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Halloween, Horses and A Donkey

DSCN0645 arboretum donkey very nice

UC Davis Horse and Donkey

Saturday was my favorite things.  Because we went to Davis. But I saw that Sammy reflection in the building again. And I ran up to him.   And then I barked at  him again.  Because I forgot about reflections. Reflections are not a real dog.  Or a real bird.   Just like the Cedar Waxwings.  They keep flying into the building in downtown Sacramento. (Another Rescue! October 22, 2009) And so much birds died because they flew into the building.   That building is a bad building.  Its wrong.  Because here are some of the Cedar Waxwings who died because of that. 

But there were many many more.  Hundreds.   My Kind Friend said so.  I don’t know exactly how many is a hundred.  But it’s more than ten.  I think it is.

Cedar Waxwing Victims of Glass-Fronted Building

Because who owns that building they could put something on the windows.  So to make the birds not fly into them.  And they should do that .  But they didn’t do it.  Those people.   And I think they should have to.  Because it is bad what happens to the Cedar Waxwings

My Kind Friend did save some more.  And she took them to Sacramento Wildlife Care to get medicine.  And get well.  But nearly all of them died.  She said so.  From the bang of hitting the window.  It breaks their body.   And falling down to the ground.  From high up.  And that makes the blood come out.  And it breaks bones.  And other things.


Fatally Injured Cedar Waxwing Victims of Glass Fronted Building

And you can see in the photograph how a Cedar Waxwing got broken by that building.  Because there is blood.  And that is sad.  Because this is what happens if birds fly into those buildings like that.  So they should not be allowed.  I think.

But then we went to the Davis Farmers’ Market.  And there was some Hallowe’en there.  Pumpkins.  And some yellow grass things.  Balloons.  Costumes.  But I didn’t see anyone pee on their costume.  Like my Best Friend did.  (A Party is so When You Go You have Fun. October 26, 2009) Maybe they liked to wear it.  Because he didn’t.  And I didn’t too.

And here is how it looked with the Halloween at the Farmers’ Market.

DSCN0588 dfm 3  gd

Two Little Boys at the Davis Farmers' Market

DSCN0594 dfm 4

Halloween Balloons at the Farmers' Market



Spaceman, Assistant and Chickens

DSCN0600 edited

Pirate and Court Jester

DSCN0604 edited

Got the Pumpkin

DSCN0606 Giraffe Bike 1

Giraffe Bike in the City of Bikes


Giraffe Bike at Davis Farmers' Market Halloween

DSCN0608 cropped

Giraffe Bike at Halloween Market

And somebody had some little horses.  And making them have children on their backs and go down the street.  I don’t know if the horses liked that.  I wouldn’t like it.   And there was this thing  too.  I don’t know what that is.  I think it ‘s some Halloween.  But I wasn’t even scared of it.  Even though I didn’t know.  Because it’s not a pumpkin.  And it’s not a costume.  So I don’t know.

DSCN0612 gd

Bouncy House

And after the market we walked around downtown.  We went to Outdoor Davis.  And our nice water bowl was outside for me and my Best Friend.  I was glad.  Because I was hot.  And I wanted that drink. 

We went to the Avid Reader too.  And they had some books my Kind Friend liked.  But I did something so new there too.  I climbed a staircase.  I have never did that before.  And it was steep and narrow.  Because me and my Best Friend and my Kind Friend we all had to walk up it. To go and look at the childrens’ books.  It’s just for only one person I think.  But I wasn’t even afraid.  Not really.  Just a little bit.   And I did a good job.  My Kind Friend said so.   And my Best Friend too.  He did a good job.  Because he is bigger.  And that was a very little staircase.   For his big legs and feet.

And at the top.  A lady was there.  Reading those childrens’ books.  And she liked us and said could she give us a treat.  And my Kind Friend said Yes she could.  So first my Best Friend got his treat.  Then he wanted my treat too.  He always does that.  But I don’t mind.  So I didn’t eat my treat.  But the lady said I could take it with me.  So she gave it to my Kind Friend.  And then I ate it later on.  In the truck.  She was a nice lady. 

