Sammy's Story
The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

Celebrate Samuel! Live Life with Chutzpah & Elan!



I had a special time.

Because it was  my birthday.

That’s when I was rescued from the Shelter.

Because I was going to be euthanasia.

 But then my Kind Friend came and rescued me.



I made a slideshow of photographs.

To show all the things I do and places I go to.

And all the dogs and people I meet too.

Because that is how I am getting socialized.

And rehabilitated too.



Because I didn’t used to be this Samuel.



Here are things I couldn’t do when I got rescued.

Because I would panic and try to bolt if they happened.



I couldn’t lie down because I was too afraid.

So I always sat in a corner of a room.

And if anyone moved then I started running and weaving.

And I kept on running different ways until the person stopped moving.



I couldn’t walk down the street on a leash.

Because if I heard any noise I used to panic.

I would  jump in the air and try to get out of my collar.

So I could bolt.



I couldn’t walk past people on the street.

Because I was very afraid of men.

And of people holding anything.

Like a broom or a shovel.

I am still a little bit afraid of that.




If I heard a truck or a bus I panicked. 

If I heard someone coughing I panicked.

If I heard someone tear up a piece of paper I panicked.

If someone dropped something I panicked.

When I heard keys rattling I panicked.

And when I panicked I always wanted to bolt.

I bolted anywhere I could go as fast as I could go.

 And that is very dangerous.

Because twice I bolted.



I couldn’t eat my dinner or drink my water if anyone was there.

Or even if somone just might come there.

 I could only eat by myself at night.

So sometimes I didn’t eat or drink for a long time.

Because I was too scared.



I couldn’t be held.

If my Kind Friend held me I got very stiff.

Then while I was still all stiff I trembled all over.



I couldn’t be touched.

Because it made me very afraid.

And if someone touched my front feet I panicked and bolted.



So I couldn’t go to the groomer’s.

I was afraid of the hair dryer.

Because it makes me panic and bolt.

 I was even afraid of the clippers at our house.

So I couldn’t get my hair cut  like my Best Friend does.



 I didn’t know how to play with other dogs.

I didnt’ know how to play with people.

I didn’t know how to play ball.

I didn’t know about toys.



I couldn’t listen to live music at the Davis Farmers’ Market.



I couldn’t walk through a door of anywhere.

Like a house or a store.

It made me too scared to go in or out.



If a balloon popped I panicked and tried to bolt.








This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Here is all the things I learned to do since I got rescued.



How to do “Sammy! Come!”

How to take treats from people.

How to let my Kind Friend touch me.

How to play ball.

How to steal the ball from my Best Friend.

How to go to the vet and not be afraid.

How to get my teeth cleaned at the vet and not panic and bolt.

How to take a bath in the kitchen sink.

How to take a shower with my Best Friend.

How to get my hair brushed.

How to get my hair cut with clippers.

How to get my nails cut.

How to let my Kind Friend touch my front feet.



How to walk in busy places without panicking and bolting.

How to go to a neighborhood pancake breakfast.

How to go to a neighborhood meeting.

How to go into some stores.

How to drink when people can still see you.



How to  have friends.

How to play with friends.

How to go to a party.

How to go to a station and see the trains come in and go out.

And not panic and bolt.

How to go downtown and the Light Rail goes right by you.



How to walk up a ramp made of metal and funny noises.

How to walk up  and down a narrow staircase at a book store.

How to lie down and be quiet  like my Best Friend does in the bookstore.



How to sit outside the coffee shop.

How to sit outside the Davis Food Co-op.

And not panic and bolt because of the metal chairs and tables.

 How to not be afraid of the sound of the keys for getting in the door.

How to go to a dog wash.

How to get a drink from a funny green thing in Elmhurst.



And here are some things I am still learning now.



How to do “Sit!”

How to do “Stay!”

How to do “Down!”

How to make up some games.

How to get my Kind Friend to play my games I made up.

How to play with dog toys.

How not to be scared of the hair dryer.l

How to let other people touch me.

How not to bark too much.

How not to chase cats because they will hit  you in the face.

How to stay all by myself.

How not to scratch on the car window when I am waiting to get out.

How not to bark when I want to get out of the car.

How not to always panic if I am scared but do something else instead.

How not to always feel I have to run somewhere, anywhere.




Here are some things I want to learn:



Agility jumping.


How to do some tricks.

How to swim.

How to help people and dogs not be afraid.



And here is how I could learn all the things I learned.

It’s because of my Best Friend.

This is him.

When he was playing with the hose.














Thank you Best Friend!

For everything.

You taught me.

And you showed me.

And for letting me always be beside you.

Because it all cannot be counted or added up.

Except I could never be my Samuel me without you.



I know sometimes you wish I had never come to your house.

But Thank You for never being unkind.



And maybe one day I can be your Best Friend.

Like you are my Best Friend.

Just a  little bit anyway.

Or even just your friend.




Maybe I can.




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4 Responses to “Celebrate Samuel! Live Life with Chutzpah & Elan!”

  1. I love Sammy’s smile. He has come such a long way from the scared baby with the sad eyes. Love his Best Friend too!! Where is the Bar(k) Mitzvah blog??
    Bonnie & Mac ( a rescued Bichon)

    • Hello Bonnie and Mac!

      How nice to meet you! Thank you for coming to visit my website. I don’t have any Bichon friends so you are my first one Mac. Where did you get rescued from?

      My Kind Friend says I smile all the time now. And other people say that too. But I didn’t used to smile at all. Do you smile Mac?

      As you can see, my Best Friend is my hero. I am so lucky to have him.

      Did you have a bar mitzvah? I didn’t. I don’t think I am old enough. Are you?
      Do you have to do obedience for a bar mitzvah?

      If you do, then that might take me a while to be ready.

      Come back and see me soon.
      And tell me all about you.

      Love from Sammy.

  2. Wow Sammy, this is a very touching entry and I won’t forget it. Your story is a beautiful one, with those wonderful twists and turns that life can take. It makes me really happy to know that you have an incredible human who loves you so much, and who has taken the time and patience to calm your fears and anxieties, each one, one by one. And Sammy, you are one incredible Bichon Poodle. Really. Thank you for making my morning! You have a big heart.

    Samuel D. Lancton
    Border Collie

    • Thank you Samuel!

      That’s nice of you to say that.
      Yes. I think I am very lucky.

      But my Kind Friend says I am very brave too.
      And plucky she says.
      And funny.
      And sweet.

      Except when I bark all the time.
      That’s not plucky or funny or sweet, she says.
      So I have to work on that.

      Do you bark a lot?
      I have some neighbor dogs who bark all the time.
      And it just seems rude not to join in when they start barking.

      What do you think?

      Love from Sammy

      I am glad you liked my story.
      Thank you for telling me that too.

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