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Raven is Still Missing!

Please remember about Raven.  Because Raven is a rescue dog.  Just like me.  But she got lost from her rescue home.  And I feel very sad for her.  Because she got lost.  And now she has to take care of herself.  All by herself.  Like I did.  And that is very frightening.  That made me very afraid.  And I think Raven is very afraid too. 

Here is about Raven, how my Kind Friend wrote it.  

Raven is a Black Standard Poodle.  At the time she got lost she weighed about 45 lbs.  She is missing from her family in Northern California.   Raven was staying with her dog sitter in San Jose when some things went wrong  and Raven got out of the yard and got lost!!   

Here is a photograph of Raven before she got lost.

Raven. Photograph courtesy of Mark Rogers.

But  if Raven has not had a haircut since she got lost.  Then Raven will not look  like  this photograph, above, any more.    She may look more like this ungroomed Standard Poodle  below. 

Neglected and ungroomed Standard Poodle seized from breeder.

Ungroomed Black Standard Poodle. Photograph courtesy of Susan Wilson.

So, if she hasn’t had a haircut, Raven won’t look like what most people think of when they think of a Poodle.  She may well be covered in burrs and other debris.  So she may just look like a medium-to-large, unkempt, dark colored dog.

Raven has reportedly been sighted  in Los Gatos and Campbell, and at various locations around and between these two communities.  

Raven’s owners are trying, desperately hard, to find her.  They have offered a significant reward.  And they have used tracking dogs, on several occasions, to try and pinpoint Raven’s location and travels.

Please spead the word about Raven to as many people as you can by whatever, and however many, means you prefer.  Even to people outside of California and outside of the USA.  Because the people you contact in other states and other countries may very well have other contacts, direct or indirect, in the area where Raven now is. 

At this point, Raven is most likely to be very disoriented, fearful and hungry.  She may be sick.    So she needs sensitive, careful handling if she is seen.

Please help Raven get home in any way you can. 

And please contact her owners at, if you have seen Raven; if you think you may know where she is; if you would like to help find Raven; if you have any experience of or expertise in searching for a missing dog; or if you have any other helpful suggestions about how best to find Raven.

Raven Photo

Here is link to a yahoogroup you can join.

Thank You for helping Raven.


2 Responses to “Raven is Still Missing!”

  1. Hi Tilly!

    Me too. I feel so bad for Raven. I really really want her to be found and safe. Soon.

    Thank you! I will go ahead and put a link for your website and blog on my website.

    And I would be honored to have a link to my website on your site. Thank you!

    I have just posted – today – the post about me and my Best Friend playing ball that I mentioned to you. I won’t be adding another post for a couple of days so if you just go to it will be right there if you would like to see it. I know you like to play ball too. I love it!!!!

    Give Paddy a hug from me. I only just learned how to do hugs and not be afraid. And I like it a lot!

    Love from Samuel

  2. Hello Sammy,

    I do hope Raven is found safe and well before too long. I hate to hear of missing dogs. Thanks for the link offer and the blog on your site. Of course you have my permission. I’ll do the same for you and place a link on my site if you like.



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