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The Story of an Unadoptable Dog

A Bichon Poodle is to be a Mexican Primrose!




When my Best Friend was very little.

He pretended to be a Mexican Primrose.



That was on the Greenbelt.

And he was only 4 months old.

Except even then he was bigger than I am now.



And here is how he looked.































But one day we went walking on the Greenbelt.

And we came to the exact same Mexican Primroses.



Except now my Best Friend is a grown-up.

And he is six years old.

But we took some more pictures of him.

































Isn’t he biggger even than he was before?

And that’s much bigger than me.



But here is me pretending to be a Mexican Primrose in that same place.











































And here we are together.

Me and my Best Friend being Mexican Primroses.




















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4 Responses to “A Bichon Poodle is to be a Mexican Primrose!”

  1. Hi Sammy, my human showed me your pictures and I saw flowers, but no you. You and your best friend were not there. My human called it doggie camo. I don’t know what that means. My human said I would like it for creeping up on sheep or goats. I am glad you had fun.

    Sam the Border Collie

    • Hi Sam:

      Thanks for coming to see me. How are you? I’m not sure. But I think if Mexican Primroses was your camo you would have to stick flowers all over you. I wouldn’t like that. Would you? Because I can’t stand having anything stuck to my hair! But I do love to lie down in plants and flowers. Because it feels really good. Especially now it is so hot. It’s hot at your house too isn’t it?

      From Sammy.

  2. Hi Sammy,

    What beautiful pictures. Your best friend looks so happy amongst all those pretty flowers. I don’t think we have Mexican Primroses in England, but then, we are a long way from Mexico, Harry says. We have other nice flowers though, which we all like to stop at and sniff when we’re on a walk. Sorry I’ve not been in touch for a while, but if you check out my blog you’ll maybe understand why. I’ve been a bit sad, and so has Harry, but we’re feeling a bit better now.

    Hope you’ll stop by and see me soon, my friend.

    Lots of love


    • Hi Tilly:

      How nice to hear from you!

      I am sorry that you are all feeling sad.
      Because I did read your recent blogs.
      And that’s a lot of horrible things that happened at your house.

      I hope you are all better from getting bitten.
      It must have made you very frightened.

      I will send you a message on your blog too.

      Love to everyone

      from Sammy

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