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Happy New Year Everyone!

I never had New Year before.  So I don’t know how to do it.  But I think I like it. 

And if you want to.  On New Year’s you can have resolutions.  Resolutions is something you can make.  But it’s a little bit hard.

Because resolutions is about things you have to do.  But only because you say so.  Things you are sposed to do.  But you don’t do.  Except you say you will do them.  So now you have to.  But you don’t.  Because nobody else said you had to do them.  Only you said it.   And nobody else might know you said it.  So I don’t understand that exactly.  Because you don’t have to make resolutions if you don’t want to.

And I think maybe resolutions is a little bit mixed up. 

But me and my Best Friend and my Kind Friend. We all made some New Year resolutions.  And here is my resolutions. 


I am going to learn agility like my friend Tilly.  [A Book is to Read … Tilly’s TaleTilly the Rescue Terrier Presents Tilly’s Tale.]

I going to stop biting my Best Friend when we are walking on the leash.

I am going to stop biting my Shih Tsu friend when we play wrestling.

I am going to try and bark less when dogs go by my house.

I want to learn to jump up high like my Best Friend.

I want to make my hair stop getting matted so quickly.

I want to stop getting so frightened when some noises happen like paper sounds.

I want to try very hard to never do panicking and bolting again.  [About Samuel – 1st Days; A Party is so When You Go You Have Fun.]

I want to learn to come all the way up to my Kind Friend when I am called. 

I want to go to San Francisco.  Then I can see where Stanford lives.

One day I want to be able to be off my leash.  Maybe I can.  But only if I don’t do panicking and bolting too though.  And I would have to be obedience too.

I want to learn how to eat my dinner all at once.

I would like to go to England and I can see Tilly and learn some agility.  And I can see Holly and Zac too.  But my Best Friend said you have to go on a plane.  Because he went on some planes from Montana.   And he didn’t like it.  Because he said it is very loud.  There’s lots of banging and crashing.  So maybe I can’t do that this year.  Maybe next year.  I might  be able to do that.

I want to eat my dinner without stopping after every bite to look over my shoulder.

I want to eat a lot so I can be as big as my Best Friend.

I want to learn how to go to the groomer.  But I don’t know if I can do that.  Because there’s dryers there.  [A Party is so When You Go You Have Fun.]  And there’s cages.  And I do panicking if I get put in a cage.  I think it ‘s because of where I was before.  And the bad things that happened to me.  And the men.  So that resolution might not work.  Except my Kind Friend could come and get me maybe as soon as I am ready.  So that way I could get groomed.  But there could be no dryers.  And no cages too.

I am going to get my teeth cleaner and cleaner.

I want to get my leash on without making a lot of games and playing Keep Away.

I am going to learn to do tricks like my Best Friend.

I want to go to school and learn obedience things.

I want to be bigger and higher up so I can see out the truck window.

I would like to go to Montana where my Best Friend came from.  Because then I could go to Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary there.

I am going to get my treats from the nice man at Newsbeat without my Best Friend getting them first.

I want to get some photographs of my cousins in England and put them on this website.

I want to learn swimming.

I want to do more playing with my friends.  My little dog friends.

So that’s all my resolutions.

And here is my Best Friend’s resolutions.  Because he said I could put them here.  Except only if  he doesn’t get in trouble if he doesn’t do them.  Because he really hates getting in trouble.  And if my Kind Friend tells him off my Best Friend gets very very sad.


My Best Friend is going to stop stealing my dinners every time he can.  He said that.

My Best Friend is going to stop taking my treats all the time.  And he said that too.  I think maybe he got told off about that.  But I don’t know.

My Best Friend is going to stop barking just because I am barking.  He said it’s my fault because he never used to do that kind of barking before I came here.  He said it’s called Small Dog Silly Barking.  And he only does it so I won’t be embarassed by myself.

My Best Friend is going to tell me off if I bite him when I am trying to play with him.

My Best Friend wants to do more swimming.

My Best Friend wants to do more agility things.

My Best Friend wants to go more places where he can run off leash.

My Best Friend wants to do some therapy things.  I don’t know what that is.  But he said he thinks I can’t do it too.  Because too many things make me be scared.

My Best Friend wants to go to the beach more times.

My Best Friend wants to learn more tricks. 

