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Happy Hannukah!

Today is Hannukah.  And Hannukah is about a miracle.  And that’s a special time.  For eight whole days. 

Because Hannukah was a miracle for that many days.  A miracle with oil.  And the oil is why on Hannukah you can eat potatoe latkes.  And sufganyot.  Because of the oil in those things.

You can see a video about making some chocolate sufganyot at the VodPod link in the side of here.  And here is some different recipes for making latkes.

And Hannukah was a miracle with the lights from the oil.  Candle kind of lights.  In a Hannukiah.  There’s one more candle for each one more day of Hannukah.  Because that’s how long the oil lasted for the Maccabees.  But it shouldn’t have lasted that long.  And so that’s why it is called a miracle.  And miracles are good.

And there’s another miracle soon too.  That one’s called Christmas.  And that miracle is about a baby.  And stars.  And some men.  But I am frightened of men.  Because that’s who was there.  In the place I was before.  Where I was afraid.  So I might be afraid of those Christmas men.  Especially I might be if they are carrying something.  Like a shovel.  Or a rake.  Or a stick.

But if there’s animals with the Christmas miracle then I won’t be scared.  Because I think there’s a stable with a donkey.  And I am not afraid of donkeys. Because I know a donkey in Davis.  [Halloween, Horses and a Donkey.]  And he is very handsome and nice.  This is him.

Samuel's Handsome Donkey Friend.

Because I’m not afraid of animals.  Only people.  And if there’s horses with the Christmas miracle and the stable then I won’t be afraid of them too. 

No Fear of Horses.

But I never had Christmas before.  So I don’t know if those Christmas men will be carrying those things that frighten me. 

And Chistmas is about lights and candles too.  Like Hannukah.  

But today is just only about Hannukah. 

And when you light a new Hannukah candle each day.  If you like to.  You can make the candle be for something special.  For anything special.  Or for anybody special.  And then each day.  When you light al the candles up to that day.   You can say what each candle is lighted for.

So today I want my candle to be for someone special.  It’s for lots of someones special.  I want my Hannukah candle for today to be for all dogs living in animal shelters.  Like I was. 

Samuel at the Shelter.

And my Kind Friend said we can make the light from the Hannukah candles go into other places.   So I want the light of the Hannukah candles to go into all the shelters for all those dogs.  And any other dogs who are hurt and frightened.  Like me before I even went to the shelter. 

Or dogs who are lonely or afraid.  Like I was at the shelter.  Because I want the Hannukah light to make them know that some people care about them.  And me too.  And they should keep being brave and hoping.  Like I did.  I didn’t know I did that.  But my Kind Friend said I did.  So I think that must be right. 

And I want the Hannukah light to go into their lives too.  And make things better for them.  And to the people who might rescue them.  Like I was rescued.

That’s all the things I want my first Hannukah candle to be for. 

But you can choose a different thing for your first Hannukah candle.  And if you like, you could send me a comment and tell me what each of your Hannukah candles is lighted for.  I would like to hear about that. 

And here is a picture we made of me looking at my hannukiah today.  It looks a little bit like the hannukiah is on my head!  But it isn’t sposed to look like that.  It is just sposed to be me looking at my hannukiah. 

Happy Hannukah!

Because my name is Samuel.  And Samuel’s called a Hebrew name.  And Hebrew is like Hannukah.   Because my name is from a  book.  It’s from a special book.  But it’s not from Tilly’s book though.  [A Book  is To Read … Tilly’s Tale, Tilly the Rescue Terrier Presents Tilly’s Tale]  Tilly’s book is a different book.

It is from a book called the Bible book.  Where my name is from.  The Old Testament Bible Book.  And that’s where Hebrew names are.  Like Samuel.  And my Best Friend’s name too.  

And my Samuel name is special for me and my Kind Friend and my Best Friend.  Because before I came to live with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend I wasn’t Samuel.  I wasn’t my Samuel me. 

Samuel. The One Who Was Heard By God.

And here is what my Samuel name means.  Samuel means the one who was heard by God.  And my Kind Friend told me I was heard by God.  Because.  If I hadn’t been heard by God.  Then I would have been euthanasia. 

But I wasn’t euthanasia.   Because the shelter called my Kind Friend.  And she came there to the shelter to see me.  And she said I am taking  you with me.  And she just took me and we did some things at the shelter and then she put me in the truck and then we went away from there.   

Except I don’t know if that could be right.  That I was heard by God.  Because I was at the shelter.  And I didn’t do barking there.  Because I was so afraid.  So I don’t know how I could be heard by God.

And excepting.  Even if I did do barking at the shelter.  I don’t think God could hear it.  Because that shelter is too far away for God to hear it. 

Because God lives at my house.  And God is a apricot Standard Poodle.  And I don’t think he could hear barking at the shelter all that way from his house.  Because God is my Best Friend.  So I don’t know how I could be heard by God.  And that part might be a mistake.  I don’t know.

But I don’t mind a mistake name.  Because I like my name Samuel.  And I like my Samuel me. And I have other names too.  I have Sam.  And Sammy.  And I like my Sam me.  And my Sammy me too.  I like all of them.  But my best name is Sammy.  For me and my friends.  I like it very much.

My Kind Friend says what happened to me is a miracle too.  Just like the Hannukah miracle.  And like the Christmas miracle too.  Because otherwise I would have been euthanasia.  If there was no Samuel miracle.   And otherwise I never would be my Samuel me.  Like I am now.

Miracle Boy.

And my Kind Friend says I am like the light of Hannukah too.  Like the Hannnukah candles.  And the Christmas candles.  Because they make light when there is a lot of dark.  I don’t know how I could be like a candle.  But my Kind Friend said that.  So I think it must be right. And I think that’s good to be like a candle.  Especially in winter time. 

Candle in the Darkness.

I like being heard by God.  I like the candle lights.  I like miracles.  I very specially like my Samuel miracle.  And I like Hannukah too.

So here is a Hannukah card wishing Happy Hannukah to all my friends.  It’s  from me Samuel!  But it hasn’t got candles.  It’s got birds instead.  I hope you like it.


2 Responses to “Happy Hannukah!”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    It’s Tilly here. Thank you for sharing that lovely story with us all. Although I don’t understand it all I know it’s a story of inspiration and love and that’s what my own life has been all about since I met Harry. Harry has a big book here that is also called the Bible, so he and your best friend must read the same book.

    Hope you’re all well, and look forward to hearing from you soon, hope you stop by my blog again before long.

    Lots of love


    • Thank you Tilly for your kind comments.

      I don’t understand it all too! Because I think that bible is a big fat book. Bigger than Tilly’s Tale.

      Yes. We are all well. Thank you for asking about us.

      Did you get snow? We saw a photograph of snow on the Houses of Parliament. My Kind Friend has been there. But I haven’t. And we don’t have any snow down here in the valley. But there is snow in the foothills and the Sierra.

      And I have snow on my new website. I hope you like it.

      Yes. We try to visit your blog often. And all our friends.

      Love from Sammy

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