And so then we had to come down the stairs again.  My Kind Friend said it was tricky.  But my Best Friend is very good at going up and down on stairs and not making people do the base over apex.   Because we have to be careful not to do that base and apex.  So I just did what he did.  Except littler.  And then we went to Newsbeat.

And at Newsbeat.  My Best Friend saw the kind man who works there.  And he was looking at him right away saying Where is our treats Mister Man.  But the man didn’t come to us.  I don’t know why. Because usually always he does come and talk to me and give us treats.  But he never came.  And my Best Friend kept looking over there.  So then my Kind Friend talked louder to him and told him we were looking for our treats.  And then another man said Here they are.  He didn’t give them to us.  He just put them on the counter.  And so my Best Friend jumped up to get them.  But I don’t know why he did that.  That man.  It wasn’t nice.  Like he couldn’t come and talk to us.  Maybe he didn’t like us.  And maybe he was afraid.  But he can’t be afraid of me.  If I am afraid of him.  Can he?  I don’t know. But I didn’t like that.  I like my kind man in there who comes over and talks to me.  I hope he still likes me. 

And then after those things we did we went to the UC Davis Arboretum.  And there was so fun.  It’s my favorite.  And here are some of the photographs we took. 

There is Shields Grove.  That’s a wood.  I think it is.  And it is dark and smelly.  Good smells.  And sunshine.  And shadows my Kind Friend said.  That’s more Oak Trees than anywhere else.  In the whole world. I think.   Maybe.  Here is how it looked when I went.

DSCN0627 this one

Samuel's Indian Summer Afternoon in Shields Grove

DSCN0630 this one too
Sammy’s Favorite: Shield’s Grove









Samuel Enjoying Shields Grove

And my Best Friend can go without his leash.  At the arboretum.   And I have my long leash on so I can run with him.  It is so fun.  And here is some photos my Kind Friend took of me and my Best Friend there.

DSCN0662 Says it all

Small Rescue Dog and Big Best Friend

And then we met some horses.  They are little.  Littler than the big ones.  But they are still bigger than me.  Much  much bigger.  And bigger than my Best Friend too.  Even bigger than my Kind Friend.  We saw these baby horses when they were littler.    But here is how they look now. 
DSCN0639 arboretum horses nice too

Indian Summer Afternoon for UC Davis Horses on Samuel's Walk

DSCN0663 Arboretum Horse Very Nice

UC Davis Horses on Sammy's Fall Walk


Lazy Fall Day for Dogs and Horses

DSCN0637 horses at arboretum gorgeous

Samuel's Walk by the Horses: Fall at the Arboretum

And they were sniffing noses through the fence with my Best Friend.  They liked him.  They liked him a lot.  I could tell.  And he liked them.  And they wanted to play together.  Because my Best Friend.  He was born on a horse ranch in Montana.  That’s not Elmhurst.  Or Sacramento.  Or Davis.  That’s a long way.  And that’s where he lived until he was 8 weeks old.  And when he was 8 weeks old he was as big as I am now!  I don’t know how.  But he was.  Because he is much more bigger than me.  But even when he was little.  Then he went in a plane to California.  To Sacramento.  To come and live with my Kind Friend.  Like I did.  But I didn’t come from Montana.  I came from the shelter.  And I didn’t come in a plane kind  of thing.  My Kind Friend got me in the truck.    And I am glad.   I don’t mind how I came here.  Because I like it here very much.  Even without a plane.  That’s like a helicopter.  That comes to the UC Davis Medical Center.  And comes down onto the roof.  A plane is that.

And there was a donkey too.  At the arboretum.  A handsome donkey.  And here he is.  Isn’t he handsome. 

DSCN0645 arboretum donkey very nice

Handsome Donkey in UC Davis Fields by Arboretum

My Kind Friend really liked the donkey.  And here is my Best Friend and the donkey together.  I think they are friends now.

DSCN0643 Noses - Donkey to Poodle

Donkey Nose to Poodle Nose

And later we saw some rabbits playing there.  And squirrels too.  With the rabbits.  

DSCN0679 Samuel Taking a Stroll with God

Headin' Home

And when we went home we were very tired.  And that was my favorite day again.

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