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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

My Old Animal Shelter is to … Build a New One!



Here’s some signs you can see at the new shelter. 







There’s a lot of things to tell about the new Animal Shelter.  Because here is where you come in.   





And here is when you can come.





The new Animal Shelter is on Bradshaw in Sacramento.  It’s very close to the old shelter.  That ‘s the one where I was.  [My Shelter is Gone!]  And that’s here.





And here is some more parts of the old shelter.  This is some of the old dog kennels where I was.





And in this photograph below.  Here is where dogs went who were ready to be adopted. That’s called adoptable. So people could come in there and see them.  

And then if they wanted to.  Somebody could choose a dog from there.  And take them home.  So then those dogs in there could go away from the shelter.  And go to a new house with new dinners and new dogs and new people.  And maybe even a cat.   And tennis balls too.

But I don’t think people could come to other parts of the shelter to see dogs.  Only here. 





So nobody ever saw me.  Nobody knew I was there even.  Except those people who brought me there.  And I don’t know why they did that.

Because I never went into this special place for adoptable dogs.   And that was because I was unadoptable.  I don’t know why.  Except I was too fearful.  That means when you are afraid and scared I think.  But I don’t  think I am unadoptable now.  And not fearful too.   Not really very very fearful.  Just a little bit.  Sometimes.

Because my Kind Friend likes me.  She says I’m a right Bobby Dazzler.  I don’t know Bobby Dazzler.  Maybe he was in a shelter too.  But I know by how she says that.  I know it’s good to be Bobby Dazzler.  And I know she likes me.  By how she talks to me.  About Bobby Dazzler and other things.  I can tell.

And my Elmhurst neighbors.  And my friends.  I know they like me too.  By how they look at me.  And touch me.  Because before when I was in the shelter.  I was scared to be touched.  But not now I am not.  Usually I am not.  Only sometimes I am.

And I can tell by how my neighbors tell me.  And tell about me.  I can tell they like me.  Except they don’t say I am a right Bobby Dazzler.  Maybe they don’t know Bobby.  But they don’t say I am unadoptable too.  So maybe that was a mistake when the shelter said that.  I don’t know.

But I was going to be euthanasia too because of that unadoptable.  So I am glad my Kind Friend thought I was Bobby Dazzler.  And not unadoptable.

And this is how I looked when I came to the shelter.  I was very afraid.  And I don’t know why they brought me there.





And they kept me there for 2 months.  There is some people called volunteers there.  And they tried to help me.  They tried to take me for walks with them around the shelter.  But I was afraid of them too.  And afraid of everything and everyone at the shelter.  Except the dogs.   I wasn’t afraid of them.

But there is cats at the shelter too.  And this is where the cats were.





There is lots of cats in my Elmhurst neigborhood.  And I like to chase them.  But my Elmhurst cats don’t know the right way to play.  They don’t run away when I chase them!  They just wait for me to come right up to them.  And then they hit me in the face!  That’s not very nice to do that to someone who just wants to chase you.

But when you get to the new shelter, it’s not like that any more.  And there’s a dog park there.   I didn’t know a dog park could be at a shelter!   Because I don’t think there was a dog park at my shelter.








And there’s special colored things.  Like this one.  It’s a dog.  And a totem.   I think it’s called that.  But I don’t know what you do with it.  I think maybe you can pee on it.  I think my Best Friend would.





And there’s more of them.  They’re about different animals.

























But that’s before you get to the shelter.  It’s in the front.   Because that’s where we parked my Best Friend’s truck.   





Except  my Kind Friend said I couldn’t come in the new shelter.  Because that would traumatise me all over again. That’s what she said.  I don’t know traumatise.  But she said that.  So I think it’s right.   Because me and my Best Friend stayed outside and we guarded the truck.  My Best Friend is a very good truck guarder.  So I do what he does.  Like I always do.

Because the Animal Shelter has some trucks too.  Like this one.  But it’s not red like my one.  I like my Best Friend’s red truck better.

This is called the Animal Control truck.  Animal Control is the Animal Shelter and some  other things too.  Because the Animal Shelter is only one thing in Animal Control.

But we didn’t do guarding for this truck.  Maybe because  they have their own guarding dogs.





But here is what we could see when we were in our truck.  Because this is the front of the new shelter building.








