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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

A Party is so When You Go You have Fun …

Last Saturday was such a lot of things.  And on Saturday was the Halloween Party with my Havanese and Yorkie Poo friends and their other friends too.  That’s because it was a Halloween party for dogs.  So it was on this Saturday.  Not on next Saturday.  Because that is for the children and Halloween.

So on Saturday we went for a long run in my Elmhurst.  That’s in Sacramento.  That was nice.  Because it is not hot anymore. And when we came home we played my favorite game .  Playing ball.  At our house. That is so fun.  Then we had to go in the truck to pick something up.   And I jumped up into my own seat in the truck.  And it is high up.   And I never did that before.  But now I did it.  Just like my Best Friend.

And then we even went to a new park.  It’s called East Portal Park.  And we went for a walk there.  And we watched some people play with some big balls that rolled on the ground.  And they walked.  They don’t play my game.  I don’t play ball like that.  I run.  I run fast.  Those people were not fast like me.  So I don’t know that game.  The game they played.  My Kind Friend said it might be called Bocce.  But it wasn’t like my game I play with a ball.  My very best favorite game is to steal my Best Friend’s ball and then play Keep Away.   And I don’t give it back to him.

And I don’t know why we did all those many things.  The run.  And the ball game.  And the park.  But we did.  And I liked it.  Because after that we came home.

Then we went to get a bath at a place called a dog wash.  Usually we take our bath at home.  I go in the  high up thing with water coming out.  It’s in the kitchen.   That’s called the kitchen sink.  And my Best Friend goes where there is the high-up thing with water coming out and down in the bathroom.  That ‘s called a shower.  But that day we went there.  And then some bad things happened to us.

First my Kind Friend gave my Best Friend his bath.  And I stayed next to him and watched.  One time before.  I came there and watched too.  But it frightens me in there. Because it is so loud and noisy.  There’s lots of loud sounds.  It makes me very scared. But I tried to be brave.  Because I am my Samuel now.  And I am not afraid of so many things any more.  And I like to feel not afraid.  So I tried not to be afraid of the Dog Wash too.  And when we first went there there was no-one else there.  But then lots of people came.  So it was a lot of noise.

And after my Best Friend got his bath, my Kind Friend took him out of the grey thing with the water in it.  Then she dried him with a towel.  And then she put him up on a high up table thing.  But not too high up.  So he could sit and wait for me to take my bath.   There’s a loud machine up there.  But she did not want to use it.  It’s called a dryer.

And then she gave me my bath.  I was scared for my bath.  Because I was inside a big grey thing.  And then there was lots of water.  And a long thing with water coming out sometimes.  And some shampoo.  But I tried to be brave.

But then.  My Kind Friend was giving me my bath.  But somebody from there went and started drying off my Best Friend.  My Best Friend didn’t like that.  He doesn’t like people who he doesn’t know doing things like that to him.  I don’t like it too.  So he started moving around a lot.  Then that person walked away from him.  Just like that.  And my Best Friend fell on to the floor from the high-up thing.  But he still had a collar that tied up to something on the high up table.  So he couldn’t move where he was.  And my Kind Friend could not help him because she had to hold onto me in the tub.  And I was scared anyway.  So that was not a good thing.   That was dangerous my Kind Friend said.  And we were scared my Best Friend might be hurt.

But then.  Something even badder happened.  Much badder.  Much much badder.  I hate it.  It makes me feel so bad.  Because it makes it like it was before.  But just when I got out of my bath.  My Kind Friend put me on the high up table to get dry with a towel.  I was next to my Best Friend.  So I could put my harness and leash on.  But someone turned on a drier machine.  And I don’t know why.  But I got so scared.  Very very scared.  It reminded me of before.  Of the bad things.  The ones that frightened me so much.  Before I was my Samuel me.  And they made me run away.  And run.  And run away from people.  So that’s what I did. I jumped down off the high up table.  And I ran away fast.  My Kind Friend said it’s called Bolt.  Bolting.  And panic.  Panicking.  What I did was that.  Some bolting.  And some panicking.  And the door of the Dog Wash was open.  So I ran straight out the door.  My Kind Friend shouted, Close the door.  But I already ran through it.  Because I am fast.  And that was a very bad thing. But that’s what I know how to do.   Because then I was so scared.  And then I didn’t know what to do after that.  Or where to go.  Because I was outside.  And I couldn’t see my Kind Friend and my Best Friend anywhere.  And a man was chasing me.  He was trying to help me.  But I didn’t know. 

I was so frightened.  I didn’t know what to do.  Or where to go.  And it was just like before I went to the Shelter.  Before I was my Samuel me.  Before I knew how to do all these things.  And go to parties too.  But now it was all the same as before.  I was so afraid.  And very sad.  Because I don’t ever want to be like that again.  But I started to run away.  Because that is what I know to do.  That is what I used to do.  When I am scared.  Bolting.  And panicking.  And running away. 

