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A Bichon Poodle is to Rescue … Like Lucas! And Patty, and Shaggy and Kiwi!











Here is someone special.  Because here is Lucas.  And Lucas is a Bichon Poodle.   That’s just  like me!  Except I never met a Bichon Poodle before.  Because I only just met me! 













 And I even stick my tongue out like Lucas too! 












 And my Best Friend does too.












But Lucas needs a new home.  He is about 6 years old.  That’s like my Best Friend.  And Lucas is very nice.  


Would you like to have a Bichon Poodle come and live at your house?  Like me and Lucas?  Or do you have some friends who might like Lucas to come and live with them?


If you would like to know more about Bichon Poodles.  You can read a lot of things about that on my website.  Like these:  About Bichons; About PoodlesAbout Samuel; This is Me, Samuel; Here is me Samuel Again.


If you would like to learn more about me you could read some of my blogs too.  Then you can see what kind of dog I am.  Because I love to play ball.  And you can read my blogs about playing ball with my Best Friend at  A Ball is to PlayPlay Ball. And playing ball at Poodles of Yolo too.   I Didn’t Know… Poodles of Yolo; Poodles Are to Play. That is so fun. 


And I like wrestling.  Except I only like it with my small friends.  Like my Shih Tsu friendA Friend is to Play.  But not with Standard Poodles.  Because they are too high up.   And they are too rough.


And I love to do running.  I run very fast.  And I need to go running and walking every day.  


But I like to do lots of other things too.  Halloween.  A Party is so When You Go, You Have Fun.  Pancake breakfasts.  Going to the station.  Going to Capitol Park.  And the Davis Farmers’ Market.  And the UC Davis Arboretum.  Halloween, Horses & A Donkey.  And you can read about them in my blogs on here.  Because Lucas might like to do some of those things.  But he might be different too.


There are lots of Bichon links in my sidebar on the right of this blog too. 


And you can click on the videos in the Vodpod box in the sidebar.  There’s a Bichon video link there.  And a Havanese video link too.  Because Bichons and Havanese are the same dogs. Nearly they are.  Except Bichons went to Bologna.  That’s not California.  Or even Montana or London.  And Havanese went to Havana.  And that’s not here too.  Because I have a Havanese friend.   And you can see his picture in the sidebar. 


And Maltese is the same dog too.  Except they went to Malta.  That’s not California.  Or Havana.  Because I don’t know why they did that.  But you can read about them too in About Bichons


But now everybody is here!  Instead of Bologna and Havana and Malta.  All about that is in the page on here  About Bichons.

And the Yolo County SPCA is looking after a Maltese too.  She is called Kiwi.  And here she is.  Poor Kiwi.  She looks scared.  Like I used to be.  Because her hair was all matted.  And dirty.  And full of burrs.






There’s  Poodle links too in the sidebar.  So you can learn a lot of things about Bichon Poodles.


Lucas is living with the Yolo County SPCA.  Like Kiwi.  So they are all right.  Becasue they take good care of everybody.  And you can talk to the people at the Yolo County SPCA about Lucas and Kiwi.  And they can tell  you the things they like to do.  And what games they like to play.


Because the Yolo County SPCA has 2 other Poodle mix dogs too!  There’s Patty.  She’s a Poodle Terrier.













And there’s Shaggy.   Isn’t he nice?





I hope they all find some nice new friends and a nice place to live.  Like Elmhurst!


Because I would like to play with them!





2 Responses to “A Bichon Poodle is to Rescue … Like Lucas! And Patty, and Shaggy and Kiwi!”

  1. Hi Sammy! How are Lucas and Patty and Shaggy and Kiwi doing? Mom has been “tweeting” links here on our Twitter account so maybe that will help out. Well try again tomorrow. You are very nice to write about them.


    • Hello Shady!

      It’s nice you came to visit me. Lucas and Patty and Shaggy and Kiwi are still looking for some new friends. But they are not in the shelter. Not any more. Yolo SPCA dogs and cats live in people’s houses. Until they can find their new house to live in. Where they are now is called a foster home. So they are all right. And they can get help. And learn not to be so afraid. And they won’t be euthanasia like I was going to be before my Kind Friend came and got me.

      Do you have some more snow?

      From Sammy

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