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Poodles are to Play!

On Sunday was Poodles of Yolo.  Usually we can’t go.  Because the last time we went was September. [ I didn’t Know … Poodles of Yolo.]  And that’s when I played ball the very first time.  [ Play Ball! , A Ball is to Play.]  That was so fun.

Poodle Tableau.

Except this time we could go.  But it was very very cold. 

Freezing Sunday Morning for Poodles of Yolo.

And it was windy too.  But not as windy as on Saturday.  That Saturday wind made me afraid a lot.  Because it was banging and crashing and blowing.  And it was like before.  Before when I came to live with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend.  There was lots of loud sounds and bad things happening there in that place.

But Poodles of Yolo was very fun.  There was lots of big Standard Poodles there. 

Poodles Aplenty.

Oodles of Yolo Poodles on the Run.

And they were all black.  Except one white one.  

A Bevy of Black Standard Poodle Friends.

The white one and another black one are new friends.  Here is them.  Because I like their haircuts.

New Standard Poodle Friends at Poodles of Yolo.

And I don’t know his name.  But here is the white one in this photograph close to me.  And you can see how more bigger than me he is.   And how higher up than me he is too. 

Everyone Looking a Little Hesitant.

He barked all the time.  Bark.  Bark.  Bark.  Bark.  All the time.  Just like I used to.  But now I learned not to do that.  It’s hard.  So sometimes when I feel like I have  to bark like that.  Instead I  talk to myself instead.  Because that’s more quieter.  And that makes my Kind Friend laugh too.  When I do that.  But that white Standard Poodle could learn No Bark too.  Because that is too much barking.  Like I used to.

And here is the black one beside me. 

A Little Personal for Strangers.

But nobody Standard Poodle was apricot.  Like my Best Friend.  Apricot is my favorite Standard Poodle. 

But it wasn’t only big Standard Poodles there.  My Miniature Poodle rescue friend came too.  He is called silver beige.  This is him with a Standard Poodle and another black dog who came.

Working Things Out.

And my Miniature Poodle Toy Poodle mix rescue friend came too.  Here he is with his silver beige Miniature Poodle Best Friend.

Sammy and Miniature Poodle Rescue Friends.

And my Miniature Poodle Toy Poodle mix rescue friend is apricot like my Best Friend.  And he is little like me.  And he is mix.  That’s like me too!  A little bit.  Because he is Poodle Poodle mix.  Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle mix.  That is a little bit silly.  To have a Poodle Poodle mix.  But it’s because of different kinds of Poodle.   But I am Bichon Poodle mix.  Except Bichon has Poodle parts too.  So I have Poodle Poodle mix bits too!  As well as I have Bichon Poodle bits.  All mixed up.  And my Poodle Poodle bits are like my little apricot friend.  And I like him very much.  Because he is like my Best Friend.  And he is like me too!  So he is like both of us – like me and my  Best Friend.

This is him in this photograph.

Keeping an Eye on Big Brother and the Big Guys.

And one time all the big black Standard Poodles were running fast.  And they ran right into my little apricot Miniature Poodle Toy Poodle mix friend.  And banged into him too.  They should be more careful.  Because we are very little.  And they are very big.  And that can hurt  us.  So that’s why I stay beside my Best Friend.  Except even he can crash into me sometimes.  But he doesn’t mean to do that.  It’s called a accident.

Except I don’t mind.  Because he is my Best Friend.  And he lets me play with his ball.  And he shows me how to do things.  And how I can do things that even make me afraid.  Like get my teeth cleaned.  And my ears.  And getting a bath.  And getting my hair cut.  When he does those things I watch him.  To see how he does.  And if he is afraid.  But he never is.  And he never gets hurt too.  So that’s why I can learn so many things from him.  That’s why I do what he does.

And that’s how I am learning those things.  From my Best Friend.  Because before I was very afraid to get my hair cut.  Or be touched by people doing things to my body pieces.  Like my ears.  And my mouth.

