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Play Ball!




Play Ball!  … That’s what we do.  Me and my Best Friend and my Kind Friend.  We play ball.  


Not baseball.  Just playing ball.  With a tennis ball.  Nearly every day we play.  It is so fun.  It’s my favorite game.  I love it so much. 


Because now I know how to do it.  But I didn’t know before.  When they said I was stray and mix.  And when I was in the shelter.  


Because before I was Samuel.  Before I came to live with my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  There was no playing.  Nobody played.  I never knew about playing.  I didn’t know I could play.  I didn’t know how to do that.  And there wasn’t any balls for playing too.  No other things for playing were there.  In those places where I was.  No balls.  No toys.  No people for playing.  Or for making games.  So I didn’t know about how that could be. 


But now where I live.  With my Best Friend.  He loves to play ball. It’s his favorite game.  So we play that game.  We play it a lot. 
















I didn’t know how to play ball.  And I don’t know why.  Except.  Where I was before, there wasn’t any playing.  I never did it.  So I didn’t know about those things.  There only was shouting and banging and hurting and running away and people chasing me.

























But when I came first to live at my Best Friend’s house.  In the beginning.  I was so afraid.  I was afraid all the time.  I was even afraid of my Kind Friend.  If she moved her arm to throw a ball then I was afraid.  And I ran away.  Or if she threw a toy for my Best Friend to chase and pick up. I was scared.  And I ran away.  So my Kind Friend stopped doing that with her arms.  And I couldn’t be near where she played ball with my Best Friend.  Because I got too afraid of her arms moving and throwing the ball.  So my Kind Friend didn’t play those games near me.  And because when my Best Friend played ball.  I couldn’t play with him.


But then one day I learned how to play ball.


I was not frightened of that any more.  I don’t know why that happened like that.  And I don’t know how that happened.   But I am very glad.  Because when I play ball it is really so fun. 


And now I know how to play wrestling and pouncing and chasing too.  But I will talk more about that in another blog.  Today is about playing ball.


And I think I learned playing ball like that  because one day we went to Poodles of Yolo.  That’s called a play group.  It’s a lot of Poodles.  Big ones.  And medium ones.  And little ones like me.  You can see my Miniature Poodle Rescue Friends in their photograph here. And they go to Poodles of Yolo.  And my apricot Miniature Poodle Rescue Friend is little and small like me.  But he is apricot like my Best Friend.  And they both like to play ball very much too.  You can see that in their photograph here. 


Because my little apricot Miniature Poodle Rescue Friend has his ball in his mouth.  And it looks like he is playing Keep Away with his Best Friend.  Just like me.  Like how I play with my Best Friend.  And he was in a shelter too.  My apricot miniature friend.















But you don’t have to be Poodle to come to Poodles of Yolo I think.  Not all parts Poodle.   Or even any parts Poodle.  I don’t think so.  Because I am just a little bit Poodle.  The other parts are Bichon.  But I can still come to Poodles of Yolo.


And that day Poodles of Yolo was in a big park in Davis.  And there were dogs playing ball there.  And I was on my long leash.  I have to do that.  Because sometimes I can still do panicking and bolting when I get scared. If I get really scared.  But I don’t get really scared all the time any more.  Like I used to.  Only some times.  Only two times since the beginning of when I came to live with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend. 


So at Poodles of Yolo I had my long long leash on.  It is red.  So even though I can’t do panicking and bolting I can still play.  And when people threw the balls for their dogs I wasn’t afraid of that any more.  Like I used to be.  And so when the other dogs chased their balls.  And when my Best Friend chased his ball.  Then I ran with them.  But I didn’t pick up the balls.  I just ran with my Best Friend and the other dogs when they ran to get their balls.  And then I ran back again with them. 


That game is called Fetch.  Fetching the ball.  I liked that game that I played with them.  That was my own game that I made up.  Running beside my Best Friend when he plays Fetch.  And I liked it very much.


