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Rosco & Guerro are to … Rescue!



Updated May 3.


The Yolo SPCA has 2 Poodle Mixes living with them.

And they both need a new family to live with.


First I will tell about Rosco.

Because he’s exactly like me!

 Rosco is a  Bichon Poodle !  And he needs a new home.


Rosco  is being cared for by the Yolo County SPCA.


But I think Rosco had to get all his hair cut off.

Like I did.

Because it was a mess.

And here is how he looked before.

I think he feels much better now.

But I hope he wasn’t scared of the clippers like I am.





 And here he is after his haircut.

Doesn’t he look better?






If you would like a nice Bichon Poodle like me and Rosco.

Who could come and live at your house.

Then you should contact the Yolo SPCA website about Rosco.

You can find out all the information on their website.

Or if any of your family or friends would like to have Rosco come.

If he could come and live with them.

They should contact the Yolo SPCA too.



 Now I need to tell about Guerro.

Because Guerro is still looking for a new home too.

Guerro is a Poodle Terrier Mix.

And he is staying with the Yolo County SPCA too.





Isn’t Guerro handsome? 

He looks very nice doesn’t he?

I think I would like to play with him.

And if you would like him to come to your house.

Then  you should contact the Yolo SPCA website  about him.



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2 Responses to “Rosco & Guerro are to … Rescue!”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    Rosco and Guerro look terrific. What handsome doggies they are! I wish they could come and live with me and my pack. We have another new member too. Her name is Mimi and she’s a Pug/Jack Russell cross. Harry’s camera has broken but as soon as he gets a new one he’ll help me put some pictures of her on my blog. she’s very tiny, smaller than our little Cassie.

    It’s my 6th birthday this week, on Wednesday the 14th . I’m sure Harry has some treats in store for me. wish I could have a doggie party!

    Lots of love

    Tilly, and love to those two great doggies too.

    • Hi Tilly!

      Thank you for coming to see Rosco and Guerro. I. think they would love to come and live at your house! Especially Guerro. Because he is a Terrier. And I think he is from Mexico too. But I don’t know why.

      I wish Rosco could come and live with me. So then I could play with him. Well … maybe I do. But I hope he doesn’t feel so sad now.

      I would really like to see pictures of Mimi. Because my Best Friend used to have a Pug friend called Percy. He liked Percy a lot.

      Happy 6th Birthday to you for today Tilly!

      [My Best Friend is 6 too!!And somebody else at my house had a birthday today too!!]

      My birthday is going to be on May 1. Because I got rescued from the shelter on April 20 last year. But I didn’t come to live with my Best Friend until May 1. That was because I had to stay at the veterinarian’s.

      I hope Mimi is doing well.

      Lots of love to you all from Sammy

      PS We got our teeth checked at the vet’s. And I have to get mine cleaned.

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