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Got Sunshine?



This week was a big surprise.  Because I won some sunshine.  It’s called a Sunshine Award.  And I don’t know what that is really.  But I think maybe it ‘s like a present.  I am not sure.  Except it is from my friend Teagan.  And here it is.





Teagan is a Cocker Spaniel.  That’s an English Cocker Spaniel.   Except it’s not the same as an American Cocker Spaniel.   


English Cocker Spaniels are a little bit like me and my Best Friend.  Because my Kind Friend says that Poodles are really just water spaniels.  Just like the Irish Water Spaniel.  You can read all about that on the pages About Poodles and About Irish Water Spaniels on my website.


And you can read about Teagan too.  There’s a website where you can find out about Teagan.  And Teagan lives in a very pretty place and goes for lovely walks.  And Teagan even goes to the pub!  That’s so lucky.  Because me and my Best Friend can go to some places like that.  Excepting there’s no pubs where we live.   Because a pub is a nice place to go.  For people and for dogs too.  But we don’t have any.


Thank you for sending me this award Teagan.  And for saying nice things about my website and blog.  You are very nice.  Because I really like your puppy photos.  And now what I have to do is this.  Because there are rules about the Sunshine Award.


So, here is what I have to do…


I have to …

Put the Sunshine Award flower logo in my post.  [I did that.]

Send the award to 12  blogs that bring  sunshine into my life. 

[I did that to 6 blogs and I will do the others in the next few days.]

Put links for the winners in my post. 

[I did that.]

Leave a comment on their blog telling them they have got  a Sunshine Award from me.

[I did that for my first 6 choices.]

Put these instructions on my blog so they will know what to do. 

[I did that.]


I hope I said that all the right way!


And then, all of that is what my Sunshine Award Blog winners have to do if they want to accept my Sunshine Award from me.  I hope they like it.


And so here is my list of my first 6 of

Sammy’s Sunshine Award Blogs.


Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary


Best Friends’ Blog


Tilly the Rescue Terrier


Shady Tales


Holly & Zac & Their Adventures


Emma Rose


I will post the other six of my Sunshine Awards later this week.  Because it’s very hard to decide all of them all at once.



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19 Responses to “Got Sunshine?”

  1. By the way Sammy,

    I’ve made my awards and you can see who I gave them too on my blog now.



  2. Hi Sammy,

    It’s a warm sunny day here today and guess what? Molly just had a bath. She’s now so white she looks like she’s been in the machine thingy that my Mum uses to wash the family’s clothes in…lol

    I suppose we’re lucky because my Mum is a trained dog groomer so we don’t have to go to dog grooming salons to be bathed or clipped when the time comes. She does us all on her grooming table and we go in the big bath that the family uses. (She cleans it out very well after any of us have been in it though).

    Most of us are scared of the dryer too, apart from Molly, who loves it, so Mum rubs us down with a towel and then lets us dry out in the sun, (like the clothes). Then she brushes and grooms whichever of us has had the bath until we lok really nice.

    Sorry to hear you have such fear of those places. I’m sure one day you ‘ll get over it, and if you don’t then never mind. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have a happy life.

    Hope you don’#t get too dirty in the rain. Mind where you put your paws…

    Lots of love


  3. Hi Sammy,
    Thank you so much for the award. I will try to pick some others to share it with and post it as soon as I can. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

    Emma Rose

    • You are welcome Emma Rose:

      I really like your blog. And I am looking forward to seeing what other blogs you pass the award on to.
      Hope you have a great weekend!

      from Sammy

  4. Hi Sammy,

    Congrats on your award and thank you very much for passing it onto us. Also for the lovely things you said about our blog.

    We hope you are having a nice week, sorry we haven’t been around much lately, our human hasn’t been keeping up with our friends as much as she should. We have complained to her about that and hope she keeps up better in the future.

    Thanks again for thinking of us. 🙂

    • Thank you Holly and Zac:

      I can’t wait to see who you give the award to!
      Hope you have a nice weekend.
      Are you going on a hike?

      from Sammy

  5. Sammy, I’m very forgetful today. You asked about the white dog in the photo. That’s Molly, and yes, she’s a West Highland White Terrier. She’s the ‘old lady’ of the pack as she’s 7 years old now. I will be 6 years old on the 14th April so I’m not far behind her. After that, Dylan is the next oldest as he’ll be 5 in May. The others are all younger than the three of us.

    More love


    • Hi Tilly!

      Would you like to be a West Highland White Terrier like Molly? I think I would. Except you are already a terrier. But I am not.

      Except my Kind Friend thinks I am very like a terrier. So I think I would make a good West Highland White Terrier. Because I am white. But I like being a Bichon Poodle too.

      And I am so surprised. Because Molly has the same birthday as someone at my house! But what is a birthday? Do you know? I don’t.

