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Poodles, & Friends, on the Run


We went to Poodles of Yolo again.  And there was lots and lots of Poodles there.  And Poodle friends too.  And here are some Poodles and their People.







But then some more people were coming too.







And some were very special.  Because they were honorary Poodles.  Like this Australian Terrier.   She was going to get groomed after Poodles of Yolo.  I didn’t know other dogs had to get groomed too.


She’s like my friend Tilly.  Because Tilly is a terrier too.  Except she is a Bedlington TerrierGlen of Imaal Terrier cross.   And she wrote a book called Tilly’s Tale.


And my new Australian Terrier friend has a Standard Poodle at her house.  Like I have.  Except her Standard Poodle is a Black one.  And she is a girl too.  But my Best Friend is not Black and not a girl.  He is an Apricot Standard Poodle.  And he is  a boy.  Just like me!  Not exactly.  But a little bit.   





























But her Standard Poodle was worried about something.  I think she was.  Because she was just sitting like this.  With her back next to her friend’s back.  And she doesn’t usually do that.







And here is my new black Havanese Friend.  He came to the park when we were there. 







Here he is with the Standard Poodles.







So there was lots of little dogs that day.  Like me.  Here we all are.  And we’re all different colors too.







This is my little Apricot Poodle friend.   He is a Miniature Poodle – Toy Poodle cross.  And he came from a shelter too!  Because he’s very nice.  Except he is getting to know our new Havanese friend too. 


















Here is me with my Black Havanese Friend. 













But here are my two new friends together.  My Havenese Friend.  And my Australian Terrier friend. 















But there was very many big Poodles too. 










It must be somebody else who is coming.

























Can you see 3 Apricot Poodles in this photo?  And then me, of course.  Because I am Apricot too.  Even though some of my places look white.  That’s a lot of Apricot Poodles!  


Because you don’t see them many times.  Most of the time you see Black Poodles and White Poodles.  Except me and my Kind Friend see an Apricot Poodle every day because he is my Best Friend.   And he lives at my house.







Here is my Best Friend looking for a ball.  He really likes the orange ones.  Because we don’t have those kind of balls at our house.  Only tennis balls is what we have.







He found it!  His favorite orange ball.  Except it’s not his!


















Everyone’s ready to play. 



















Ready … ?   Set……? 








Go …… !

Poodles on the run!







But there was a new friend at Poodles of Yolo.  And she was Apricot too.  That’s like my Best Friend, my little Poodle friend,  and me!  Except she is light Apricot.  And only I am  light Apricot.  Because my Best Friend and little Apricot friend both have more Apricot in their hair.  Isn’t she pretty?







And she is very nice too.  She came to see me!







And she walks with very high up feet. 







  I had so much fun with my all my Poodle and other friends.

I wish I could go to Poodles of Yolo every Sunday!







 Because I got a little bit tired.




























And I got tireder and tireder on the way home.
















My eyes kept closing.


  And I think I went to sleep.










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2 Responses to “Poodles, & Friends, on the Run”

  1. Hello Shady:

    Thank you for coming to visit me. I’m sorry you don’t like the snow. I think I would like it very much. But maybe I wouldn’t really like it after all if it really was here.

    Yes. We do go out and do a lot things. My Best Friend knows how to do all those things. And my Kind Friend said I need to learn how to do them too.

    Except I can’t stay in the truck by myself. If my Best Friend is with me I am fine. But if he is not there, then I try to get out. And I bark and scratch the window.

    I am so glad I have my Best Friend.

    Stay warm Shady!

    From Sammy

  2. Hi Sammy, you sure get to go out and play a lot. We have MORE snow today. I do not play in it, I just run out, do what I gotta do and get right back in the house. I don’t sleep in the car either, I crrrrryyyyyyyy. That could be why I don’t get to go out much. You are very brave.

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