   And he has more of his pictures on the link on the side.  I like him a lot.  And his big rescue cat too.  He is so bigger than me.  That cat.

So that was a good walk in Elmhurst that day.

And guess what?  This is a special thing.  My Shih Tsu Friend and me.  And my Best Friend.  And my Kind Friend of course.  We  got invited to a Halloween Party!  I don’t know what’s Halloween.  But it  is special.  Because my neighbor next door has put special things in his front yard.  They are Halloween things.  And other people have special things too.  On their house.  In their yard.  I hope I like it.  Halloween.  And at the party.  And my Havanese and Yorkie-Poo friends will be there too.  Because they live there.  And my Two Poodle Friends aswell.  I never had a party before.  I hope I know how to do a party.  And not be afraid.

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