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A Red Standard Poodle is to Play … Of Course!




I have a new friend. 

And here she is.




















She is 6 months old.

She is a Standard Poodle.

She is a Red Standard Poodle.

Because she is not Apricot.  Like my Best Friend.

She is Red.  Just  like my Best Friend’s Aunt Ruby!




















We met her at the Davis Farmers’ Market.

Except she is our neighbor.

But we didn’t meet her before. 

Isn’t she pretty?





















She has two little Poodles in her family too.

They are in between a Miniature Poodle and a Toy Poodle.

That’s like my Apricot Poodle Rescue Friend.

Because he is in-between too. 

Except he is Apricot  in-between.

But they are white in-between.

But with a little Apricot on their ears.



















 And my Red Standard Poodle friend really likes them.



















You can see how much she likes to play with her little friends from her family.



















I hope we see her again.

Because we told her about Poodles of Yolo.

And me and my Best Friend would really like to play with her again soon.




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7 Responses to “A Red Standard Poodle is to Play … Of Course!”

  1. Hi Sammy! Glad to see you are out and about and making new friends. Those are great photos, I have never seen a poodle. Have you been by the blog lately? There are only 2 days left to enter our writing contest to win a donation for your favorite rescue or animal group. You are a good writer, and the entires are shourt, I hope you will try to win for your shelter friends–or did you enter already?


    • Hi Shady!

      Thank you for coming by my website. It’s been very busy at our house. I wish we could have tried to get money for a rescue group. But my Kind Friend didn’t have time.

      We did finally make a post about getting my teeth cleaned though.
      That was a big day for me.
      I was a little bit scared.

      That is such a surprise that you have never seen a poodle.
      I didn’t know anybody could never know a poodle!

      Has your summertime come yet?
      It’s warm and sunny here.
      But still we keep getting rain too.

      Bye for now

      From Sammy

  2. We hope your new red standard friend and two toy-miniature friends are able to come to the next Poodles of Yolo meeting. Peanut in particular is very excited about the idea of meeting other poodles just like him!

    • Hi Marley & Peanut!

      Thank you for coming to visit me on my website.

      I did ask my new friends to come to Poodles of Yolo, so they could play with us.

      But they said they all have to go to church on Sunday.

      I am sorry they can’t come. Because I like them very much.

      From Sammy

      PS. Tomorrow I am going to get my teeth cleaned. I don’t know that means. Did you ever do that? My Kind Friend is going to stay at the Vet when they do that . And my Best Friend too. So whatever it is I think it will be ok. I am a bit scared though. Just a little bit.

      • Oh, that is too bad. Maybe we could find another day to play with them.

        Peanut has never had his teeth cleaned, but I (Marley) have. They said that I might be a little slow to wake up, but I woke up barking for my parents. I didn’t know that they could stay with me — I’m going to have them ask my doctor if that is OK for the next time. But in the meantime, my dad has been very diligent about brushing our teeth every night because he wants to put off the day when they need cleaning. He said I was “wonky” afterwards. I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t think it’s good.

        You’re lucky that your friends will be with you. That sounds like the best way. I am sure you will be fine.

  3. Hi Sammy,

    What a beautiful new friend you have! She really does look a very elegant lady. We have two new friends in our pack too. There’s Mimi, who’s a Pug/Jack Russell cross, and Bobby, who’s a Jack Russell. Harry has put some pics of Mimi on my blog, but we only gt Bobby yesterday and don’t have any photos of him yet. I@m sure Harry will take some very soon and put them on the blog for you to see. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Lots of love


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