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Who Stole Sammy’s Bowl?




Somebody stole our water bowl.

That’s the bowl outside Outdoor Davis.

Because they are very nice to dogs at that store.

And they give us treats too.



This is how Outdoor Davis looks.




 One of Sammy's Favorites














And then here is the water bowl they put outside the store.

It’s for all the dogs in Davis.

Any dog can come and drink there.


















Me and my Best Friend go there every time.

And we get a nice long drink when we get hot in downtown Davis.

















One time on another day it got stolen before.

So it wasn’t there when we came for our drink.

We asked inside the store where it was.

Because we were very hot and thirsty.

Except the lady in charge of Outdoor Davis didn’t even know it was gone.



But right away she took this nice bowl from the store window.

Then she filled it with water and put it outside for me and my Best Friend.

And for all the other dogs too.

Wasn’t that kind?

So then we could drink like this.
















And  I learned how to eat and drink in front of people at this bowl.

Because when I got rescued I didn’t eat or drink if anyone was there.

Sometimes I even didn’t eat or drink at nighttime.

Even though I was all by myself.

Because bad things used to happen to me before.

When I ate something or drank something.

So I was scared of that.



But I learned to drink water in front of people at this bowl at Outdoor Davis.

So I learned a very important thing there.

And they helped me learn it.

Because they were nice to put the bowl for us.

And we like it a lot.



Except now somebody stole it again.



I wish somebody would bring it back for us very soon.



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4 Responses to “Who Stole Sammy’s Bowl?”

  1. Hi Sammy,

    There are some horrible people in the world, aren’t there? Of course it had to be a person who stole the bowl, because dogs don’t do things like that. I hope the lady at the store, who sounds very kind, puts another one out for you and all the other dogs.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly!

      How nice to hear from you. Yes. There are bad people. Because we both know about that. But nice people too. I don’t know why it is like that. And I think you are right about a dog didn’t steal the bowl. Because I think it would too heavy to carry in their mouth. We look every time we go to Davis to see if there is a new one. But not yet there isn’t.

      How is every body at your house? Are you still doing agility? My Kind Friend is very pleased that I learned a lot of new things lately.

      Lots of Love to everyone at your house

      from Sammy

      I learned to do “Sit!”

  2. Sammy it is good the bowl was replaced, but even adult people feel sad when things that belong to us are taken by others. Neville and baxter say Hi!

    • Hi Everyone at my Shih Tsu Friend’s House!

      You’re right. It was very nice that Outdoor Davis put a new bowl out for us after someone took the first one. But then that one was taken too! So now I don’t think they are going to put any more. Because there wasn’t even one there the last time we went by the store. We do have a bowl with us in my Best Friend’s truck. But it’s not as nice as the Outdoor Davis one. And it’s not so fun.

      Love from Sammy

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