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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello Everyone!  This is me Samuel.  And I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Because Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.   And it’s my first Thanksgiving since I got rescued.  So it’s my first Thanksgiving when I am my Samuel me.

And on last Sunday.  We went to Shields Grove at the UC Davis Arboretum. 


And here is my picture at Shields Grove.  I hope you like it.

I am so glad of Thanksgiving.  Because it’s Thanksgiving from Thursday until Sunday!!   It’s called a holiday.  So here is what I hope I can do with my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  Go to the Davis Farmers’ Market [ A Ball is to PlayMy Best Samuel,  Halloween, Horses and a Donkey] to get some things for Thanksgiving dinner.  Go for walks to the UC Davis Arboretum [Finally, Halloween, Horses and A Donkey]   Go for walks in Elmhurst, Sacramento. [Samuel’s First Sacramento Fall]  Play ball.  [Play Ball, A Ball is to Play]  All my favorites.  And some other things too. 

Because we might go to Old Sacramento.  And see the Sacramento River.  And boats even.  They go in the river.  And the Railroad museum. And there’s trains [A Station is to See Trains] there too.  In that museum.  In Old Sacramento.  But also in the station downtown.  Like they were at the Davis station.

Old Sacramento is a place that’s by downtown.  But it’s more older.  And the Sacramento station for trains is near there too.

But I think I have to get a bath too.  [Mucky Pup.] Me and my Kind Friend.  Except he goes in the shower.  Then haircuts we might have to get too.  And I don’t know what else. 

 Happy Thanksgiving!  Here is a card for you from me.


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  1. Have a great Thanksgiving, Sammy! That’s a great to-do-list for Thanksgiving weekend. Hope you have loads of fun!! And take a lot of photos, too! 🙂

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