I don’t know why because he knows a lot of tricks.  He can do Down, and Stand, and Sit, and Stay and all of those kind of things.  But then he also can do Spin Right, Spin Left, Bow, Roll Over and Bang Dead.  I don’t like that Bang Dead one.  And he can do Bed, and Around, and Find Heel.  And Over.  And Through.  It’s too many things he knows.  So I don’t why he wants more.  But maybe he can let me do it too. 

My Best Friend wants to go on more hiking.

My Best Friend wants to have meat for dinner.

My Best Friend wants to do some things with my Kind Friend.  Without me.  Just them sometimes. That makes me feel sad. Because I like my Best Friend more than anybody ever in the world.

My Best Friend wants to play in the snow.  I don’t know snow.  But he said it’s too deep for me.  Because I will disappear in there.  But I don’t know what deep means.  Or how snow could be deep.  And how that could make me disappear like that.  But he said if I disappear in snow nobody will ever find me.  Ever.  Because I look the same as the snow.  Except how a dog and a snow could be the same I don’t know.

My Best Friend wants more tennis balls.  I should have said that one too.  And I would like some red tennis balls.  Like Tilly has.

And he wants to learn to play frisbee better.  I don’t know that game.

I hope you like our resolutions. 

Because this has been very special for me.  Getting rescued from the shelter so I wasn’t euthanasia.  Coming to live with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend.  All the things we do.  And the places we go to.  All my friends and neighbors.  And because of all the things I learned.  And maybe the New Year will be special like that too!  Or even it could be more special.

And we want everyone to have a very Happy New Year!!  Especially we want a Happy New Year for all the dogs in the world.  And all the people who help them.   Because here is a card for you from me.  I hope you like it.  Because I like it very much.

And especially we want a Happy New Year for Tilly’s new friend Sheba.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

If  you would like to see some New Year celebrations around the world, you can see them here at this BBC link:


8 Responses to “Happy New Year Everyone!”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    Good luck with your new year resolutions list….. we might see you in England one day then..:-)

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Thank You Samantha, Holly & Zac!

      Yes. I would like to come to England to see you. And see all my cousins. That would be very fun.

      But I can only come if I can come without a plane. Because a plane would make me scared.

      Your snow that Holly and Zac played in looks very fun. I wish I could have snow like that outside my house. And in my backyard.

      I have never played in snow. But my Best Friend told me we can go up the mountain in our truck and get snow where we can play.

      But he said that if I play in the snow up there I will disappear in the snow and never be found again. Because the snow is white and deep. But I am white and not deep.

      So I don’t know if I should do that …

      Thank you for coming to visit me!

      From Samuel

  2. Happy New Year. Sammy!! And to your Best Friend and Kind Friend, too. We hope that you can make the poodle group meeting this weekend.

    • Thank you Marley and Peanut!

      Oh Yes … I would like to come to the play group this weekend. That’s like a New Year Play Group!

      I wonder if Romeo will be there again?

  3. Hi Sammy,

    What a lovely New Year message you’ve sent to everyone. I think you must be very proud to have made all those resolutions. I’m very proud that you say you’d like to learn agility like me. I’m honored that you mentioned me. Thank you also for sending good wishes to little Sheba who has just joined us and is still a long way from good health. I hope you and your kind friend and your best friend have a lovely time together in the coming year. I’m sure you’ll do your best to keep to all those resolutions but don’t worry if it’s hard to do them all, a few would be a success.

    Did you know that my book, Tilly’s Tale has been nominated for 2 Awards? They are in The Preditors & Editors Readers Awards for ‘Best Children’s Book’ and ‘Best Artwork’ categories. I hope your kind friend might help you to vote for me. Voting is simple. Please visit the voting categories below and just check the box next to the title. You’ll then receive an almost instant email asking you to confirm the vote by simply clicking on a link. That’s all there is to it.

    Here are the links to the relevant voting pages.

    Tilly’s Tale (Best Children’s Book)

    Tilly’s Tale (Best Artwork)

    Have a wonderful New Year my friend.

    Lots of love


    • Thank you Tilly!

      It’s New Year for you already!! But not here it isn’t. Not yet. Because our New Year is slower.

      I will ask my Kind Friend to go and see about Tilly’s Tale.

      Say a special Hello to Sheba from me and my Best Friend.

      Love from Samuel

  4. Happy New Year to all of you from your good Shih Tzu friend and his family

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