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A Book is to Read … Tilly’s Tale!

Today I am going to tell about Tilly.  Because Tilly is my friend.  And Tilly has a book.

Here is a picture of my friend Tilly.   Isn’t she  nice?  Tilly is a Terrier mix.  That’s like I am mix too! 

Tilly the Rescue Terrier. Copyright Harry~Porter

Except I am Bichon Poodle mix.  And Tilly is Bedlington Terrier – Glen of Imaal Terrier mix. 

You can see more photos of Bedlington Terriers and Glen of Imaal Terriers at these links on these words.  And this is the link for Bedlington Terrier Rescue in the USA.   And Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue too.

But Tilly and me are the same a lot.  Because we both got rescued.  We both love to play ball.  [Play Ball, A Ball is to Play … ]  And we are both mix.  Except the mixing is different.

And Tilly likes jumping too.  Like I like jumping.  So that’s another thing the same about me and Tilly.  Except Tilly does jumping over things.  But I do jumping up then down.  On walls.  But Tilly does down too.  Because that would be very silly if she didn’t come down again! 

And Tilly’s a good jumper like me.  Here she is doing jumping.  But it’s not a wall like I jump.  It looks like a blue stick thing she is jumping.  And she has her ball with her too!  And it’s a red ball.  Me and my Best Friend don’t have a red ball.  Only yellow. 

Tilly Doing Jumping. Photograph courtesy of Harry ~ Porter.

Tilly Doing Agility Jumping. Photograph courtesy of Harry ~ Porter.

I think the blue stick is for agility.  But my jumping is not agility.  It’s just walls.

And here are my walls that I like jumping.  I jump up.  Then down.  Then I jump up again.  Lots of  times.  But I don’t have my ball when I do it.  But one time I might do that.  Like Tilly.

Samuel's 3 Times Sammy High Wall

And this wall below is really hard to jump up on.  Because it is much higher up than me.  About 4 times Sammy high.  I think.  But I can’t do a run up because it is next to a road.  So I have to do it sideways a little bit.  But I can do it.  Usually.

Samuel's 4 Times Sammy High Wall

But here is something else the same about me and Tilly.  Because even some of  Tilly’s Bedlington Terrier mix parts look like Poodles!  Very like Poodles.  You can see that if you look at Tilly’s Best Friend Dylan below.  Because I think he is a Bedlington Terrier.  So those Poodle looking parts are like me too.  Because I am Bichon Poodle mix. 

And Tilly’s Glen of Imaal Terrier mix parts are like me too.  Because a Glen of Imaal Terrier is little.  Like me.  You can see it in the photos.  So that makes Tilly small like me too.

And now I found out another thing the same about Glen of Imaal Terriers.  They are from County Wicklow.   That’s in Ireland.  Not like me.  Not exactly.  Because I live in California.  Not Ireland.  But my Kind Friend is Irish.  That’s from Ireland.  And she is English too.  So she is mix!   Like me!  And like Tilly.  All mix.  Maybe stray too.  She might be that.  I don’t know.  So I think that I am a little bit Irish because of my Kind Friend.  Maybe. 

And Tilly lives in England.  But she has those Irish parts too.  So that makes me and Tilly a little bit like one another too.  Because we both have Irish bits and English bits.  Except I have American bits too.  I don’t know if Tilly has those bits.

And here is another way I am like Tilly.  When I first came to live with my Kind Friend.  She thought I was Poodle Terrier mix.  Because you can see.  In my shelter photograph in About Samuel.  I look a little bit like the Glen of Imaal Terriers.  And because the things I do are like Terrier dogs.  My Kind Friend said.  Bossy.  A busy-body.  Chutzpah.  And plucky.  That’s what she said about Terriers.  And about me too.

And here is a very special thing about Tilly.  She wrote a book!  And this is it.

Tilly's Tale. Design: Mandy Hedrick. Copyright: 4RV Publishing LLC

My Kind Friend can’t wait to read it.  She is going to get it from Amazon or from 4 RV Publishing.  You can also contact Amazon directly from the Share button in the sidebar on the right side of this.

I am so glad Tilly is my friend.  

And some of Tilly’s Best Friends at her house are going to write some books too.  Later.  Like Dylan.  He lives at Tilly’s house.  And Sally does too. And some other friends too.  You can see some of them in the video at VodPod in the sidebar on this website.

And Dylan’s book will be like this.

Dylan’s Tale. Design: Mandy Hedrick. Copyright: 4RV Publishing LLC

Dylan looks Bedlington Terrier doesn’t he?  All Bedlington Terrier?  With no mixes in there.  And that looks like Poodle too.  Because I think Dylan is handsome.  But I don’t know if he plays ball like me and Tilly.  Or if he goes agility or wall jumping.

I would really like to go and visit with Tilly and Dylan and their other Best Friends.  But you can do that here.  Because you can go to Tilly’s website

There is more things about Tilly, and Dylan and Sally and Sophie and Dexter and their other Best Friends and about Tilly’s book there.  And  lots of other things there too.


