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Patty the Poodle Terrier is to … Rescue!





I am so happy.  Because Patty is not on the Yolo County SPCA website any more.

So I think she found a new family to live with.

Maybe because her name is Patty and this week is St. Patrick’s Day

Or maybe we helped her do that!!

Good Luck Patty!


Guerro and Prado are still looking for their new homes too.

They are very nice Poodle Mixes too.

And you can see their photos in the sidebar on the side of here.

And they are with the Yolo SPCA too.




On Sunday we went to Poodles of Yolo.  It was very fun.  But a very special thing happened too. 


Because the special thing is that we met Patty.  Patty is a Poodle Terrier mix.  And Patty needs a new family to go and live with. 


[And so do Guerro and Prado.  Guerro is a Poodle Terrier like Patty.  And Prado is a Poodle mix.  You can see them in the sidebar on this blog.  And they are at the Yolo SPCA too.  Except we didn’t meet them.]


















Patty is not at the shelter like I was.  So she won’t be euthanasia like I would be.  Because Patty is being taken care of by the Yolo SPCA.  That means she is living in a foster home.  And she has a nice park in her neighborhood.  Because that is where we met her.


Patty is very nice.  She is about 10 months old.  She likes other dogs.  You can see that in this photograph.  Because here she was meeting an Australian Terrier and a Welsh Terrier that she never met before.   That’s like my friend Tilly the Rescue Terrier.  Because she is a Terrier too.  Except Tilly is a Bedlington TerrierGlen of Imaal Terrier mix.  And Tilly wrote a book.  It’s called Tilly’s Tale.  But I don’t know if Patty wrote a book too.


And we met an Australian Terrier at our last Poodles of Yolo play group too.


So when me and my Best Friend and Patty met those Terriers then everybody there was a Poodle or Terrier or Poodle and Terrier all mixed up.  Except I have some Bichon bits too of course!

















 And here are some more photographs of Patty.


















Isn’t she nice?  And isn’t she pretty.  She’s almost the same color as me.

















Patty knows her name very well.  And she comes when you call her.  Most of the time she does that.   Because I don’t do that yet. Not really.  But that’s because of the bad things that happened to me before.  That made me be a fearful dog.  And be scared of many things and people.  But Patty is not a fearful dog.  Patty is a  happy dog.


And Patty’s foster person told us that Patty is very intelligent too.  Because she learns things very quickly.  Sometimes you only have to show her something once.  And then she knows how to do it!  That’s like me and my Best Friend too.   We do that.


So if you would like a nice pretty friendly and intelligent and playful Poodle Terrier to come and live at your house you should contact the Yolo SPCA about Patty.  Or if your friends or family would like Patty to come and be part of their family too.  


Or they might like Guerro to come there.  Or Prado.  Then tell them to contact the Yolo SPCA too.  Because we are not in charge of Patty.   The Yolo SPCA is the boss of all of Patty, and Guerro and Prado. 


I like Patty very much. 


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8 Responses to “Patty the Poodle Terrier is to … Rescue!”

  1. Hello Sammy, I am here to let you know that I have passed on to you a Sunshine Award. You can read about it on my blog post Your blog is lovely and you are just one example of a sunshiney doggy who has found a happy forever home. It would be nice if one day all dogs and cats could have a forever home.
    We had rain today but it has been lovely and sunny this week and I hope it will be back again soon. Summer sunshine is lovely isn’t it!
    Woof woof, your friend Teagan x x

    • Thank You Very Much Teagan:

      That is very kind of you. I have done all the things I have to do for the award excepting I only chose 6 of my Sunshine Award blogs today. Because it is so hard to choose. So I still have to choose 6 more.

      I wish I could come and play with you. And we could go on a hike and go to the pub with you.

      I looked at your puppy photos today. I really like them.

      Bye for now from


  2. Hello. We saw Patti’s pictures and bio, and we think she is precious. We however , we live in Phoenix. I know that people send pets on airplanes, but we would hate for her to ride in cargo hold.We would love for the foster parents to e-mail us a.s.a.p. We would like to discuss this. Thankyou

    Sharon in Phoenix

    • Hello Sharon:

      Thank you very much for asking us about Patty. Patty was in a Yolo County SPCA foster home. That’s in Northern California. Because Yolo SPCA is in charge of her adoption, you would need to contact them directly via their website. There are links to the Yolo SPCA in my blog about Patty.

      But, I just wanted to tell you that Patty is no longer listed on the Yolo SPCA website, so we think she has found a new home. And maybe we helped that!

      Except Guerro and Prado still need a new home for themselves.

      I don’t know if Yolo County SPCA will adopt a dog out of California. Most rescue groups limit their adoptions to a statewide or regionwide area. You would need to ask them about that.

      But I think there might be some nice dogs near where you live.

      You mention that you live in Arizona. Here is a Petfinder link for Poodle and Poodle mixes needing rescue in Arizona: It sounds like most of their dogs are in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

      They seem to have a lot of nice Poodles mixes. Even some Bichon Poodle mixes. That’s just like me!!

      I hope you can find a nice new dog for your family.

      And thank you so much for coming to read about Patty and me.

      From Sammy

  3. How is Patty doing? We have been tryin’ to spread the word but we are “east coast”. Don’t know too many peeps in CA.

    • Thank You Very Much Shady …

      For telling people about Patty. That is very kind of you. And I think all of our help worked! Because Patty is not on the Yolo SPCA website any more. So I think she found her new family!!

      I don’t think it matters where we live. Because people from all places can get in touch through websites and other things like that to do with computers and things.

      But Guerro and Prado are still looking for their new homes. They are being cared for by the Yolo SPCA too. And their photographs are on my website also.

      Are you getting any Spring yet? It is nice and warm and sunny here. And the evenings got longer because of the clocks. So today we went for a 2 mile run in the morning. And then we went for a 2 mile walk at night too!!! It is so fun. I hope it can be like that for you too soon.

      Bye for now Shady.

      From Sammy.

  4. Patty is a very pretty girl, Sammy. I’ sure she is having a nice time in her foster home but it will be lovely one day when she finds a forever home of her own like we have. It was lovely to see the pictures of you all having fun in the sunshine in the park. I hope you meet up with her again soon so you can find out how her search for a new home is getting along.

    It was also great to see you visiting my blog again. Thanks for your really nice comment there.

    Hoping you have a lovely day today my friend.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly!

      Yes. I hope I can see Patty again too. She is very nice. And even though she is higher up than me I think I can play with her. Because she is not too high up, like the Standard Poodles.

      Is it getting nice days at your house yet? It’s been raining here again. Except it’s going to be sunshine today. And we are going out!

      I hope you have a nice weekend with all your friends at your house. I wish me and my Best Friend could come over and play with you!

      Bye for now Tilly

      Love from Sammy

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