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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

My Bowl is Back!





We went to the 4th of July Davis Criterium Bike Race.

So we had a long drink of water before we went to watch.

Because it was a very hot day.

But we got a nice surprise!




Because when we went to stand outside Outdoor Davis.

There was a nice bowl of cool water for us to drink.

We were so surprised!!




And here it is!






























So I had a lot of drinks of water.

Because we watched a lot of bike races.


















And that was very nice of Outdoor Davis to put our bowl back.

Because that is two times that somebody stole the water bowl!

Here is the last bowl that they stole.


















I don’t know why they do that.

Because the people at Outdoor Davis are very nice to dogs.

We got some treats when we there too.

And they brought out some fresh water when we drank it all up.




So if you ever get thirsty in downtown Davis.

You should go to Outdoor Davis.

Or even if you get hungry!




And even if you are not a dog and thirsty and hungry.

They have pants and shoes and other things you might like.

Especially things you might like if you go hiking with your dog.





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