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My Shelter is Gone!




I am going to tell more about this soon.  But I couldn’t wait to tell just one thing.  And to show something special we got.


Because when my Kind Friend came and got me.  I was at the Animal Shelter. 



I was very afraid there.  I was very frightened of everything.  And every people too.  Because that made me unadoptable.  So I was going to be euthanasia.  [About Samuel; About Samuel – 1st Days; About Samuel – 1st Month; This is Me, Samuel; Here’s Me, Samuel, Again.] 

Except I had one friend there.  And he was in the same place as me at the Shelter.  He was little like me.  And I liked him very much.  But I don’t know where he is now.  I hope he wasn’t euthanasia too.  Maybe he got rescued.  Like me. 

I hope someone came and took him away to a nice place.  And I hope he has a Best Friend like me.  And a Kind Friend too.  And tennis balls.  And a blanket like mine I got.  And some toys.  Because I have toys.  They are really my Best Friend’s toys.  But he doesn’t mind if I play with them.  Excepting I don’t know how.  Only balls I know how to play with.  But I don’t know if my Shelter friend got rescued like that.

Because one day.  When I was at the shelter.  A lady at the shelter called Bay Area Poodle Rescue.    And then after that I got a surprise.  Because  my Kind Friend came and took me away from there.  We went away in my Best Friend’s truck.  Like in this photo.  (Except my Kind Friend just took this photograph when we went to the new Shelter.  But it’s the same truck as before.  And it’s the same me Samuel of course too.  Except I didn’t look the same when I was at the shelter.   You can see how I used to look at the shelter here: About Samuel; About Samuel – 1st Days; Here’s Me, Samuel, Again )



Except now there is another surprise.  A very big surprise!  Because my Shelter went away too! 



All the people went away. And the dogs.  And the other animals too. 

Some of the pieces of the shelter are still there.   Here is some of the runs.  It’s where we lived in.



But it is all being broken up now.  Because all the dogs have gone to the new Animal Shelter.  And the people too.  And all the other animals.   So now there’s nobody left there.



Because everybody went to the new shelter.  The new shelter is very nice.  It’s much more  funner for the dogs.  And the cats.  And even for a goat.  And some horses.  And a llama.




Because we went  there for a visit.  And I am going to tell about that soon.  But I just wanted to show something special.  But it’s two things. 

My Kind Friend got it at the new Animal Shelter.  Because there is a place there where you get some toys.  And that money that you pay can help the animals at the Shelter.  And here is what we got.  One for me. And one for my Best Friend.




The one colored red is my one.  And the orange colored one is for my Best Friend.  Because when he was very little he came from Montana.  So he had to bring a crate.  And a plane too.  To get here.  That was a long way.  And he was very little.  Like I am.  So he had a toy with him.  And that toy is his favorite.  Because it was orange.   And just the same as this one.  So now he got a new favorite toy.  From the new Animal Shelter.



And that blue under the toys.  That’s my new towel I got.  But it’s not for taking a bath and getting dry.  It’s for lying down on.  My  Best Friend has one too.  Except his one has his name written on it.  But I don’t have writing on my towel.   And we didn’t get it at the new Animal Shelter I don’t think.

And the red thing you can see.  That’s mine too.  That’s for me and my Best Friend.  It’s called a blanket.  But if you wanted a special blanket from the new Shelter shop.  You could get one of these.  Somebody made them specially for the Shelter shop.




But my new tennis balls aren’t red.  Not like my blanket.  I wanted to get some red tennis balls like Tilly.  [ Happy New Year Everyone!;  Tilly the Rescue Dog. ]  Because Tilly’s a rescue dog too.  And she has a new rescue friend called Sheba.

But they just are yellow.  Like my other ones.  But I still can play with them.  Like I did at Poodles of Yolo.  And like I do with my Best Friend.  [Poodles are to Play! ; Play Ball! ; A Ball is to Play! ; I didn’t Know … Poodles of Yolo.] 

But I will tell more about Poodles of Yolo next time.

And I will tell very very much more about the new Sacramento County Animal Shelter soon.


6 Responses to “My Shelter is Gone!”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    We look forward to seeing your post about the new shelter. We hope your friend from the old shelter did get a nice forever home like you did.

    Those toys are very sweet!

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Samantha, Holly & Zac!

      How nice that you came to read about my shelter. Because even though I was very scared in the shelter I did have my dinners there.

      And if I couldn’t go there I don’t know where I could have gone. Because no people wanted me.

      I think I would even be very frightened in the new shelter too. But it is really nice. And it has lots of parts too.

      I hope I can tell about it very soon!

      Have lots of fun in the snow for me and my Best Friend!

      From Sammy

  2. Happy New Year, Sammy! Looking forward to your post about the new place!!

    • Thankyou Junbelen!

      I might have to do more than one post because there is a lot of things. But I think you will think the new shelter is very nice.

      From me Sammy

  3. Good riddance to that place, we say! We’re glad no other dogs will have to suffer through that and that new strays have a better place to go.

    • Hi Marley and Peanut!

      How nice to hear from you.

      I am glad you came to read about my shelter. Was my shelter like your shelter Peanut?

      It frightened me a lot being there. Not the dogs. Just all the people. And so that’s why they said I was unadoptable.

      But I think I could be scared in the new shelter too. Even though it is very nice. Because it’s still a lot of people. And noises too.

      I hope I can tell about it soon so you can see it.

      From Sammy

      PS We got a bath yesterday!

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