But then, my Kind Friend and my Best Friend came running outside and called me.  Then they ran back inside the Dog Wash.   And my Kind Friend shouted to me.  Come Sammy Come.  I was so glad they came for me.  And I ran after them.  But when I just got inside the door.  Then there was a lady.  Standing right there in the door.  In front of me.  In my way.  I don’t know why.  And I didn’t know her.  And I thought she came to catch me.  So I got very very scared again.  And I turned around to run away again.  But my Kind Friend grabbed my skin and held onto me.  That pinched me.  But I didn’t mind.  And then I got my collar and leash on.  And I am glad.  Because then we went home.    And I don’t want to go away from my Best Friend and my Kind Friend.  Ever.

DSCN0512 Sam After Bath # 2

Sammy After Bath

Here is me coming home from that bath.  On top of here.  After the bad bolting and panicking.  I didn’t get my hair brushed yet.  But it looked  nicer when I went to the party.

DSCN0517 BF after Bath # 1

Best Friend After Bath

And then here is my Best friend.  On top of here.  After he had this bath.

So that was some bad things that happened.  To me and my Best Friend.  My Kind Friend was sad about those bad things.  But then we got ready for the party.  And we went there.  To the party house.

 DSCN0548 Sammy's Hallowe'en Costume

For our party.  We had to wear costume.  I don’t know what costume is.  But my Kind Friend brought something to put over my head for the party.  I don’t know why.  And I don’t know what it is.  But here it is in this photo above here.  But when I saw it, I was very scared of it.  So I didn’t wear it. And I didn’t want to.

But my Best Friend wasn’t scared of it.  So he had to wear his costume.  My Kind Friend took a photo.  But my Best Friend felt sobad that he had to wear that costume.  So my Kind Friend took the photo off the website.  Because anyway.  When we got to the party.  My Best Friend had to go Pee-Pee.  And that got on his green thing that was his costume.  And it got all wet.   So then he could take it off.  And then that was more funner for him.

I have never been to a party before.  But now I know.  A party is when you go there, it is fun.  And there’s friends there.  People.  And dogs.  And neighbors.  There were lots of people there.  And some fire was there.  And there were 14 dogs too.  I never had so many dogs with me before.  And they were nice.  I know some of those dogs.  But I didn’t know all of them.  My Havanese friend and my Yorkie Poo friend were there.  Yorkie Poo … that’s mix.  I think.  Like me.  Poodle mix.  Because I am Bichon Frise Poodle mix.  I used to be.  But now I am Samuel.  And they live at the party house. My Yorkie Poo friend and my Havanese friend.   They live with my Yorkie Poo Havanese Neighbors.  And I did something with my Yorkie Poo and Havanese Neighbor that I never did before.  I jumped up at him to say Hello.  Then I gave him a little kiss on his hand.  And then I ran away.  That’s my game I play.  He liked it.  I know he did.  I can tell.  He liked that I trust him so I can do that.  And I like him too.


2 Camera-Shy Boys – Shih Tsu Friend & Yorkie Poo Friend

And my Shih Tsu Friend was there with my Shih Tsu Neighbor.  My Shih Tsu Friend had something on his body.  It’s some Halloween I think.  You can see his Halloween in this photo on top of here.  This is the back of my Shih Tsu Friend and my Yorkie Poo Friend. 

And my Two Poodle Friends were there with my Two Poodle Neighbors.  They are Toy Poodles.  And they are a brother and a sister.  And she is white and he is grey.  And there was a Black Miniature Poodle.  And then there was two Labradoodles.  That’s a lot of Poodles!  The Labradoodles were sisters and they were grey.  They were not big Labradoodles like my Black Labradoodle Friend. They were smaller.  They were very nice and quiet.  And there was a Border Collie too.  And I think I forgot the other dogs.  Maybe a French Bulldog.  But I didn’t know him.  We took some photos they are not good.  So we didn’t put them here.

And a baby came too.  For a little while.  A person baby.  Not a puppy.

We stayed there a long time.  And all those Halloween Party dogs were very nice.  I liked them.  And we played chasing games in the backyard all that time we were there.  It was so fun.  I liked that party very much.  I hope we can go to another party like that.  But I don’t know if you can have a party that is not Halloween.  Or can it be Halloween every Saturday?  I don’t know.  And when we went home we were very tired.  I am glad we didn’t get hurt or lost today.


And please remember everybody.  Raven is still missing in the Los Gatos-Campbell area.  But Raven was seen today in Los Gatos!!!  Raven is a rescue dog like me too.  And I feel sad for Raven.  Because I have been lost too.  And no food.   And scared.  So I know.  Please read about her on here.  And on Raven’s website.  You can go to Raven’s website by clicking on her photograph on this website.   Thank you very much.  From me Samuel.

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