And then after that.  My Kind Friend said I could play ball with my Best Friend at our house.  Because now I wasn’t afraid when she moved her arm to throw the ball.  Come Sammy.  You can play ball too.  She said.  And I did.  I did the same thing I did at Poodles of Yolo.  When my Best Friend ran to get his ball.  In that Fetching Game I ran next to him.  


When he ran and jumped to get his ball.  And then when he brought it back.  I ran with him again.  It was very fun.  I liked it a lot.


But I had to be careful because he likes to jump up very high to catch the ball.  That’s his favorite.  And he is much much bigger than me.  I don’t want him to fall on top of me!  That would hurt. 


















And then.  One day.  When my Best Friend was all puffed out and tired from playing Fetch.  He put the ball down on the ground.  Because he didn’t want to play any more Fetching.  And I just picked up the ball in my mouth.  I don’t know why I did that.  That tennis ball felt funny and fuzzy. I just picked it up.  Then I put it down again.  And I did it a few times like that. 

And then one day.  Soon after that.  Playing ball at home.  My Kind Friend  brought two balls out to play.  One ball was for me and one was for my Best Friend.  First she threw the ball for my Best Friend.  Then.  When he went to Fetch that ball.  Then she threw the ball for me.  She said Go get your ball Sammy.  And I did.  I didn’t know that I knew how to do that.  But I did. 

Because I ran and picked up my ball in my mouth.  My Kind Friend was surprised and laughing.  And she said Good Boy Sammy.  Bring it.  Bring the ball.  And I ran around with the ball in my mouth like that.  It was so fun.  I don’t know why.  But I liked it very much.  And I was very surprised.  Because I didn’t even know I knew how to do that.  And my Kind Friend was very surprised.  Because she didn’t know too.



Sammy Playing his Just-Me-By-My-Sammy-Self Ball Game



And so then that’s what we did.  When we played ball at our house.  We had two balls.  And my Kind Friend threw the ball for my Best Friend.  Then when he went to get that ball.  Then she threw my ball for me.  And I started to bring my ball back to my Kind Friend.  So she could throw it for me again. I don’t know how I learned that too.  Because that is really the Fetch game.  The way you are supposed to do it.  And that’s what my Best Friend does.  And I did it too.


Except sometimes I like to play with my own ball by myself.  I like to drop it on the ground in front of me.  Then I bang the ball with my nose.  I bang it very hard so it rolls away. 


And then.  I run after it and pounce on it.  I love to do pouncing.  And that is a fun game too.  And it needs nobody excepting me.  And my ball of course.  So that’s my Just-Me-By-My-Sammy-Self Ball Game.




Sammy Playing with His Ball




Happy Sammy and His Tennis Ball.





Just-Me-By-My-Sammy-Self Ball Game





I like that Fetching game too.  I like it very much. But then I found a even much funner game to play.  It’s much much much more funner.  And it’s called Stealing the Ball and Keep Away.  Because I made up this game all by myself too.  And here is how I play it.

First, my Kind Friend throws the ball for my Best Friend.  Then he runs and jumps and gets the ball.  Then he brings it back to my Kind Friend.  Then he drops it on the ground right in front of my Kind Friend so she can throw it again.  He always does that.  Every time.

But.  After my Best Friend drops the ball and before my Kind Friend can pick it up I run very fast.  Very very fast.  And I grab the ball.  Quick!  And I run away with it.  I do.  I really do.  And it is so fun. I am so surprised that I do that.  And so is my Kind Friend. It makes my Kind Friend laugh and laugh and laugh. 




Lying in Wait.

And my Best Friend too.  He is so surprised! 

What Ball?

He doesn’t see when I am going to get it.  Because I pretend I am not trying to get the ball.
Then.  All of sudden.  I just pounce.  I get the ball.  And I run away.  Just like I did in these photos.

Asportation. Stop Thief!!


The Great Escape!


