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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog





This week I made two new Labradoodle friends.

First was a Labradoodle friend in Davis.

We met  him on the North Davis greenbelt.



The  only color Labradoodles I know is Black or Apricot.

But he wasn’t even Black or Apricot.

He was the color of one of my Standard Poodle friends.

And that color is called  Blue.



You can see the different Standard Poodle colors in my blogs.

And in my About Poodles page too.



He was very like my Best Friend.

Because he loved to play ball.

So they played ball together.

Except he was even a little bit taller than my Best Friend.



But we forgot to take a photo of  him.

So I hope we see him again.

And then we can take some photos that time.

Because he was very fun.

And very handsome and  nice too.



And then on Wednesday I met my other new Labradoodle friend.

I met her in Elmhurst.

When we went out for our run.

That’s in Sacramento.



She is a girl.

And she lives in Oregon.

Except her family used to live in Davis.



Here she is.




















And she is a puppy mill rescue dog.

That’s just like me.

Except she was rescued from Arizona.

But I was rescued from Sacramento.

And she is the exact same color as my Best Friend.

That’s Apricot!




















And when she got rescued she was very fearful.

That’s like me.

Except I didn’t know Labradoodles could be fearful like me!

Because they are very big dogs.

But they can be that.




She was afraid of people.

And afraid of lots of other things too.

It’s called socialization.

Rehabilitation too.

And you have to learn it.

Because that’s why I go to a lot of places.

And do a lot of things.




And that’s why I learned so many things from my Best Friend.

Except I don’t think she has a Best Friend like me.

Because I am very lucky.




She was even afraid of other dogs!

And she still is a little bit.

So she growled at my Best Friend.

But he didn’t mind.

Because he really likes girl dogs.

And he doesn’t mind if they tell him off.




















So me and her have a lot of things the same.

Because we are both mix.

We are both rescue dogs.

We are both puppy mill dogs.

And we are both fearful dogs.

That’s a lot the same. 

Except I am not afraid of other dogs.

And I don’t growl at them.




















Where she lived at the puppy mill was outside Phoenix.

That’s Arizona.

And it’s called a desert.

Except there was not even any air conditioning for the dogs.



I am so glad she got rescued from that bad puppy mill place.

And now she lives in another place called Oregon.

It’s not Arizona.

But it’s not California too.

And it isn’t called a desert.

So it doesn’t need air conditioning.

I don’t think it does in Oregon.

Except we do in Sacramento.


















Now she is doing very well.

But I wish she could live in Sacramento.

So we could be friends and play.

And I could help her not be afraid.

Because I learned a lot about that from my Best Friend.






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