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A Storm is When it Happens you get Afraid …

On Monday there was raining again.  And I was a little bit afraid.  I was afraid it would be raining and a storm.  Like last week on Tuesday.  And that would be a Storm that When it Happens you get Afraid.  Because I got very afraid last Tuesday.  And lots of bad things happened that day.

Last Tuesday, one bad thing that happened is what happened to one branch in a tree in my grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.  That storm made this branch break and fall down.  It is very big with lots of leaves and other branches on it.  And it’s supposed to stay on the tree.  Not fall down.

DSCN0393 Broken Branch in Grass-in-the-Middle-of-the-Street

Because Tuesday was a bad day at the beginning.  When we went to go outside in the morning.  It was all wet on the ground.  And big pieces of water were falling down from high up.  Lots and lots of water pieces.  We didn’t want to go outside.  Me and  my Best Friend.  But my Kind Friend said we had to. 

But we didn’t go for our run.  Because there was lots of blowing in the air.  It’s called a wind.  And because of all the big water pieces falling down too.  There was so  much of those big water pieces we couldn’t get between them so not to get wet.  So even just in the backyard.  It made us very wet.  Like after we take our bath.  It was lots of water coming down.  And it’s called raining.

I take my baths in the high up thing where there is water coming out.  It’s called the sink.  And it’s in the kitchen.  But my Best Friend takes a bath where the water comes out of a thing high up on the wall.  That’s not the kitchen sink.  That’s called the shower.  And when he is in there getting his shower and getting all clean, I run in there too.  Even if I already had my kitchen sink bath.  Because I like to be always with my Best Friend.  And we get stuff put on us to get us clean and smelling nice. 

And then we get our hair brushed.  And hair cuts.  We get that too.  Even with the black thing with the long black tail.  Now I know it is called clippers.  Before.  When I just came from the shelter.  I didn’t know what it was.  And I used to be very very afraid of it.  It still makes me a little bit afraid.  But not a lot.  Because I watched my Best Friend get haircuts with the clippers.  And he never gets hurt.  Nothing bad ever happens.  Like what used to happen to me before I was my Samuel me.  Before when there was the man.  And hurting.  And being afraid.  And in the shelter.  In Sacramento.  So now my Kind Friend cuts my hair with those clippers.  And that is all right.  I like how I feel when I do those things.  The things that used to make me afraid.

But on Tuesday the water wasn’t like that.  It wasn’t water like the kitchen sink or the shower  kind of water.  It wasn’t slow water.  And it wasn’t warm water.  It was big and fast and cold.  It was  called rain.  And everything all mixed up together like that … the rain and the wind … that’s called a storm.  That’s what my Kind Friend said.

I didn’t like that storm. I hated it.  I was very frightened.  Lots of  banging.  Things falling down.  Specially the wind too.  The blowing.  Big things blowing away outside the house.  And many noises I didn’t know. Some fences falling down.  Doors banging.  And siren sounds going.  Like when they go to the hospital at the UCD Medical Center. 

But I am glad my Best Friend was there.  Because my Best Friend wasn’t scared.  He never is scared or frightened.  He barked sometimes.  But not to be scared.  Just to tell that things should not be like that.  Stop doing that!  He barked.  So because of my Best Friend I felt better.  A little bit.  Sometimes. 

But then the water just started to come into my house.  Because the pieces of water were coming out of the sky too fast.  And nowhere to go to.  And that made me very afraid too.  Becase it’s not supposed to do that.  Water isn’t.  It’s supposed to stay outside.

And even a tree fell down in our grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.  My grass.  Where I do running.  Here is a photo we took after the people came in the truck and cut it all up into pieces to make it more safer for people going past it in the road and on the path.

 DSCN0418 All that 's left of 70 year old tree downed in storm

That tree just fell right down.  And that was a old tree.  My Kind Friend said so.  About seventy years old.  But here is how it looked after it fell right down.  And birds liked that tree.  Woodpeckers.  And squirrels too.  And some raccoons sometimes.  And it made it not so hot in the summer days too.  But now it is all gone.  Because of that bad storm.

And in my neighborhood.  In Elmhurst.  Here is another tree that got made to fall down by the storm.  And it fell on the house.   It broke the sidewalk and the road too.  And the roof of the house  is broken.  And in the front of the house is broken too.  I feel sad for those people who live there.  I think they felt very bad and scared when that happened to them.  I think  that’s one of the big noises I heard.  I am glad no trees did fall on my  house.  


 Root Base of 90 Year Old Storm Victim on 51st Street Sacramento

DSCN0371 51st Street Uprooted 90 year old tree

The House is Under the Top of the Tree

And here is some more photos of when the men came.  They took the tree off the house.  And they cut it up.  The house got broken.   But not the people.  They didn’t get hurt.

 DSCN0429 End of 90 Year Old Tree on  51st Street # 1

 DSCN0434 End of 90 year Old Tree 51st St

 DSCN0438 End of 90 Year Old 51st Street Tree (& my truck)

DSCN0441 51st Street Tree Toppled in Storm

I don’t know if any dogs lived in that house.  And what people.  I hope they did not get hurt by that falling-down tree. Because that’s why I was so frightened.  Because of things like that.  Bad noises.  And bad things happening.  Because before I was Samuel in Sacramento there was lots of bad noises and bad things.  They happened to me.  I didn’t understand them.  And they made me very afraid.  Like this storm.

And even other places, trees and branches fell down everywhere.  In the streets.  On top of cars.  Not on top of dogs I don’t think.  Or people.  And some branches broke but didn’t fall down yet.  Like this one.

DSCN0449 Broken Branch in Downtown Tree

And here is some other branches got broken in the storm.  And they didn’t fall down right way.  I don’t know why.  Because they fell down later.  Like this branch below.  That fell down on top of the Stop sign after the storm went away.

DSCN0483 Branch that Came Down After Storm


DSCN0481 Fallen Branch After Storm 2

I am glad the storm didn’t stay here.  I don’t like that storm.  And I hope it never comes again. 

And my Kind Friend came home a little bit early that day.  So then I felt  more better.  And soon the big water pieces stopped coming down.  I think she made it stop.  Maybe she did.  And then it was all right.

But I don’t want a storm ever again coming to my Elmhurst.  That way we can still play ball in our front yard.  And trees won’t fall down.  And houses won’t get broken.

We can have rain sometimes.  That makes us wet.  But I don’t want any storms.  Not ever again.

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