      Bye for now Tilly

      Love from Sammy

      • Hi Sammy,

        I don’t think I’d like to be a Westie, because Molly has to have lots more baths than the rest of us just to keep her looking nice…ugh!! I hate baths, but I’m lucky. I only have to have about 2 or 3 a year. Poor Molly gets dunked every month or so. I bet you have lots of baths too! You white dogs are so pretty but your coats need lots of attention to keep you looking so nice don’t they? We have some more white dogs too, Snoopy, who has one black patch, Sally who is all white but with some brown spots on her ears, and Penny who has black spots under her white coat and black patches on her ears and face and near her tail. They all get more baths than me too.

        Hope you have a lovely day today Sammy.

        Lots of love


        • Hi Tilly:

          You’re right. I do have to take a lot of baths. Because my feet and legs get very dirty all the time. I think it’s because they’re not high-up. Except my Best Friend has to take a lot of baths too. And he is high up. Because he is a Standard Poodle. So I don’t know. But you can see my dirty feet on my new blog.

          I take my baths in the kitchen sink. But not my Best Friend. He doesn’t fit in the kitchen sink. Because his legs are too high up. But sometimes we go to a dog bath place where my Kind Friend can give us a bath. It’s bigger than the kitchen sink. Except I can’t go to the groomer. I am too scared to do that. I am very scared of hair dryers. They make me panic. And then I bolt. I don’t mean to. But I can’t help it. Because that’s what I learned to do in the places I was before I came to live with my Best Friend and my Kind Friend.

          And one time I even got scared when my Kind Friend was bathing us at the dog bath place. Because someone turned on the dryer. And I panicked and bolted out the door. There was lots of cars there. I was very frightened.

          But I think I have to be white like Molly. Because I don’t think you can be a Bichon and be another color. Except my Poodle parts could be a different color. So maybe I could be two colors like Snoopy and Sally and Penny!

          Lots of love

          from Sammy

          PS It’s raining again. So my feet will be dirty muddy again.

  6. Oh, Sammy, I forgot to say that of course you can use that photo of me that you liked in my latest blog post.



  7. Hello Sammy,

    Wow, thank you so much for giving me this lovely Sunshine Award. Does this mean I also have to pass it on to my own favorite blogs too?
    I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading about the two young boys who rescued that dog. They were brave weren’t they? A lot of grown ups wouldn’t have done that and yet they were so concerned for the welfare of that dog that they put themselves out to do something about it.

    Congratulations on your own Sunshine Award and i think you should be very proud and very happy.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly!

      Yes. They were brave boys. Being brave is very important. But it is very difficult. Because my Kind Friend says I am very brave. And I think Sheba was very brave. And Tilly. And all of your rescue dogs too.

      Yes. I didn’t explain about the Sunshine Award very well did I?

      Everybody I gave the award to has to do all the same things I said I did on my blog post. So you have to do this:

      Put the Sunshine Award flower logo on your blog or in your post.

      Pass the award to 12 bloggers who bring sunshine in your life.

      Provide links to the bloggers in your post.

      Contact the bloggers to tell them they have received the Sunshine Award.

      And then put all these instructions in your post.

      I hope I explained better this time. Because I got some help.

      And I am really looking forward to seeing which blogs you give the award to!

      Lots of love from Sammy

  8. Hi Sammy! Two of us were dogs that had health problems so even though we weren’t fearful, we relate to your story. Teddy was born with a deformed hip and Seamus nearly died from bronchial pneumonia. Paddie was perfect and is the oldest. We like your website but can’t find pics of your apricot friend 🙂
    Seamus is now a therapy dog and works once or twice a week in the community sharing love. You are working hard to get other pups adopted. Good cause! Take care and puppy hugs 😀

    • Hi Paddie, Seamus, Teddy and Nana:

      Thank you for visiting my website.
      I am sorry you couldn’t find my Best Friend’s photographs.
      Because he is very handsome. And he is very nice.
      There’s lots of photographs of my apricot Best Friend in my blogs.
      Except there is one photograph of him when he was little on the side of my blog.
      And I am going to be posting a new blog all about him.
      So I hope you can see those photographs.
      Because I think you will like him too!

      Hope you have a great weekend!

      from Sammy

    • Hi Paddie, Seamus, Teddy and Nana:

      I just posted a blog that has a lot of photographs of my Best Friend – because the blog is all about him.

      From Sammmy

  9. Hi Sammy! I liked reading your blog. You are a very brave dog to trust again. I hope you have a lot more sunshine in your life.
    Lucy the Lab

    • Thank you for coming to visit Lucy!

      It’s been very sunshiny here. And we like it very much.
      But last night it rained again! Except it’s not bad rain that makes flooding. Just a little bit of rain. So I don’t mind. Except I do get very dirty and muddy when it rains. Do you get dirty muddy too?

      Thank you for the nice thing you said about me being brave. My Kind Friend says that too.

      I do trust my Kind Friend. And my neigbors. And the man at Newsbeat in Davis. I took a treat from him last weekend. And he said it made his day. Because he wanted to give me a treat for a very long time. But I was always too scared.

      And I trusted the man at the Farmers’ Market. Because he had a miniature apricot poodle and he gave me some of his Cinammon Sticky Bun!

      But there’s still things and people who make me scared. Do you get scared too?

      I hope you have a nice weekend. Are you going to work in the yard?

      from Sammy

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