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Do Poodle Legs Get Shorter in Snow?

I never went to two Poodles of Yolo before.  Because first I went there before Hannukah and Christmas.  [Poodles Are to Play! ]  And then I went there last weekend.  Again!!! 



So that makes two times I came. 

Except this time it wasn’t as cold as before. But I wish it was.  Because I wish it could be snow.  Like Holly and Zac have.  [Holly, Zac & Their Adventures]  And Tilly has.  [Tilly the Rescue Terrier.]   And Emma Rose had snow.  And Jeter too.  But it wasn’t snow there.

Because there’s snow in England.  And London too.  Where my cousins are.  And they are snowed in. 


London - Houses of Parliament in Snow.


And here is a Snow Dog in Hampstead.  That’s near my cousins.  Because my Kind Friend used to take her dog for a walk on Hampstead Heath.


Hampstead, London, Snow Dog. Photograph by Lauryn Culnane.


Even in Paris too. There is lots of snow. And my Kind Friend has been in the snow.  In London.  And in Paris.  And even other places too.  Because she likes it.  In every place.  And some other places too.   And my Best Friend has been in the snow in Montana.  And in California.  That’s here.  Near to Davis.  And he likes snow in every place too.  Because I think I would like snow everywhere too.

Like this cat going for a walk in the snow in Scotland.  I didn’t know cats could do that!



And this squirrel was going for a walk in Frank Long’s garden in London.



Or like these dogs playing in the snow.  Their photograph was taken by Robert Paton.  But they are not Poodles or Bichons.  They are a Rottweiler and a Scottish Deerhound.  And the Rottweiler’s legs got shorter in the snow.  Like my Best Friend’s legs got shorter in the snow.  You can see that in the photograph of him below.   But the Scottish Deerhound’s legs didn’t get shorter in the snow.  Except I don’t know why.  But maybe snow doesn’t make all legs get shorter everywhere. 



But here there isn’t any snow.  Not in Elmhurst.  And Sacramento.  Not even in Davis.  And not at Poodles of Yolo. 

Except there is snow near to here.  Because you can see it a little bit. Up high in the sky. Like in the first photograph we took at Poodles Are to Play!  You can see the mountains in the back with the snow on top.  That’s called the Sierra.  The Sierra Nevada.  And my Kind Friend said Nevada means snow.  But I don’t know why.

If you look very carefully, you can see the Sierra here in this photograph taken in downtown Sacramento.  And you can see the snow on top.  But only maybe you can see it.  Because it’s not easy to see.  Because of the clouds.



Or you could go into the Sierra and the snow if you drive high up.  Into the mountains. Or even if you drive up into the foothills.  Foothills are not so high up as the mountains.  You can see some dogs having fun in the snow in the foothills here.  I haven’t been there ever.  But I think you go the same way as the yarn store.  [A Yarn Store is When You Get on the Freeway You Don’t Go to Davis.]  Because you don’t go to Davis.  That’s the wrong way for mountains and foothills.

Because my Best Friend has been there.   And this is him playing in the snow there before I came to live at his house.  



You can even see pieces of snow falling in this photograph.  But I don’t know why he doesn’t look so high up as he usually does here.  And I don’t know why his legs look so much short here.  They look short like my legs!  He said that’s why I will disappear in the snow.  Because I am too short, too white and too curly.  I don’t know about any of those things.  But usually my Best Friend is right.  [Happy New Year Everyone! ]  

So I don’t know if I should go to those Sierras and foothills.  Not if they are going to make my legs shorter.

Except there wasn’t any snow like that at Poodles of Yolo.   But there was a lot of Poodles.

And here is 2 handsome Poodles who came to play.



There’s a lot of different Poodles in Poodles of  Yolo. Big ones. Those ones are called Standard Poodles.  Like my Best Friend.  And medium size Poodles.  Those are called Miniature Poodles.  And a Miniature Poodle – Toy Poodle cross too.  And then there’s Bichon Poodles.  That’s me.  Except I am the only one.  And my Poodle part is a Miniature Poodle part.  I think it is.  Or maybe it could be Toy Poodle.  Or maybe both.  Like my Miniature Poodle – Toy Poodle Cross friend.

And here is 2 Standard Poodles, 1 Miniature Poodle, 1 Miniature-Toy Poodle Cross and 1 Bichon Poodle.  So you can see how every different Poodle looks.



Except Poodles of Yolo has lots of different color Poodles too.  And this Poodles of Yolo was different.  Because  when I went to Poodles of Yolo before Hannukah there was lots of Black Poodles.  [Poodles Are to Play! ]   Except my Best Friend.  And me.  Except I am not a Poodle.  Not Poodle Poodle.  Only Bichon Poodle. 

And last time at Poodles of Yolo there was no White Poodles.  But some Blue Poodles come there sometimes. And you can see one Blue Poodle in the photographs today.   And one Apricot Poodle too.  That’s my Best Friend.  And my Miniature Poodle – Toy Poodle cross friend is Apricot too.  And then there’s Silver Beige.  That’s my Miniature Poodle friend. 

But this Poodles of Yolo was special.  Because two White Poodles came!  And then a new white friend came.  So that made 3 White Poodles.  And me.  That makes 4.

And here is my two White Standard Poodle friends.  And that’s me too in there.  Because I am the little dog.



But I don’t know if my White Standard Poodle friends would disappear in the snow too.  Like how my Best Friend said I would.  [Happy New Year Everyone! ]  Because of being white and curly and looking like snow.  Because I think their legs might get shorter like his legs did.  In the photo on top of here.   

