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Got Bichon? Got Poodle? Got Bichon Poodle?





If you would like a Bichon or a Poodle to come and live at your house.

Or if your friends or family would like that.

We know a lot of Bichons and Poodles who need a new family.

We made a slide show of all the Bichons and Poodles at the Yolo SPCA.

And here it is.





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Please contact the Yolo SPCA about  these dogs.




I think they all had to get all their hair cut off.

Because it was so matted.

Like I did.

But when it grows back they will be really cute.

Like me!









There are also lots of Bichons  all over the country who need a new home.

You can find them at Bichon Furkids.

There’s  Jamie.

And Keegan

And Willow.


And Mac.

And Wilson too.

But there’s lots more very nice Bichons.




Please also look at the following links in the sidebar on my website.


 Breed Rescue Groups


 Rescue Resources.




If you aren’t sure if a Bichon or Poodle is the right dog for your family.

Please read the Pages called About Bichons and About Poodles.

You can find them in the sidebar on my website. 




Read my  blogs too.

Because I am Bichon Poodle.

And my Best Friend is a Poodle.

We are very nice.




We have a lot of Bichon and Poodle friends too.

You can read about them in our blogs.

And you can see some of them on my Facebook page.

There is a link to my Facebook page on my website




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