13 Responses to “A Book is to Read … Tilly’s Tale!”

  1. Hi Samuel,

    Thank you for your comments and visiting our blog.

    We will be back to have a good look around yours again soon but just wanted to pop over now and say it is nice to meet you.

    Yes you can add our blog to your links, we shall add yours too and then we can find you easy and come back again soon.

    Holly & Zac

    • Hello Samantha, Holly & Zac!

      Thank you for coming to my website! And for leaving your comment.

      We have added your link to the website.

      From Samuel.

  2. Both of those breeds look interesting.

    I’ve never seen the cross between the two.

    Tilly appears to be part liver Bedlington, which don’t look quite as liver as short-haired dog:

    Bedlingtons, because of their obvious poodle ancestry, are said to be very easily trained and make good retrievers.

    • Thank you for your comment Retrieverman. My Kind Friend knows about those kind of things so here she is.

      From Sammy

      Hi Retrieverman. Thank you for the link to the photographs of that sweet Bedlington Puppy. Didn’t know they could be retrievers! That’s very interesting.

      And yet another Poodle related breed! Thanks for pointing that out.

      Also interesting to see that the Bedlington has a hairless, “naked” tail. Like the Irish Water Spaniel. Do the Bedlingtons also have the smooth face like the IWS (and unlike the Poodle)? Irish Water Spaniel AKC Standard. See also IWS Photographs.

  3. Sammy,

    I loved what you wrote, thank you and mustn’t ever be frightened of anything, ever again. You are safe with your new best friend now, as I am with Harry. I loved reading about your wall jumping. I do walls too, but I just jump straight over them. I’m only twelve inches tall, but thanks to my agility training Harry says I can now clear a height of 3 feet 6 inches. Is that a lot? It must be because when Harry tells other people they look really surprised and say what a clever dog I am.

    Anyway, thanks again for the lovey article and I hope your best friend gets a copy of my book soon so he can read it to you.

    Lots of love


    • Thank you Tilly …

      I try not to be frightened ever again. But sometimes I forget. And I see something. Or hear something. And it makes me very frightened. But I like it not to be frightened. And I hope that one day I can be like my Best Friend. Because he is not afraid of anything.

      I am going to measure to see how high up I am. Because if you are 12 inches I think you might be higher up than me!

      Love from Sammy

  4. Sammy, thank you so much for this wonderful article about me and my book and all my doggie friends who share Harry’s home and his love. All of the dogs here love to play, especially with a ball, and though some of the others do a bit of agility I’m the only one who does it seriously. Molly is quite good at it but is a bit sedate going round the course, if you know what I mean…hehe

    Thanks again my friend, Sammy.



    • Hi Tilly!

      Thank you for sending me a comment. I am so glad you like what I told about you. I was frightened I might make a mistake about something.

      I hope you don’t mind that I told about my walls. Because I do love to jump up and down on walls so much.

      And my Best Friend … He has done agility things. But he likes to make up his own routes he told me. I don’t know what routes means. But if my Best Friend did that … Then I think it’s a good thing. Because he is very special to me.

      Bye for now Tilly,

      Love Samuel

  5. I’m so glad, Sammy, that you wrote about Tilly. She is a special dog, and it sounds as if you are, too.

    • Hello Vivian!

      Thank you so much for sending me a comment. I enjoyed writing about Tilly. Because me and Tilly know about a lot of some same things. And I like her very much.

      My Kind Friend says I am a right bobby dazzler. I don’t know Bobby Dazzler. But I think it might mean that I am special too … Just like you said.

      Thank you for visiting my blog. And please come and read it again. Because I do a lot of different things. It’s for my socialisation. I don’t know what that means. But that’s what my Kind Friend says.

      From Samuel.

  6. Hi Sammy, I’ve been reading Tilly’s blog. Such a fun dog and such a great dog family. Pleased to meet you too. Have fun jumping.

    • Hello Sheila!

      Thank you so much for writing to me. Yes. I like Tilly a lot. And I like her friends too. Because I really like other dogs. Especially my Best Friend.

      Please come back and read my blogs any time. Because there is other things I will be doing. And send me comments too. I like that.

      From Samuel

  7. Hello Sammy,

    Thank you writing such a wonderful piece about me and my book, and about Dylan and all my other friends here at Harry’s house. I’m very, very grateful to you. Out latest rescue dog to join us, Sally, has been with us for thee days now and she is settling in very well. She likes to play ball too! Yippee.

    Dylan also loves to play ball, and though he and some of the others come to agility with me and Harry, and have a go, none of them do the ‘real’ thing like me. Apart from Molly the Westie, the others do it on a leash with the handler by their side. Molly and me do it off the leash, and though I go very fast, Molly is much more sedate and does it in her own time.

    I do hope lots of people will come and visit me at my blog and maybe even think about buying the book of my life story. It would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone, don’t you think?

    Anyway, thank you again for the lovely article about me and all the rescued dogs who live here with Harry and his family.

    Hope you are having a great time, and remember….keep on jumping!!



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