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A Lab Puppy is to … Wrestle!




I have another new neighborhood friend.

And she is called a Lab puppy.

That’s like a Labradoodle.

Except it has no Poodle.

Just only Lab.

But a Lab and a Poodle are a lot of the same things.



Here she is.





Lab Puppy














Because when we went for walk in Elmhurst.

She was in the front yard helping her friend catch spiders.

And her front yard has a fence with big black posts.

Except there is spaces between the posts.

And her friend thought the Lab Puppy couldn’t get out between the posts.

Because her tummy was too fat.

But it wasn’t!

And she could!


















Because at first she just squeezed through a little bit. 





Lab Puppy
















But me and my Best Friend told her to squeeze through harder.

Because we  really wanted to play with her.

And then some more of her came through. 


















She wanted to come out of the yard so she could play with us.

And I liked playing with her very much.

Because she is the same size as me.

But my Kind Friend said next time I see her she will be bigger.

And soon she will be much bigger than me.

Like my Big Black Lab Neighbor.

Because he weighs more than 100 lbs.

That’s even much bigger than my Best Friend!



But I wish she wouldn’t get bigger.

Or else I could get bigger too.

But I never do and I don’t know why.

Because she was so fun to play wrestling with.

After she squeezed out through her fence.



But then her friend picked her up.

So she wouldn’t run into the street.





Lab Puppy
















But she wanted to get down and play.

Because she kept wriggling around and trying to jump down again. 






Lab Puppy














I really wish she could stay little.

So we could play our wrestling game.

Because if she gets as big as my Best Friend.

Or as big as my Big Black Lab neighbor.

Then I won’t be able to play wrestling with her any more.

Because I am too little.





Lab Puppy

















So then it was time for her to go back inside her yard with her friend.






Lab Puppy














I really hope we see her again soon so we can do more wrestling.





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6 Responses to “A Lab Puppy is to … Wrestle!”

  1. Dear Sammy,

    Yes, I know “sit” but then, I’m a “BC”. You see, we BCs are very serious dogs. We work. Work is serious stuff. If I don’t have a job, then I make a job. My human says I need to do something called “chilling” but I’m not sure what that is. It can get very hot here in Texas, and chilling is the only command I haven’t figured out. I have known my human for 5 summers, and this will be the 6th. Maybe this will be the year I learn to “chill.” It will make my human happy. That will make me happy. But, it’s still a mystery.

    I do like to run, but Sammy, my running is usually part of a “job.” My job is called “fence duty” and I guess it’s kind of an imaginary herding job. It’s when there is activity on the other side of the fence – the best kind has to do with animals – and I do my best to herd them from my side of the fence. I don’t bark too much, but sometimes that barrier can be frustrating and a bark will slip out unexpectedly.

    What I’m trying to tell you, Sammy, is that you might think I’m dull because I never wrestle. I just work. My dog friends think I obsess on my jobs and that I need to see a canine therapist. I like to chase toys, but I don’t retrieve them. I just gather them into a “herd” and then stare at them and stalk them. It’s really fun to wait for them to run away. They don’t, but one never knows. Maybe one day they will. My friends think it’s boring. Well, to each his own, I guess.

    Sammy, I can’t help the way I play. I just do it. But you are a cool friend. Happy wrestling!

    Warmest Regards,
    Samuel D. Lancton, Border Collie

    • Hi Bea and Samuel:

      I am glad to hear about you.

      Because I don’t have any border collie friends. But my Kind Friend says they are very good at doing agility. And playing ball.

      I haven’t done agility yet. But my Best Friend has. And … me and my Best Friend are very good at playing ball too. You can see us doing that on some of my earlier blogs.

      My Best Friend brings the ball back. But I like to steal his ball and then run away with it. And I won’t give it back to him. It’s so fun.

      It’s my first game I learned after I was rescued. And now I am learning to play games with my Kind Friend too. Except she is not a dog like us. Just a person.

      But I am still afraid of squeaky toys. Because my Best Friend loves them.

      I hope you have a nice weekend.

      We just went for a nice long walk.

      Bye for now Samuel

      From Samuel (isn’t that funny that we are both Samuel?!)

  2. Sammy, please don’t worry about your new friend getting larger. I suspect you two are friends for life, no matter your sizes. And friends always have fun with each other. You two are a lucky pair! I’m what my human calls a Border Collie. One day the vet said I was large, but really, I felt normal. He made me stand on a flat thing and then said I weighed 52 lbs. I have a friend, who is called a Schnauzer, and I think she weighs 15 lbs., and we have been friends ever since we first met. Of course, I’m not as big as a Lab, but I’m just sayin’ that you know, we just don’t notice size all that often.

    Sammy, you are one cool canine. I hope you and your friend get to play again real soon.

    Warmest Regards,
    Samuel D. Lancton, Border Collie

    • Hi Samuel!

      Thank you for coming to visit my website.

      I didn’t even know there could be a Border Collie called Samuel too!! I really like my name. Do you like it too?

      And I didn’t know there could be a Border Collie as big as you in California. Because that’s where I live. But I think there can be big Border Collies in England where my cousins and friends live.

      Do you like to play ball like we do? And do you like to run fast? I do.

      Your Schnauzer friend sounds like me because I am about 13 pounds big. And we have a friend who has a Schnauzer too!

      I love to play. Because before I didn’t know how to.

      But now I even made a game to play with my Kind Friend!

      Love from Sammy

      PS Do you know how to do “Sit?” I just now learned it.

  3. What a lovely lady she is, Sammy. I’m so pleased for you that you made a new friend. I’m sure she’ll still play with you when she grows bigger. Our Sophie is the biggest dog in our pack and she just LOVES playing with the little ones like Cassie and Mimi and Sally. Sophie likes to run and play ball with them and she’s so gentle. She always gets there first when Harry throws it but she waits near it and lets the little ones have it sometimes and lets them run back and give it to Harry to throw again. She doesn’t do wrestling, but a lot of the others do and they don’t care who’s the biggest either. Little Sally loves to wrestle big Dexter to the ground, and Mimi bullies Sheba the staffie too! (Brave girl).

    I hope you get to see your new friend again soon.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly!

      Yes. She is a beautiful. My Best Friend thinks so too. He really likes girls. And anything they want him to do he will do it. He gets so silly if a dog is a girl.

      I think I would like to play with Sophie and Sally and Mimi at your house too. And with everyone else. I wish I could have all my friends at my house all the time like you do.

      I’ll let you know if I see my Lab Puppy friend again. Except I think she will be bigger already.

      Lots of Love from Sammy

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