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Tilly the Rescue Terrier Presents Tilly’s Tale.

Today is to tell about Tilly the Rescue Terrier.  Because Tilly is my friend.  And she has got her photograph tooken.  And her book is in it too.  It’s called Tilly’s Tale. 

And here is Tilly sitting next to her book Tilly’s Tale.  But she’s not sitting on the ground.  I think she is sitting on a high up chair.  I think it is a 2 Sammys high chair.  Because I am Sammy and I am 11 inches high up my Kind Friend said.  But I know Tilly is good at doing  jumping up.  Because she learns agility classes.  And you can see about Tilly and agility in the writing underneath here.

Tilly the Rescue Terrier with a Copy of Tilly's Tale. Photograph Courtesy of Harry~Porter.

Me and Tilly are a lot the same.  You can see about that in the writing before this.  But I think Tilly looks a little bit like me too.  Except Tilly’s hair is grey and straight and mine is white and curly. 

Isn’t she nice?  I like Tilly very much.  And I think you will too.  But if you would like to know more things about Tilly and her book and her jumping and agility things.  Then you can read about all those things in the writing before this one.   And you can read it on Tilly’s website too.


2 Responses to “Tilly the Rescue Terrier Presents Tilly’s Tale.”

  1. Thanks for putting my picture on your website, Sammy. It looks really nice. I really appreciate you telling everyone about my book. Yesterday I didn’t do agility as I usually do on a Saturday but instead we went to the woods where I did some search and rescue training to help me get even better at finding lost humans and things. I have to keep my nose ‘in’ with the search work so it was a good thing to do. I enjoy it a lot. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

    Lots of love my friend.


    • You are Welcome Tilly!

      And you are very clever. I don’t know about search and rescue. I didn’t even know that human people could ever get lost.

      I thought only rescue dogs could get lost. Mix dogs. And stray dogs. Like what they called me at the shelter. Because I got lost. When I ran away from that place where I was. Where there was bad things. And bad people too.

      I wish the bad people could have got lost instead of me. And I wish they could have got lost forever. With nobody doing search and rescue for them.

      But I wish you could have done that search and rescue for me. And then when you found me we could have played ball!

      Bye Tilly

      Love from Sammy

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