I am still afraid of dryers for hair. [ Halloween, Horses and a Donkey.]  So my Kind Friend doesn’t use the dryer at our house yet. Not for me and my Best Friend.  Only on her hair.  In the mornings.  I don’t mind that.  Because it is not close to my body.  I just watch to see what the dryer does.

But I get my hair cut with the clippers now.  And I didn’t used to could do that.  But I watched my Best Friend getting his hair cut.  My Kind Friend does that.   And my Best Friend get his hair cut a lot.  Every week nearly usually.  Sometimes.  But he doesn’t mind.  Not too much.  He doesn’t.  Because he doesn’t get hurt from the clippers.  Or scared.  He’s not scared and afraid.  So I learned that from him.  By watching.  And he doesn’t mind.  He doesn’t mind when I watch him all the time.  Or be beside him all the time.  That’s why he is my special Best Friend.

And he even doesn’t mind if I lie right next to him.  I used to couldn’t do that.  Because I had to lie down by myself.  Away from my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  But now I lie down with everybody else.  At night time.  And with my Best Friend in day time.  And he doesn’t mind.  Because even sometimes I put my head on top of him.  And he lets me do that.  He is very nice to me.  And so that is why he is my Best Friend.

But I don’t like big high up Standard Poodles banging into me.  They are too high up.  And too heavy too.  So I don’t play with all the big Standard Poodles very much.  Except playing ball.  If we are all running the same way.  That is all right.  But not if they play chasing or wrestling games.   Because they are so bigger than me.  And then they can bang right into me.  And then I might go the base over apex.  [ Halloween, Horses and a DonkeyA Friend is to Play.]

Who's Got the Ball?

Over There!

Because that could make me afraid a little bit.  Except I am not very afraid of any dogs.  Even very big ones.  And my Kind Friend said that I used to be very silly.  When I first came from the shelter.  Because when I used to bark all the time at other dogs.  I even barked at very big strong dogs.  And my Kind Friend said I was saying this to those big dogs.  Come over here big dog!  Here is your breakfast! She said I was saying that to those dogs.  But she is silly.  Because I wasn’t saying that.  I was just saying I was pleased to see them.  And because I wanted to play with them.  That’s why I really like all my dog friends very much.  Because where I was before.  Before I was my Samuel me.  And when I was in that place.  Where bad things  happened to me.  The other dogs that were there too they were my friends.  Always my friends.

And on Sunday I met a new friend.  His name is Romeo.  And he is not a Poodle.  But he is a rescue dog like me and Tilly.  And he is mix too.  Like me and Tilly.  But his mix is with Cocker Spaniel and something else.   I don’t know if he is stray like they said for me. 

He lives with his Foster Friend.  And his Foster Friend said Romeo is 18 lbs big.  That makes the same big as one and half Sammys.  So Romeo is bigger than me.  But not so bigger as the Standard Poodles.  Because I could play wrestling and keep away and chasing with him. 

I liked playing with Romeo very much.  And here is his photograph.

Yolo County SPCA Cocker Mix Romeo. Photograph Courtesy of Yolo County SPCA & Petfinder.

It was so fun. But he is not at the shelter.  He is at a foster home.  With the Yolo County SPCA.  So he has a nice house to live in.  And a Foster Friend to care for him.  Because we met his Foster Friend who he lives with.   And he is very nice.  And Romeo is looking for his new family.  So if you know someone who would like a Cocker Spaniel mix to come and live at their house you should tell them about Romeo.

Romeo is very nice.  And friendly.  And kind.  He likes to play.  And he can be off leash because he doesn’t do silly things.  Because he doesn’t do panicking and bolting like me.  [About Samuel, First DaysHalloween, Horses and a Donkey.] 

