Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Teeth are … to Clean!





I went to the veterinarian to get my teeth cleaned.

Except my Best Friend didn’t need to get his teeth cleaned.

But he came with me to help me be brave anyway.



And I was so silly. 

I even barked at my Kind Friend when she came and took this photograph.

That ‘s what I learned where I  was before I got rescued.

How to bark all the time and be afraid.

I think I made my Best Friend be very embarassed.

I wish I didn’t do that.

Because I am very lucky to have my Best  Friend to help me.







Here is how it looks when we went to Woodland Veterinary Hospital.















It’s very nice inside too.

And there’s not too many people and dogs there.







There’s some nice ladies to help you.

We got some treats too!












And there is a place for children to sit.

They can do reading or drawing and coloring. 







My Kind Friend needed some coffee to drink.

So she could get that there too!







 Here is how an examination room looks.



Before when we came.

We went in the examination room to get our teeth looked at by Dr. Dennie.

Except he said my Best Friend didn’t need to get his teeth cleaned.

But I did.

So that’s why I came there.



And on the other side is the medicines.












And here is Dr. Dennie.

He is holding a very small tiny little black dog.

I think I am very small.

But this dog was even a lot smaller than I am.

I don’t know if he got his teeth cleaned too.








And here you can see the UltraSound room.

And the room for taking X Rays.

I didn’t have  to do those things so I didn’t go in there.

But I think they are for getting some pictures like photographs.

And the pictures show parts of your body that might be sick.

So then  you can see it.

And know what to do.















But here is the treatment area.

And that is where I had to go.







Except here is Woodstock in the Treatment area.

Isn’t he silly?

He’s sitting on a treatment table.

Because he lives at the Veterinary Hospital.

I didn’t know a cat  could live at a Veterinary Hospital!

And sit on a treatment table even if they are not getting treated for something!







Except here is Woodstock again.

He is smelling some dog food at the hospital. 

I think he wants to eat it.

But it’s not for cats.

It’s for dogs!
















 And then Woodstock did something even more sillier.

He climbed on top of a cupboard.

And then he got inside a box.

He wanted what was inside the box! 

Except it wasn’t food.

It was some plastic things.

















But here is part of  the surgery at the hospital.

Except I didn’t have to go in there.

Because cleaning teeth is not surgery I don’t think.




















But I only had to go in the treatment room.

Except I was a little bit scared.

Because my Kind Friend wasn’t there with me.

And even though my Best Friend stayed with me at the hospital.

He couldn’t come in here with me.

So I was scared.



Because since I got rescued.

Since I got better from what happened to me.

Since I learned that people are nice and won’t hurt me.

I didn’t go anywhere without my Kind Friend.

And my Best Friend.



Except this time I had to.

So I tried not to be frightened.

I think I did.

















Because then I went to sleep.

So I wasn’t scared any more.

And then the people cleaned my teeth.

But they don’t just have a brush.

Like my Kind Friend cleans my Best Friend’s teeth.

It’s a lot more things than that.

You can see some of the things in these photographs. 












































In this photo you can see some of the things on my teeth that needed cleaning. 













































 But you don’t have to get your teeth cleaned.

Or have a X Ray or Ultra Sound or surgery to come to the hospital.



You can come if your family needs to go away and you can’t go with them.

Because that’s called boarding.



Here is where you can stay if you do that boarding.




















Or you can even have a room of your own like this one!

















And there’s a place to go outside and play. 
















Another thing you can do is agility classes.

[And there’s some obedience too.]

My Best Friend loves to do it.

And my Kind Friend thinks I would be very good at it.




Except you have to run through this big round thing.

I think that might make me scared.
















I don’t know what you have to do with these things.




















I think you have to climb that high-up thing in the back of this photo.




















So I don’t know if would like agility or not.



But when my teeth were cleaned and I woke up.

It was time to go home.

I was so sleepy.

















 My eyes wouldn’t even stay open.
















So I just fell asleep on the way home. 



































I ‘m glad my teeth are nice and clean.

When people see them.

Because now I am not stray and mix.

I am not unadoptable.



I am Samuel.

And now I smile a lot.




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2 Responses to “Teeth are … to Clean!”

  1. Thank you for coming to visit me Shady!

    And thank you for saying I was brave.

    If you look in my photos you can even see how nice and clean my teeth are.

    I hope you are doing well too.

    From Sammy

  2. Awww Sammy you were very brave…don’t worry about that one little bark. Your friends understand you have never had your teeth cleaned before. So happy you got your smile back, better than ever!


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