Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Sammy’s First Spring Walk.

Where I was before there wasn’t any walks.

I never went anywhere.

Except to always run away from things and people.

Because I didn’t learn any nice things.

 I only learned how to be afraid.

And how to run away as fast as I could if I could do that.

That’s called a fearful dog.

But now I go a lot of places.

 Because that’s called socialization.

And rehabilitation too.

And recovery.

 And I learn not to be fearful and afraid.

But I just like it too.

Now I do.

Because I am not so afraid any more.

Just some of the time.

 Except I know my Best Friend will help me.

And my Kind Friend too.

I love to go for walks.

And I really love to run.

 Because I am a Bichon and a Poodle.

So I have lots of energy.  Just like my Best Friend does.

And I meet my neighbors.

Friends too like my Havanese Friend.

Because I especially love to do those things in Elmhurst.

So I was very glad when all that cold weather and rain stopped coming.

 And  we could go for a walk in my Elmhurst.

And you can go for my walk too.

Because here is what we saw in Elmhurst.

This is some Oxalis.

That’s called Sweet Grass too.

And some children like to eat it.

I like to eat it too.

It is juicy.

 Because I love to roll in it too.

But some people call it a weed.

A weed is something you didn’t put there.

Because nature already put it there instead.

 This is called Flowering Quince.

And here are some more photos of Oxalis flowers.

Aren’t they pretty?

We don’t know what this plant is called.

But these are Snowdrops.

And we don’t know what these little flowers are called too!

But  here is a Poppy.

Except it’s not a California Poppy.

 This one is a different kind of Poppy.

I think it might be  Iceland.

 Iceland is not even in California.

And it’s not in Montana.


We saw a lot of Daffodils in Elmhurst.  And lots of snowdrops too.

Except here are some pretty daisies in my grass-in-the-middle-of-the-street.

There’s lots of different kinds of daisies.

English Daisies, and Shasta Daisies.

 But these ones are not English Daisies.

Because they are not Shasta Daisies too.

I think they are just Daisy Daisies.

And that is a little piece of me in the photograph too!

Because I am the same color of the daisies.

Because this is some Violets growing on a tree trunk.

It’s in front of my friend’s house.

They feel nice when you touch them with your nose and your feet.

I saw my Havanese friend too.

He was doing some gardening.

Because he was planting Tulips.

And that’s my Yorkie Poo friend helping him too.

Except we don’t  know what this flower is called too.

But Elmhurst has alleys .

In the back of the houses.

We like them.

 Because there’s no cars.

It’s soft when you put your feet and your face in there.

And it’s pretty.

Like this.

 It’s called Quince and Oxalis.

And here is my Plum Tree.

Isn’t it pretty?

I like to play ball with the plums.

They’re green color.

Except the squirrels like them too.

And they try to eat them first.

And the birds.

But the plums didn’t come yet.

Because first there has to be flowers like this.


Here is my plant too.

Except we don’t know it’s name again!

Isn’t that silly?

And here is me in my Elmhurst back alley.

I hope you liked coming on my First Spring Walk.

Because maybe if you go on a walk there too I will meet you!

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4 Responses to “Sammy’s First Spring Walk.”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    Thank you for sharing your walk with us, you have some very pretty flowers about there.

    We look forward to when we have the spring flowers out around here.

    Have a good week. 🙂

    • Thank you!

      We would really like to see your flowers too when they come! Do you have some daffodils yet? Are there some wild flowers when you go on your hikes?

      From Sammy

  2. Thank you Shady!

    Yes. I have learned a lot of things. Because I was going to be euthanasia at the shelter. They said I was unadoptable because I was so afraid. And I was that afraid.

    That’s because I was abused at a bad place. It’s called a puppy mill. My Kind Friend said so. And then she said I was abandoned. I ran around all by myself. I liked running. But it was hard to find my dinners. And people kept chasing me. I was very afraid of people.

    And then a lady took me to the shelter. I was very afraid there too.

    Your friends can find more about those things in my pages called About Samuel, and in my blogs called This is Me, Samuel …; Here’s Me Samuel Again …; Stop the Presses!; My Best Samuel …; and other ones too of course.

    My Kind Friend says I am doing very well. And she says I am a right Bobby Dazzler!

    I know it’s hard not to be afraid Shady. But I think we just have to keep trying our best.

    Thanks for coming by Shady.

    From Sammy

    PS It is raining again here.

  3. Hi Sammy,

    You sure have come a long way with your fear and all. Mom is tweeting this blog to her followers tomorrow, because we are talking about fearful dogs a lot lately. Apparently, I am one.

    Anyway, congratulations…you have come a long way puppy!

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