And some veterinarians are going to come here to this building.  They are going to come from the Sacramento SPCA I think.  Then they can do surgery here.  It’s called spaying and neutering.  That’s like I did at Mueller Pet Medical Center.  And the cryptic and the orchid surgery I had there.   





And we saw these people walking outside with some dogs.  I think maybe these dogs just got adopted.  I hope so!





The dogs and the cats are on the inside of this building above.  But when you first come in here are some of the things you see.







They are so you can remember some special friends who were a dog or a cat.







And if you like to here is another way you can remember a special animal friend.





There is something kind you can do at the new shelter too.  You can bring some food for dinners for some dogs or cats or other animals.  And you can leave it at the place in this photograph. 





And then somebody who has a dog or a cat or rabbit but not enough money to buy their dinners for them.   Then they can get that food for dinner here.

Because one time each month people can come there and get the food.  But they don’t have to pay.  I am glad about that.  Because having dinner is very important.  Except there is people in Sacramento who can’t pay the money for it.  They still love their dog. And take good care of their dog.  So this way they can keep their dog with them. 

Even some of those people might be homeless themselves.  They might not have a place to live.  Like I didn’t.

 And there’s a special Critter Shop there too.  I told about it last time.  [My Shelter is Gone! ]   And I’ll tell more about it again next time.





But here is how the Critter Outfitter looks inside.








You can get some nice things there.  Like we got last time.  [My Shelter is Gone! ]





I hope you like the new Animal Shelter.  I think the dogs and cats and other animals do.  And the people who work there too. 






And I will tell more about it next time.







6 Responses to “My Old Animal Shelter is to … Build a New One!”

  1. Hi SAmmy,

    The new shelter looks really nice and Harry says it’s so much better than some of the rescue sanctuaries he’s seen over here. It looks really warm and friendly and I’m sure the dogs who stay there until they find new homes feel secure and safe there.

    I’m so pleased you came and left that lovely message on my blog.
    Yes, Sheba really loved the class. I think she had more fun today than she’s ever had in her life so far. she loved every minute of it. Harry says yes, she is brindle. Our lurcher, Sophie is brindle too but Sheba is a darker brindle. When her fur all grows back and she puts some more weight on I think she will be a very pretty girl.Sheba was very clever. Harry had already taught her to sit and come and today she also learned to do ‘down’, so I think she is a very clever girl, especially as she didn’t have a name until Harry rescued her two weeks ago so she must really like her name.I don’t think Poodles and Bichons can have brindle coats.

    I’m sure you’ll soon learn to do all those clever things. It just takes a bit of time. Harry spends a lot of time with all of us teaching us to do things. He’s very patient and never seems to mind if we get things wrong sometimes. i bet your kind friend is like that.

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed the videos.Harry always takes his camera around with him in case any of does something that he thinks would look nice here on my blog.

    It’s so nice to hear from you Sammy. You are my good friend.

    Lots of love to you.

    Tilly (and Sheba)

    • Hi Tilly & Sheba & Everybody!

      How nice to hear from you.

      You’re right. My Kind Friend said it is very warm and friendly in the new Animal Shelter. The old Animal Shelter wasn’t like that.

      And my Kind Friend said there were people walking around all over inside the new shelter. They could go a lot of places. But nobody could do that at the old shelter.

      I really like Sheba’s name too. Like she does. I’m glad she has a name like that. Like I love my name too. And
      I think Sheba is very happy now at your house and with her new friends and her new hair. Those were very bad people who did those cruel things to Sheba.

      I wish I could be brindle like Sheba. And then I wouldn’t get lost in the snow. But I think you are right. Bichons and Poodles can’t be brindle color.

      Do you still have some snow where you live? We keep having lots and lots of rain. And it flooded around our house.

      I hope you all have a nice and fun week!

      Bye for now

      Love from Sammy

  2. Hi Sammie,

    Thanks for showing us the new shelter. It looks like it is a lot nicer than the old one.

    Hope you are having a great weekend. 🙂
    Oops, should mention good post. Looking forward to reading the next post!

  3. Hi Sammie,

    Thanks for showing us the new shelter. It looks like it is a lot nicer than the old one.

    Hope you are having a great weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Samantha, Holly and Zac!

      Thank you for coming to see me! Yes it’s very nice. And it’s called a LEED building. I don’t understand that. Except it’s something about the environment. If I can ever understand it, I will write about that too.

      Do you still have some snow? Or is it all gone?


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