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Grand Tour: The New Sacramento County Animal Shelter



I already told a lot about when we went to the new Sacramento County Animal Shelter.  [My Shelter is Gone! ; My Old Animal Shelter is to … Build a New One! ; The New Sacramento County Animal Shelter is to … Help the Animals!]  Because there is very many things to tell.  And here is all the other things.

But there is a lot of photographs to see.  So I am not going to put lots of words.


































Here is one of the special cat rooms.  And you can see a black cat sitting on a nice soft sofa. 

















And here are some other cat rooms. 











These people went inside the cat rooms.  Because they wanted to find a cat who could come home with them.  And there were kittens inside there!






























But if you don’t know what dog or cat you should adopt  into your family.  Then some people at the shelter might be able to help you choose the right one.    Because there are counsellors to talk to you.









And they have special information about different types of dog personalities.  It’s called Meet Your Match. 








But sometimes it’s called What Color is Your Dog?  too.












And here are some of the dogs in the new rooms at the shelter.   Except the dog rooms don’t have sofas and chairs like the cat rooms.    But I don’t know why. 


These dogs can be adopted right away.  This dog was very big.  Because she was very nice.  And she was a girl. 


















This dog is Clancy.  And he is a Gordon Setter.  But  my Kind Friend thinks he has Afghan  Hound parts in him too.  He is very handsome.


















And here is another very handsome dog.  It’s called a German Shepherd.  Except in other places I think it’s called an Alsatian.  But he is very big.    


















Some dogs can’t be adopted yet.  Because they are called stray.  So the shelter has to keep those dogs for a special number of days.  Then after that they can be adopted.   


































This lady and her children were looking for a dog to adopt. 








And here are some more of the dogs who could be adopted.  But they  weren’t in the special nice rooms.  I think it’s because there is not very many rooms.  But there is a lot of dogs.


But these dogs were in very nice runs.  They had blankets and toys inside.  And they could go outside too if they wanted.   


































































































And here is the tall German Shepherd Dog again.  He is standing up on his back legs.  And it makes him very high up.  Like my Best Friend when he takes things off the kitchen counter.  And other places too.  And my Best Friend keeps getting told off.  Because he keeps doing that.  Except I can’t do it.  Because even if I stand up like that I still can’t reach anything!  It might be because I have Bichon legs and not Standard Poodle legs.










This lady is called a volunteer.  She helps the animals at the shelter.  And if you would like to you could do that too. 













Here are some volunteers taking some of the dogs for a walk and training them how to do some things. 

















And here are some more people who can help you at the shelter. 












There is lots more photographs of the shelter.  And  you can see them all on my other posts about the new shelter.


I am so glad Sacramento County made this new shelter.  I hope it helps the animals there be happy and healthy and get adopted and not be euthanasia.


And here is one way Sacramento County tried to make there not be so many dogs and cats without nice homes.  But now there is a budget and no money to spend.  So this big truck that does spaying and neutering in Sacramento County neighborhoods can’t do those things any more.








Because if you think you would like to have a dog or a cat or a rabbit or some other animals to come and live with your family you could go to the shelter and adopt one of them.  There’s very nice animals there.  Like me.   You can read about me in This is Me, Samuel … , Here’s Me, Samuel Again, and in my other early blogs.  Also my Kind Friend wrote about me in the pages About Samuel.  You can find the About Samuel pages in the sidebar on here.


We might be mix.  And we might be dirty or thin or need a haircut.  Or we don’t know how to behave.  But that’s not because of us.  That’s because people didn’t be kind and take care of us and teach us.  But if you just help us.  And take good care of us.  And teach us what we need to know.  Then we can be very nice and very fun dogs and cats.  And other animals too. 


Because  you can read about all the things I have learned in all my blogs.  I couldn’t do any of those things before. I was afraid of everything.  And I ran away from everybody.  Because my Kind Friends says I was abused.  But now I am Samuel.  I can do a lot of things.  And everybody likes me too.









Please tell your friends and everyone else to go to the shelter and other rescue places too.


Because there’s many other places where you can rescue a dog or cat or other animal.  There is links for a lot of them on my website.  But if you know of some other places that are not on my website and you would like to tell about them.  Then you can write a comment on my post and tell those things.






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  2. Dear Sammy,

    Your friend Neville here, I too am very upset about the rain – so Baxter and I chase each other around the sofa and down the hall way. I cannot go out in the rain to relief myself – it makes a mess of my beautiful coat – so I have to hold it for hours sometimes.

    We are also happy to see new shelter – we have a good friend who cares for us and a warm house to keep us safe, We worry for the animals who are not so lucky – Baxter was rescued by our good friend, but he will only go outside if I am with him (he stills worries about people and things that could hurt him). Your Shih Tzu friend – missing you and longing for Spring and the sun

    • Hi Neville:

      Thank you for coming to visit me. We always look in your front yard for you. And sometimes we see you in the window when we go by.

      I am so glad the rain is stopping. And we are going out more again.

      You’re right. You and Baxter are very lucky. And those peopel who frightened Baxter are bad.

      I hope we see you soon. I would like to play wrestling with you.

      From Sammy

  3. Thank you Junbelen!

    I hope all the dogs and cats we saw get a nice home to live in. Like me. And like Stanford at your house.

    Does Stanford like the rain? We don’t like it. Because we got too much. And then outside we get all muddy and dirty. And we don’t go out so much as when it is not raining.

    And so then we get bored and do silly things in the house to make some games to play.

    And we got into some trouble for that.

    But today the sun is shining!

    Thank you for coming to visit me. I hope you all have a fun weekend!


  4. Wonderful post! Congratulations to the new Sacramento County Animal Shelter. Every time I hear about a story such as yours I feel all hopeful again that a lot of dogs and cats will be rescued. I guess it’s always good to remain hopeful.

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