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Samuel’s First Spring Walk: The UC Davis Arboretum


Finally it stopped pouring with rain.  And we could go for a walk.   We went to the UC Davis Arboretum.   And there was sunshine!  Because we got hot.





Except a lot of things had grown very big.  Because of all the rain.    Some of them are called weeds.   That means you didn’t want it to grow.  Because if you didn’t put it there to grow then it’s a weed.  And I don’t think UC Davis planted these.  But they were soft and juicy to play in and roll in.  And me and my Best Friend liked to roll in them and eat them.











It was so fun.  But our horse and donkey friends weren’t there.






There were new baby buds on this bush.   It’s my Kind Friend’s favorite.  She said it’s called Western Redbud.  But she likes the name in Latin.  That’s another way you can say things if you like.  And then it’s called Cercis Occidentalis.






And here is my Best Friend.  He is rolling all around on his back.  And making funny noises too.  And sneezing.  But you can see right inside the top of his mouth.  Isn’t he being silly?






There was new yellow flowers on this bush.  I think it’s called Forsythia.












And there were pretty flowers on this tree.












Then there was something very special.  The first California Poppy we saw.  That’s called a state flower.  And its a state flower for California.  Because you are not allowed to pick it ever.












There was this silk tree too.  I think it looks like me.  Because it is white and curly!  Except I am not so long and thin as this.  And I have legs too of course!











And we saw some Ceanothus.  That’s California Lilac.  It’s called a native.  Like Cercis Occidentalis too.  Because they didn’t come from somewhere else.  But I did.  I came from the shelter.  So I don’t think I am a native.  And my Best Friend came from Montana.  So he’s not  native too.










And there was Acacias there too.  There is a lot of Acacias at the arboretum.  It’s called a collection.







There was geese in the creek.  And they are bigger than me.  They are much higher up.  Almost as high up as my Best Friend.  Except they are a different shape.












And there was lots of ducks.  They were very busy.  And they put their heads in the water with their bottoms in the air.  I don’t know how they do that.  And I don’t know why they do that too!  It looks so silly.  But I think they like it.  Because they all do it.  And they do it a lot of times.





























I am so glad Spring time is now.  Because it was so fun on our arboretum walk.  But we couldn’t see our horse friends.  Or our donkey friend.  Because they weren’t there that day.  I don’t know where they went.

















 I couldn’t stay awake on the way home!







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4 Responses to “Samuel’s First Spring Walk: The UC Davis Arboretum”

  1. Nice pictures, Sammy! We are still buried under a foot of snow!

    • Thank you for coming by my website Shady:

      Are you fed up with the snow? Or do you like it? Do you play in it?

      It got cooler here again. And it might rain. But it’s not really cold.

      So we can go for lots of walks and play ball outside. I am go glad of that!

      Bye for now from Sammy

  2. Wow, what a lovely time you had, Sammy. All those pretty flowers and soft stuff to roll around in. You really a re lucky dog. It’s really cold here, and we keep getting lots of snow, and ice and fog, which means you can hardly see where you’re going. We can’t wait for spring to come when the sun will shine a bit and we can all lie around in the warmth in the garden.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly!

      How are you? It’s no nice to hear from you. I am sorry it’s all snowy and foggy at your house.

      How is Sheba doing?

      Are you still doing your agility?

      Lots of Love

      from Sammy

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