And that’s why I have to have my leash on all the time.  Because of bolting.  Even though I like my Best Friend very much.  And I always want to be with him.  And my Kind Friend too.  I could get very afraid of some things.  Like that dryer at the dog wash.  [Halloween, Horses and a Donkey.]  Because that would make me panic and bolt.  And that might hurt me.  And somebody else too.   Like on that day.  Because I ran out near a very busy streets.  But Romeo doesn’t do those things.  I don’t think so.  And Romeo’s photograph is on the Yolo County SPCA website.  Romeo is on Petfinder too.

And there are two other Poodles who need some help to find a family.  First is a silver Miniature Poodle called Faux Pas at the Sacramento City Shelter.  The ID number is A327643.   Here is a photograph.

Miniature Poodle Needs a New Home. Photograph Courtesy Sacramento City Shelter.

If you know someone who would like to have a Poodle at their house please tell them about this nice Poodle.

And there is another rescue Poodle at the Yolo County SPCA.  Her name is Kayla.  And you can read about her on Petfinder here.   

Kayla. Photograph Courtesy of Yolo County SPCA & Petfinder.

What happened to Kayla sounds like me.  A little bit.  Because she was stray.  Like they said about me.  And she had to have all her hair shaved off .  Like I did.  Except Kayla had lots of burrs and fox tails too.  And that made her ear drums broken.  I didn’t have that I don’t think.  Because I think that would hurt a lot.  But Kayla is getting all better now.  And her hair is growing back like mine did. 

When I had short hair was summer time.  But now it’s called winter.  And it’s very cold.  So Kayla wears a sweater or shirt to keep warm.  You can see it in her photo on the side of here.  I hope she likes wearing that shirt.  Except I don’t like a shirt.

Because when we went to our Havanese Yorkie Poo friends’ house for a Halloween party.  [A Party is so When You Go You have Fun! ]  My Kind Friend got a shirt for me to wear.  But I was scared of that shirt.  And she said then I didn’t have to wear it.

And my Best Friend doesn’t like wearing a shirt too.  But he had to for our Halloween party.  Until he peed on it.  Then he could take it off.  And that made him be glad.  [Halloween, Horses and a Donkey.]  I don’t know if Kayla peed on her shirt.  I hope not.  Because that wouldn’t feel nice.  It would be wet.  And being wet is cold.  I don’t like it.  Because it makes me shiver.  Like after I take my bath.

But Kayla is not big like my Best Friend.  She is little. So that’s like me too.

And Cookie is not on the SPCA website or Petfinder any more.   [ SPCA Dogs are to Rescue.]  So I think she found a new family!!


That was such a fun Poodles of Yolo!


Tuckered Out.

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4 Responses to “Poodles are to Play!”

  1. Looks like you all had great fun, Sammy. I’m so pleased you enjoyed yourself.

    Lots of love


    • Hello Tilly!

      That’s so nice to hear from you!

      I did have so much fun. I love to play ball with my Best Friend. That is my most favorite thing in the world.

      And I love being with a lot of dogs. Dogs are my favorite people.

      And I really liked playing my wrestling chasing game with Romeo. Because some of my friends don’t like that game. But I love it. Except I think I don’t play it right sometimes and that is why my friends don’t like it. Because I am a little bit too rough sometimes. And I understand that. Because I don’t like to play that game if someone bes too rough with me.

      Do you have snow at your house? We almost got snow this week. Because it never snows in Sacramento very often. Usually. Only 3 times in almost 40 years.

      But there is snow near here. It’s called the foothills and the Sierra.

      I think I like snow. Because my Best Friend loves snow.

      Happy Hannukah Tilly!

      Love from Samuel.

  2. You’re right, that was a fun Poodles of Yolo!! We’re so glad that you could make it! It’s nice to have other dogs our size there.

    • Thank you Marley & Peanut!

      I really liked all that playing. And watching what all the other dogs do.

      Because that’s how I do my learning. So I can see how Marley plays with the big Standard Poodles even though they are much bigger than him.

      And I can see how Peanut plays in the middle of them. And he is even as small as me! Peanut, do you like to play wrestling and chasing?

      I hope I can come to that play group some more times soon!

      Happy Hannukah!

      Love from Samuel

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