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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Another Rescue!

Yesterday my Kind Friend did another rescue!  But not like me.  Not a Bichon Poodle.  Not a mix I don’t think.  Not a stray.  It’s a bird.  A rescue bird.  I didn’t know there could be a rescue bird.  A Cedar Waxwing.  She rescued him in Sacramento.  Downtown Sacramento.  Just like she rescued me.  Except I was  at the Shelter.  The bird wasn’t at the shelter.  But she rescued him.  Like me.  A little bit like me.  Because I am living here.  In Elmhurst.  But the bird is not living in our house.  Because he needs medicine.  Just like I needed medicine and surgery.  I had the cryptic and the orchid surgery.  And I  had to stay at the veterinarians for some days.  I was  very scared in that cage.  So I broke up the cage they put me in.  I just chewed and scratched it all up because I was trying to escape from there. 

But the  Cedar Waxwing my Kind Friend rescued.  He was just flying with his friends in downtown Sacramento.   And he flew into a big glass.  It is on a building.  The glass is on the front of this building underneath here.  It’s all glass.  I’ve been to this building.  And it is very high up.  And on the front is all glass.

DSCN0494 Glass Fronted Building Disastrous for Birds

And it makes birds get all muddled up.  Because they don’t know it’s glass.  They think there is trees there for them.  And they think they can fly that way because it looks like trees.  But then they fly into the big glass.  And they get hurt.  And its a high up building.  So then they fall down.  The birds.  They fall down a long way to the ground.  And usually they die, my Kind Friend said.  But if they don’t die.  Then they always get injured and hurt.  And then they need medicine.  And sometimes surgery too.  But not the surgery I had.  It’s a different surgery.

The bird was flying with a lot of other Cedar Waxwings.  That’s what they do.  They all fly together the same way.  It’s called  a flock.  And they follow the birds in front.  So a big lot of those Cedar Waxwings flew into the glass building.  And they all died except this bird here.  All of them.    

He is very little too.  He is much smaller than me.  He is even smaller than a Flicker or a Jay.  Or even a really grown-up Cedar Waxwing.  You can see him here.

DSCN0491 Cedar Waxwing Rescue 102009

My Kind Friend took him to Sacramento Wildlife Care.  They know how to take care of him.   And help him get better.  They even have special medicine for the swelling on the brain.  That’s because the head gets hit.  And it makes the swelling.  I don’t exactly know what that means.  But my Kind Friend said the brain swelling is bad.  And the medicine is good for the bird.  And they have it at Sacramento Wildlife Care.  But we don’t have it at our house.  So that’s where he is.  At Sacramento Wildlife Care.

And one time when we went to Davis.  We were at a place by a building.  And I saw another Bichon Poodle who looked just like me.  Another Samuel.  Right inside that building.  And I wanted to bark at that dog and play.  So I ran up to touch that dog.  And I banged into something hard.  Like the Cedar Waxwing.  I did the same thing.  Because that was glass.  There was no other dog in there.  It was just me, Sammy.  It’s called a reflection.  The thing that you see inside the glass.  Like what killed the Cedar Waxwings yesterday. 

They saw reflections. They thought it was trees for flying into.  But it was glass.  They should take away that glass that kills birds.

My Kind Friend said he is going to get better.   But if he can’t go and be free with the other birds again.  Then he can stay with the rescue people.  Like I live with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend who rescued me.

I am glad my Kind Friend helped that Cedar Waxwing.  Just like she helped me.

And.  If you need to help wild birds or rescue them.  It could be a different bird.  A Jay or a Finch or a Sparrow or other birds.  And it could be other wild animals too.  Like a squirrel or a rabbit or lots of other animals.  You should go to the people at Sacramento Wildlife Rescue.  Because they will help the bird or the animal get well.

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