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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

A Hannukah Candle for Disabled Animals.

Today’s candle is very special.  And I am going to tell about that candle.  Because it’s for disabled animals.  And for Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

But first here is what we lighted all our Hannukah candles for until now. 

Our First Candle is for all shelter dogs everywhere.   Like Scrappy.  [12/23/09.  Scrappy has been adopted!!]

Scrappy. Terrier Poodle Mix at the Sacramento County SPCA Shelter. Photograph Courtesy of Sacramento SPCA & Pet Harbor.

 And Clancy.

Gordon Setter Clancy ID No. A502853. Photograph Courtesy of Sacramento County Shelter & Pet Harbor.

And Twinkle too. 

Twinkle. Poodle. Sacramento City Amimal Shelter ID No. A328513. Photograph Courtesy of Sacramento City Animal Shelter & Pet Harbor.

 But I already told about that. 

Our Second Candle is for puppy mill dogs.  That’s like me.   Because they are kept in cages all the time.  It’s dirty.  And they never get to play.  Nobody strokes them or talks to them.  And they don’t get medicines they need. Because the people who are there only want them to make lots of puppies they can sell to pet stores.  And they don’t care if the dogs suffer and die.  And they don’t care if the puppies suffer and die too. 

Our Third Hannukah Candle is for all the dogs when bad things happen to them because of a flood, or a hurricane, or a sunami or some bad things like that.  That’s like Hurricane Katrina.  Because a lot of dogs got lost then.    And they needed to be rescued from floods and drowning.  And they had no food.

And then our Fourth Candle we lighted for all the dogs that have to do dog fighting.  Because that is very cruel.  And it is wrong.  And those people.  Who make those dogs fight like that.  If those people like fighting.  Then those people should do fighting themselves.  Not make the dogs do fighting and get injured and get killed. 

But my Fifth Candle is for Raven.  Raven is a Bay Area Poodle Rescue rescue dog.  Like me.  Except she is a Black Standard Poodle.  And I am a white Bichon Poodle.   But Raven got lost in in San Jose in September.  And she still hasn’t been found.  And I want Raven to get found and go home.  And all lost dogs who haven’t been found.  You can see about Raven on my website and in my blogs.

Raven. Lost Black Standard Poodle. Photograph Courtesy of

And my Sixth Candle is on Wednesday December 16.   That’s today.  And this candle I lighted for all disabled dogs and cats and horses everywhere. Like Turtle.  Turtle is blind.

Turtle. Photograph Courtesy of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

And like Mink.  Mink is a “wobbly” cat.

Mink. Photography Courtesy of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

And like my friend Shadow.  He is a border collie.  And I met him at the dog park in Davis. [I didn’t know … Poodles of Yolo.]  And Shadow is blind too.

But sometimes a dog can’t hear things.  Because their ears don’t work the right way.  That’s called deaf.  And that’s disabled too. Like being blind.

Or they could be disabled if they don’t have something else they need.  Or something doesn’t work the way it should.  Like all their legs.  Because they could be born without one leg they were supposed to have.  Like Molly.  Molly only has three legs.

Molly the Three Legged Cat. Photograph Courtesy of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Or maybe one leg had to be taken away because it was sick.  That’s called amputated.  And there’s lots of other disabilities too.    Because disabilities are bodies not working right. 

Disabilities could be neurological.  That means nerves.  Nerves not working right.  Like muscular dystrophy.  That’s an illness with nerves.  Or cerebellar hypoplasia.  That’s what Allie and Wobbles have.  You can see their photographs in here.

And when there is some disability I think it can be very hard to do things.   Because maybe you can’t see.  Like Shadow can’t.  Or you can’t hear.  Or you can’t move properly.  Not even running maybe.  But maybe even just walking you can’t do. Because your legs don’t work right.  Walking might be very hard for a disabled dog.  And it might hurt too.  And make you fall down.  And stop you getting up.  That would hurt.  And it could make you afraid too.

And some dogs might have backs that are hurt.  That’s called injured.   And then they don’t work right too.  I know some dogs that got injured like that.  And they couldn’t walk.   Or even go to the bathroom.

Sometimes what is wrong and doesn’t work was done by people.  By abuse.  That’s when people hit you and throw you.  And then you are injured.  And you revery afraid of people too.  Like I was.  Except I wasn’t injured too. 

But sometimes disabilities can happen other ways too.

And sometimes some people are unkind to dogs just because they are disabled and their bodies don’t work right.  And it  makes their life even much harder.  Even much harder than being abused.  And locked up.  And lonely.  Or afraid.  Like I was.  And lots of dogs.  And cats.  And other animals. 

Because disabled dogs can have all those hard things from being disabled. And then those people are unkind to them too.  So that makes it even harder and worser.  I think you have to be very very brave to be disabled. 

But there is a special place for disabled dogs.  Just for them.  And the people there understand about disabilities.  They are kind.  And they know how to care for dogs with disabilities.  And how to help them.  And I am so glad about that.  Because it’s a very special place.  It’s called Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

And there’s other animals there too.  Not just dogs.  Lots of horses too.  I am glad.  Because I like horses very much.  [Halloween, Horses and a Donkey; Happy Hannukah.]  But they are very high up.  And big.  Even bigger than Standard Poodles.  Like my Best Friend.  And much higher up too.   But I still like them.  And here are some of my horse friends.

Samuel's Horse Friends.

But these horses are not blind.  Like the Rolling Dog Ranch horses.  There’s a lot of blind horses there.  Like Cash the blind Foal.

Cash the Blind Foal. Photograph Courtesy of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

And there’s cats too.  Here is a photograph of Wobbles.  Wobbles is at Rolling Dog Ranch.

Wobbles. Photograph Courtesy of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

And Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary is in Montana.  That’s a long way.  But I don’t think it’s another country though.  Not like London. Or Paris.  And Steve and Alayne take care of the animals at Rolling Dog Ranch.   Like Allie.  Here is her photograph.  Allie is the same disabled as Wobbles.  They have cerebellar hypoplasia.

Allie. Photograph Courtesy of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

You can see about Allie and Wobbles and all the other animals on their website through the links below.

Because my Best Friend came from Montana!  And he came from a horse ranch too!  But Montana is very cold.  With lots of snow.  My Best Friend loves snow.  And he came from Stevensville, Montana.  That’s not from Rolling Dog Ranch.   Because he is not disabled.  And I’m not disabled too.   So we are very lucky.

And if you would like to find more about Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary you can go to the link here.

The blind horses have a special website called  And there is a link to that on the Sanctuary website.

And you can watch a video made about Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary by KSPS-TV in Spokane,  Washington.  I think Washington is near to Montana.  Or maybe Canada. 

Here is the video.  You can watch it from this link.  Or you can watch it from the VodPod link on the side of here.  It’s called the Sidebar where Vod Pod is.

And there’s lots of other videos of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

But my Kind Friend said be sure to do this.  I don’t know why.  But be sure to have some tissues close by you when you watch these videos.

So that’s who I lighted my Hannukah candle for today.  All the disabled dogs in the whole world.  And all the other disabled animals too.

And now there is two Hannukah candles left to light.   But it’s not my turn to choose the lighting.  My Best Friend and my Kind Friend can choose for the last two candles.  Because it’s their turn.  And I am not sure.  But my Best Friend said he might light his candle for tennis balls.  All dogs should have all the tennis balls they need.  That’s what he said to me. 

And my Kind Friend said she might light her candle for all the people in the world who help animals.  Like Steve and Alayne at Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

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