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SPCA Dogs are to Rescue! In Yolo County & San Francisco (With Webcam).

Today is about two things. It’s about Cookie.   She’s a Poodle at the SPCA in Yolo County.  And it’s about homeless dogs (and cats too!) at the SPCA in San Francisco. 

Cookie needs a new family.  That’s a Kind Friend and a Best Friend.  I think that’s a family.  But there is other kinds of families.  So if you would like to have a Poodle to come and live at your house.  Or if you know someone.  And they might like Cookie to come to their house.  Like some neighbors, or some friends. You could tell them about Cookie. 

And you could tell them about the homeless dogs and cats at the San Francisco SPCA too.

Because Cookie is a Poodle [See About Poodles.]  Like me!   But just the Poodle parts of me.  Not the Bichon parts.   Bichon is different.  [See About Bichons.]   Cookie is about 6 years old.  That’s the same as my Best Friend.  Nearly the same.  Except he is 5 and almost 6.   But I am not as many.  I am only 1.  Or 2.  Maybe.  I think.  That’s what my Kind Friend said.  Because we don’t know my birthday.  Except we are going to make my birthday be the day I got rescued from the shelter.  But what’s a birthday?  I don’t know.

And Cookie weighs about 30lbs.  That’s bigger than me.  A lot bigger than me.  Because I only weigh 12 lbs.  

But Cookie is smaller than my Best Friend.  Because he weighs 65 lbs.   But not all Standard Poodles weigh that many.  Some are smaller.  Like Cookie.  And a Caniche Moyen.  That’s a kind of Poodle in France.  A medium size Poodle. Those kind of Caniches.  They weigh about 30 lbs. I think that’s what my Kind Friend said.  And you can see about that at the About Poodles page on here. 

But my Best Friend is apricot.  That’s his color name.  Except not all Standard Poodles are apricot.  Some colors can be black, or brown, or red, of silver.  And lots of colors.  You can see about that here too at About Poodles.  But Cookie is not apricot or any of those colors.  She is white like me.  I like white.  Even though it gets dirty.  [Happy Thanksgiving, Mucky Pup, Samuel.]  Because I can take a bath and make it clean again.

Here is Cookie’s picture from Petfinder.  But I couldn’t make it be bigger.  And she is at the Yolo County SPCA.  So you could call them and find out more about Cookie. 

Cookie: Yolo County SPCA Rescue Poodle. Courtesy Yolo County SPCA Petfinder.

They said she might be mix.  That’s like me too!  Because  my mix parts are Bichon and Poodle.  But the SPCA said that Cookie’s mix parts are Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle.  So that’s a little bit bigger.  And a little bit more smaller.  But both bigger than me.  I forgot you could be Poodle Poodle mix.  I thought it had to be two different parts.  Like me because of Bichon and Poodle.  Or like Tilly with Bedlington and Glen of Imaal.  But now I remember that I heard about some Miniature Poodle-Toy Poodle mixes too.  There’s so many lots of mixes I get mixed up! 

I hope Cookie finds a new home very soon.  But my Kind Friend said Cookie is safe at the Yolo County SPCA.  They take good care of her.  And nothing bad will happen to her there.  Not like I would have been euthanasia because I was unadoptable.

And if you want to help some homeless dogs (and cats too) in San Francisco, you should go to Jun Belen’s website.  Because he has a lot of information about a special program in San Francisco.  It’s the San Francisco SPCA and Macy’s.  They are helping the dogs and cats find new homes.

Jun Belen has photographs about it.  And he has a link to webcams too.  So you can see the homeless dogs and cats.  And he has a corgi  too.  He is handsome.  And he is Stanford.  I like Stanford.


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  1. Hello Emma Rose,

    Thank you. I will add your link today. And I think you have a lovely name too.

    Love from Samuel

  2. Hi Samuel,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. You are quite welcome to post a link to my blog if you like. We love making new friends. I hope you will come back to visit us soon! You also have a very nice blog and we will enjoy reading your stories too!!!

    Emma Rose

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