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A Yarn Store is When You Get on the Freeway You Don’t Go to Davis!

I want to tell about a special thing I did.

But first I have to tell about two other things. 

The first other thing is very exciting.  Because I think  my Hannukah candle worked for shelter dogs!  [A Hannukah Candle for Disabled Animals.]  Because Snappy, Clancy and Twinkle are not on their shelter website any more.  So I think they found a new home!

The second thing is a little bit sad.  But it’s a little bit good too.  And please check the link under Breaking News, in the sidebar, for information about the Dixon puppies rescued from a pet store charged with animal cruelty.  The Solano County SPCA needs your help to care for more than 83 very young and sick puppies!

Those are my two other things.  And now I can tell about my special thing that I did. 

Because on one day it was very windy and very very cold.  And we didn’t want to go outside.  Even me.  I didn’t want to go.  Because I love to go outside.  I love to play.  And I love to run.  Usually I do.  But not that day. 

Because the wind was making things go banging and crashing .  And everything kept falling down.   And falling over.  And flying around.  And that makes me very scared.  Because that’s the way it was where I was before.  Before I went to the shelter.  And at the shelter too.  A little bit.  So I didn’t want to go outside too.

But then we went to a place I never went before.  It’s called a yarn store.  And it is in Rocklin.  That’s not Sacramento.  And it’s not Davis too.  But it’s still California I think.  Rocklin is if you go on the freeway and don’t go to Davis.

And it was very fun.  It’s called Filati’s.  And here it is.

My Best Friend has been to Filati’s before.  And here is the Filati’s lady telling somebody all about my Best Friend.  Because she really likes him.  And I do too.  And she is called the owner of Filati’s.

There was other people there too.

And here is me at Filati’s too!


My Kind Friend really liked the blue yarn this lady was buying.

Filati’s has very very much yarns. And it’s as bigger as my other stores I like to go.  Like Outdoor Davis. And Newsbeat.  Because it might be the same big as the Avid Reader in Davis.  Except the Avid Reader has upstairs too. [Halloween, Horses & A Donkey.]   Because there’s no upstairs at Filati’s.

But there is lots of different things there.  Here is some of them.   There’s bags.

But most of what is there is yarn.  Lots and lots of yarn.  And it’s all different colors at Filati’s.  And up high.  Everywhere!  Here is some of the yarn we saw there.



Yarn is colored string.  Sometimes it is round.  Like a ball for playing.   Like my tennis balls!  

But it’s not always a ball.  Like the yarn above here.  Because sometimes you have to make it be a ball.  And that’s here in this photograph.  The Filati’s lady is making the yarn be a ball.  So the other lady can take it home and make something.

And there’s other things there too.  Things for doing special things with the yarn.  Because you can knit with the yarn.  And you can crochet too.   I think crochet has some holes in it.  But I don’t know why. And there’s needles.  And crochet hooks.  Because you need them to make the bigger pieces from the yarn strings.

But you might need some books to show you.  Some special books are called patterns.  And this is them.

And a pattern tells how to  makes things you might like to have. Like a scarf.  A scarf is a big piece of string.  And you can put it around you to keep warm.  You make it by doing knit or crochet.  And you use lots of yarn strings to do it.  Here are some scarves like that at Filati’s.  People made them.

And here is a fat blue scarf.

Or you could make a cardigan like this one for a big person.

 These are some other cardigans for big people.

Or if you want to make a cardigan for some children, here is one you could make.

You can even make socks!  Here are some nice socks the people made at Filati’s.

Because if you want to make some socks like this here is some sock yarn.

But if you don’t know what to make with the yarns.  Or if you don’t know how to do it.  You can talk to the ladies at Filati’s.  And they can tell you about it.  Or show you.  Like here.

The ladies who work at Filati’s are very nice.  And they have treats there for dogs.  I don’t know if they have treats for people.  But they gave me and my Best Friend some treats too.  Except my Best Friend ate all my treats.  He always does that.  But I don’t mind.  Because he is my very Best Friend. 

And I met some other nice people there too.  A lot of nice people talked to me there.  Some people talked to me a long time.  And one nice person was a nice boy.  He was from Nevada.  That’s not in Sacramento or Davis.

He talked to me for a long time.  Because sometimes me and my Best Friend just had to wait.  Because my Kind Friend was looking at yarns.

And my friend from Nevada called me to come to him.  Sammy, Come.  He said to me.  And I did come up to him.  And then he stroked me.  I used to couldn’t do that.  Because I was too afraid.  But I am learning about that.  How I can let people touch me and it will be all right.  And I did that at Filati’s.  And I was very glad.  I like to be friends with people now.  Some people.  Some other people still frighten me.  A little bit. Sometimes.  Specially men.  But I liked that boy very much.  I wish he was my neighbor in Elmhurst instead of in Nevada.

But I wasn’t frightened at Filati’s.  Even when I grabbed a ball of yarn.  Because it looked like a ball.  And I like to play ball.  [A Ball is to Play!, Play Ball]    So I grabbed it to play.  And my Kind Friend said having me at Filati’s with all the balls of yarn was like having a fox amongst the chickens.  I don’t understand that.  Because I don’t know foxes.  And I don’t know chickens too.  But I don’t mind.  There’s lots of things I don’t understand yet.

Because when I did that.  Everybody laughed.  And nobody got mad.  Like it used to be.  Where I was before I was at the shelter.  Where I was so afraid.  And hurting.

Because the lady who is the owner of Filati’s.  She used to have a dog.  And that dog was a retrieving dog.  Like me and my Best Friend.  Except it was a girl dog.  And when that girl dog came to the yarn store with her owner, she used to retrieve all the balls of yarn off the racks and shelves and bring them to her owner.  So then that silly girl couldn’t come  to work at Filati’s any more because of being naughty with the yarn.

I like Filati’s very much.  And you might like it too.  If you like yarns and knitting and crocheting and dogs and nice ladies.  I think you will like it too.  So you should go there.  But it’s online too if you can’t go to Rocklin.

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