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The New Sacramento County Animal Shelter is to … Help the Animals.









I already told some things about the old Animal Shelter.  And some things about the new shelter.  [My Shelter is Gone!; My Old Animal Shelter is to…  Build a New One! ]


But when the new shelter opened.  Here are some of the animals who needed a new home.









There was even a horse.  I wish this horse could come and live at our house.  Because me and my Best Friend really like horses.  And donkeys too!  Because we have friends near the UC Davis Arboretum. And they are horses and a donkey. [Halloween, Horses and a Donkey]


















But I didn’t know there could even be a rabbit at the shelter!  





































Here  are some pretty cats.  But I don’t know if they run away like they are supposed to do when you chase them.  Because my Elmhurst cats don’t run away like that.


















I think I would like to play with these dogs.  Except they are a little bit big. 


I wish I could take all these animals to come and live with me and my Best Friend and my Kind Friend.




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2 Responses to “The New Sacramento County Animal Shelter is to … Help the Animals.”

  1. Lovely photos, best of luck to all the animals at the new shelter.

    • Thank You Shady!

      If you didn’t read about it yet. If you would like to … You can see what I told already about the old shelter and the new shelter in these two earlier posts: My Shelter is Gone!; My Old Animal Shelter is to … Build a New One!.

      Thank you for coming to visit my website and blog!

      From Sammy

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