In Flagrante Delicto.


Grand Theft. Tennis Ball!!




And he chases me to get his ball back.  But he doesn’t hurt me. 





Corpus Delecti.




He just stands over me and tries to stop me from going away with the ball. 





Give It Back to Me You Little Pipsqueak!

Give It Back Right Now!



But he doesn’t do anything bad.  He just tries to make me drop his ball.   Because he always wants to play with the same ball.  Not another one.  But I won’t give him back the ball.  I turn away and I say No.  And if he comes too close I turn my head away from him.  And then I run away with the ball.  Not very fast.  I just run away slowly.  And every time he comes I turn my head.  My Best Friend gets so surprised.


And I just love to play that game.  Because I think my Kind Friend likes it too.  Because she is laughing and laughing.  All the time I do that.


And I don’t know how I learned my Stealing and Keep Away game.  I didn’t learn it from my Best Friend because he never played that game with me.


My Kind Friend says I learned it from myself.  From Samuel.  So I think I learned it from my Samuel me.  And that’s why I didn’t know it before.  Because before I wasn’t Samuel.  But now I am.  And I like this Samuel me.  And I love playing Stealing and Keep Away. 



But sometimes what my Best Friend does is this.  When I won’t give him back the ball.  He walks away and then he starts rolling around on his back on the ground.  My Kind Friend says he looks like a Praying Mantis when he does that.  I don’t know that thing Praying Mantis.  Here is how he looks when he does that Praying Mantis. 




Best Friend Pretending to Be A Praying Mantis




But it’s a trick.  What my Best Friend does.  Because every time he does that, I turn around to watch him.  And then when I am watching him.  I drop the ball on accident.  And then he runs over and steals it back from me!! 




Give It Up Now!

Got it Back!



Silly me.  But I don’t mind.   Because it is his ball.  And he is very nice.  And I can get it back again.  The same way as before.  Because I am so fast at playing Stealing the Ball.  I beat him nearly every time.  And I am very good at playing Keep Away.  And I can keep that ball as long as I want.  If I want to.  Excepting when my Best Friend does his rolling over trick.



I love playing ball very much.  It is my best game.  I am so glad that now I am my Samuel me.  And I know how to play ball!




Samuel Playing Fetch with his Best Friend.




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6 Responses to “Play Ball!”

  1. These are great pics, Sammy. I really enjoyed seeing you enjoying yourselves so much. Thanks for the link to my page. I’ve placed one for you on my page too. Paddy did really well at training today and only had one small ‘spat’ with another dog. He may make it yet!



    • Tilly,

      Thank You so much for putting my link on your page. It looks very nice. I’m sure Paddy will be a good dog. He probably had to do fighting and things like that where he was before you helped him. When I came to live with my Kind Friend I barked at other dogs all the time. Bark. Bark. Bark. Even at big dogs I did it. And only just now… I learned not to do that. But it’s hard for me not to do barking. So sometimes I have to talk to myself instead! Isn’t that silly?

      I hope you didn’t have any floods where you are Tilly.

      Love from Sammy

  2. Sammy, you are right — in that picture I was playing keep away with Marley. And I do it just like you — when Marley comes near to get the ball, I just turn my head away. I haven’t learned your sneak stealing tactics yet, though. I will have to study the pictures your Kind Friend took so I can learn them.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Your pal,


    • I knew it Peanut! Because the way your head looks in that photo. That’s the way my head feels when I turn my head away playing Keep Away. It’s so fun isn’t it? We can beat those dogs playing Keep Away even though we are so little.

      But I don’t know either how I do my quick stealing and pouncing to get the ball. I don’t know how I learned it.

      Except now my Best Friend is getting very careful about putting the ball down. So stealing is getting more harder and harder.

      From Samuel

  3. Thank you Jun!!

    Yes. My Best Friend is very very important to me.

    From Sammy

  4. Samuel, your photos with Best Friend are so adorable!!!

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