Except one of my Standard Poodle friends who looks white in these photographs isn’t white all over.   And I am not white all over me too!  So maybe we might not disappear in the snow like my Best Friend said.

Because my Standard Poodle friend who looks white has Apricot ears.  Like I have.  There’s Apricot bits on me.  I don’t know why.  But I like it very much.  Because my Best Friend is Apricot.  And he is very handsome.  Apricot is a very nice color.  It’s my favorite Poodle color.  And white is my second favorite Poodle color. 

So I am not really white.  Like my Best Friend said about me getting lost in the snow forever and ever because I am white and curly.  [Happy New Year Everyone! ]   I only look white.  Because of my Apricot parts too.  On my ears.  And my tail.  And on my back too.  There’s Apricot bits there. So I have my two favorite Poodle colors on me!   I don’t know why.  Like my Miniature Poodle – Toy Poodle friend too.  He has Apricot Poodle and White Poodle parts too.  Maybe different colored parts come from the Animal Shelter.  Because he came from the Animal Shelter too.  Like me.  But a different Shelter from me.  And my White Standard Poodle friend who is not really white.  He is a rescue dog too.

And my Miniature Poodle -Toy Poodle friend is in these pictures too.  But I don’t know if he has been to play in the snow.  Because he came to play at Poodles of Yolo.  He came with his Miniature Poodle Friend.  But his Miniature Poodle friend isn’t Black or White or even Apricot.  He is called Silver Beige. 

So if me and my White Poodle friends went to play in the snow.  Maybe we wouldn’t disappear and never be found again.  Because of our Apricot parts. You could see them in the snow.  So you could find us there if we got lost and disappeared.   By looking for our Apricot bits.  But I don’t know about that for sure.

Here is some of my Poodle friends and their color who came to Poodles of Yolo.  This is 3 Black Poodles, 2 White Poodles, 1 Blue Poodle and 1 Apricot Poodle.



So there was lots of colored Poodles.  Black, Blue, Apricot, Silver Beige and White. 

But there isn’t any Brown Poodles at Poodles of Yolo.  Except I have another Standard Poodle friend who is brown.  But he doesn’t come to Poodles of Yolo.

And my Kind Friend used to have a Brown Standard Poodle.  But that was when my Best Friend wasn’t born yet.

And there’s other Poodle colors too.  There’s Silver, and Red.  There’s even mix colors too.  But not at Poodles of Yolo.  It’s called Parti-Poodles.  There is a link on the side of here.  And you can see about different Poodle colors at About Poodles.

And here are some Poodle people talking about things while their Poodles are playing.



And my Kind Friend said this photograph below here is called “Poodle, Incoming.”  I don’t know what that means.  Because that’s a Standard Poodle friend just coming to play.   And he ‘s running fast to see everyone. 

And then all my other Poodle friends are running to meet him.  Everybody is running.  I love to run.  Running is my first favorite thing.  Even more favorite than jumping.  But jumping is my second favorite.



And now my Blue Standard Poodle friend got there.  And everyone is deciding what to play next.



We did lots and lots of running at my Poodles of Yolo.  And here are two Poodles on the run.



And you can see here that my White Poodle friend is taking that corner fast!



And we played ball.  And chasing too.  Except sometimes I got left behind.  That’s because I have to wear my long leash still.  So I won’t do panicking and bolting like before. [Halloween, Horses & A Donkey; About Samuel – 1st Days.]




But when you come to Poodles of Yolo.  You don’t have to play with the other dogs if you don’t want to.  You can do whatever you like.  And you can see in this photograph on top of here all the  dogs are not playing together.  They are doing different things.   And they aren’t even looking at each other.  Only me.  I am looking where they are.  Because I want to go with my Best Friend.

But then my Best Friend got puffed out and tired from playing so much ball and chasing.  So then he just wanted to lie down and not play. 



But I still wanted to play.  Because I tried to get my Kind Friend to play chasing and Keep Away with me.  So I ran at her and jumped at her and touched her to make her chase me.  But she didn’t like to play that game.  So we played me chasing her a little bit.  

And then it was time to go home.



Poodles of Yolo is my most favorite Poodle play group ever.  It was so fun that my White Poodle friends came to play.

 But it would be even funner if it could be snow!









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  1. dog shelter clearwater…

    […]Do Poodle Legs Get Shorter in Snow? « Sammy's Story[…]…

  2. We love Poodles of Yolo, too! We were so glad you were able to come. You’re right that I (Peanut) have both apricot and white bits — although my mom keeps saying that I am more and more white all the time! And she doesn’t know if Marley and I have ever been to the snow before, but she keeps saying that she wants to take us. I am not too sure about that because I hear that snow is something like rain. Do you like the rain? I can’t decide if I do because it makes me a bit cold. But my friend Marley loves it and just runs and runs (even more than usual!). Sometimes that gets me excited and I run, too, but other times I just want to go home. I hope you are enjoying the rain or at least aren’t too cold. Maybe we should all go to the snow together some time and that way we could make sure that no one gets lost.

    • Hi Peanut!

      I am glad you wrote to me, I don’t know if snow is like rain because I think snow has bits in it. White bits. And then those bits stick on the ground and get all stuck together. That’s how it looks in pictures.

      I don’t mind about rain. I do get cold if I just have to stand in it. But if I can run then I don’t mind it.
      I just love to run all the time. I hate walking.

      My Best Friend gets very excited and silly when he gets wet – a bit like Marley.

      But we haven’t been going out as much as usual this week – because of the rain. We don’t like that. And my Best Friend has been getting told off because he’s been doing silly things when we are stuck at home all the time.

      So I hope it stops raining now. But that would be very fun to go and play in the snow!

      From Sammy

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