Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Mucky Pup, Samuel …

DSCN0716 Mucky Pup Lovely

But It Was So Fun

Here is me, Samuel.  This is me after I played.  I ‘m dirty.  And muddy too.  I think it’s called that.  Because I love to play.  And I don’t mind.  I don’t mind dirty.  And I don’t mind muddy too.  Because it is so fun. 

But then afterwards.  I had to take a bath.   Because I can’t stay that dirty.  And muddy.  Not like that.  I can’t.  It’s not allowed.  I think it isn’t.  Not at my house.  My Kind Friend says.  If you get dirty you take a bath.  That’s what we have to do.  Me and my Best Friend have to.  I used to be dirty like that a lot.  Before I went to the shelter.   Because I was stray.  That’s what they said.  The people who took me to the shelter.  I don’t know why they did that.  And they said I was stray.  But I think I was Samuel.   And I was running in grass and mud.   Running away from people.  People chasing me.  And frightening me.  And putting me in boxes.  And I was getting dirty and muddy.  And lots of burrs in my hair.  But there wasn’t any baths in the kitchen sink.  Nobody had any baths like that.  Nobody made me take a bath like that.  Because there was nobody there.  For me.  Nobody to help me.  When I was stray and mix and a shelter dog.  Except at the shelter they did give me my dinners.

But now is not like that.  Not any more.  Now if I get dirty and muddy.  Then  I have to take a bath.  It’s in the kitchen sink.  And now I have a kitchen sink.  And my Best Friend too.  He takes a bath.  But his bath is a shower.  Because he is too big.  He is much too big for the kitchen sink.   He doesn’t fit in there.  That would be very very silly.  To put  him in the kitchen sink.  That would be a very big mess.

Because I am not afraid  to take a bath any more.  So I don’t mind my baths.  I like them.  It’s nice the warm water.  Except after my bath I get a little bit cold.  But soon I get warm again.  From rubbing with a towel. 

And I am not afraid of many many things any more.  And I like that.  It is very fun that way when you are not afraid.  Like I used to be before I came to live with my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  [See About Samuel.]  But some things I am afraid of.  Like the hair dryer machine.  So we don’t use that.

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